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  1. The set is up for auction on ebay if anyone's interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324240735801
  2. I honestly doubt that a full set exists, most people (at least in my country) throw lego boxes out the moment they empty them, even the large ones.
  3. Most likely, like I said before there's no information about it and the box itself is nearly 20 years old, hence I can't confirm anything specific. It would be interesting to know how many of these exist today or how many were made. I can only confirm that I did get four other Matorans in a Lithuanian McDonald's that did come in polybags without any other special packaging.
  4. Well, you can see the price tag of 5,49 litai, roughly around 2 dollars, which means it was probably sold in a toy store. There's no specific information that I could find on this packaging. Searching for the serial number doesn't get you anywhere. Also the age range of the happy meal polybag is 3+, on this box it says 7+
  5. I'm pretty certain that the company that I mentioned before was also distributing LEGO sets in the Kaliningrad region
  6. I bought it when I was kid in Lithuania. The company named "Voita" had a distribution agreement with LEGO and this set is the result of that. This is the only "special" LEGO set that I could find from that era, as all the other sets that I own have normal boxes like the ones you would find in the US. Also, the Matoran text at the bottom left says Ga Koro which is inconsistent with the lore, meaning this might be made before the happy meal polybag sets and the lore got changed later?
  7. As you know, the matorans only came in a happy meal in 2001 with only a polybag, or did they?
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