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  1. Is that a PG kraahkan? I'd be happy to buy or trade w some kanohi I have. Pm me!
  2. I have the copper hunas if you're still looking for em! PM me if you're down for a trade. Thanks!
  3. Hello! Been lurking on BZP since 2008, finally signed up this year. I have a good number of sealed sets from G1/G2 that I've collected through thrifting and trading. Message me for more info! I have the following available to trade/sell: 2 1 sealed Hydraxon (1 SOLD). Slight box wear/sticker damage. 1 Sealed Manas. 1 Open box Manas, 3/4 sealed bags, 1/4 open bag (contents verified, msg me for pics!) 1 Sealed Pohatu Nuva. 1 Sealed Boxor, significant box damage but otherwise sealed. 2 G2 scorpion packs sealed 2 G2 Ekimu falcon packs sealed I think that's all I can remember right now, but PM me if you have any more questions! Shipping from sunny Philadelphia. No international shipping (I don't think I have anything listed that would justify paying for that much shipping)
  4. Super interested in buying the pg kraahkan! I have a few duplicates of sealed G1 sets and G2 sets available I'd be happy to trade. Also loose G1 rahi if you're interested. Obviously, US legal tender if that's more your style.

    Thank you!

  5. I think I might have some spare orange nui rama parts laying around...pm me!
  6. I think the only "unique" thing about my collection is multiples of sealed sets, particularly earlier boxed sets. Several exo-toas, pending some transactions. And a sealed toa mata nui that I got by trading a bag of magic beans away (about $550) :/
  7. Lol. Exactly. Try your luck with loose lots, even if most pieces are disassembled. Look for exclusive piece flags in loose lots. If you go through a lot and see a marbled green/yellow mantax shoulder armor piece or a dark green pridak foot, it probably means that there's a karzahni in there somewhere. I think last time I saw a lot w both it helped determine its presence and i n v e s t i g a t e 3/11.
  8. I have a Jaller Mctoran in good, displayed condition for sale complete w his disc. Let me know if you have any loose kanohi you'd be down to trade with (looking for the pearl gold variants of the kraahkan and vohtarak shell.
  9. Django Unchained playing in the background.
  10. Interested in buying/trading pieces: Looking to buy: pearl gold kraahkan pearl gold visorak shell any misprints What I have available to trade with: Sealed G1 sets (too many to list, pm me with what you're looking for) Sealed boxor set (box sealed but damaged) Open box sealed bags manas set Sealed hydraxxon set (sticker damage on lower right side) Sealed Ekimu's falcon (3 available)
  11. Howdy partner! I see a lot of older sealed technic sets pop up in my area, do you have a price range for a sealed jungle throwbots? If you have any misprints/pearl gold variants I'd be down for a trade too. Thanks!
  12. I go through facebook marketplace frequently I've seen both sealed/loose 2003 Makuta sets pop up often, and have one in used good condition in storage. I don't know if you consider just the sealed/new ones a "white whale" or even the loose ones rare but let me know if you're interested! Also have 4 sealed Agils in storage somewhere... I used to take advantage of there being stores in Busan that carried SUPER old bionicle sets, but people there found out that even with international shipping there was a pretty penny to be made from selling to folks stateside which brought up the prices to what you'd find anywhere else. I'd say the best holy grail is getting what you want for a reasonable price, whether it's a new set, used set, or a rare misprint.
  13. I'd love to buy this piece if it's still available. Paypal would make life easier lol. Let me know if you're interested!
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