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  1. That may be, but you can never really make assumptions about what your audience is going to understand.
  2. Is this for 3D models? I didn't understand the project so I Googled "studio models" and I got results about 3D modeling but also stuff like pic related so I thought "maybe this is a collection of glamour shots for Bonkles in a really obscure image format."
  3. Possibly, but cap said the purpose of the thread is to "to talk about why the very thing you're proposing doesn't need to happen in the first place," which implies that they only want people who agree with them posting.
  4. That's a sign of being unable to cope with people with differing perspectives than yours.
  5. I just thought of something wrt this. You're not going to make it as any kind of content creator if you're thin skinned and react defensively to criticism. Personally, you shouldn't let other people's hostility make you become hostile. On top of that, if you're in creative work and you have emotional or instinctive responses to critics it's going to mess with you too much. I'm not defending people who are hostile. I'm saying all this because I've dealt with people like that in the past and have let my instincts or emotions dictate my responses, when I should have stayed calm or just stayed with my original vision.
  6. Wasn't G2 itself a reinvention of Bionicle? What exactly is wrong with G2, in your view?
  7. I feel you've got the wrong audience for that. The general public consumes a franchise, they don't need to be educated on how to reboot a franchise.
  8. I'm not really following. Are you doing that to look for investors?
  9. Why does the public need to be schooled on this?
  10. People upload to Lego Ideas with the understanding that their creations might not reach 10,000 votes, but they still do it anyway. There's nothing "wasteful" about it.
  11. I was using tragic in a more classical sense: a hero falls due to a tragic flaw. I think what's going on with the Roodaka-Vakama arc is that it was simply lifted from the Edmund-White Witch arc in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which was probably Lewis's attempt at de-eroticizing the archetype, or something (although I wouldn't put it past the Freudians to come up with a wild alternative reading). (edit: got a Jordan Peterson ad after posting this. Google is clearly spying on me.)
  12. and that are literally other realms in the universe
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