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  1. Personally, I thought the movie was "okay" because the TV show had better things to offer. My gripe lies with the fact that Garmadon's army is not that interesting; even though we see his skeleton army in a short flashback they could have used it more. I just don't understand why they used human characters dressed in aquatic outfits when there are years and years of villainous armies shown in Masters of Spinjitzu. I also wish that the story wasn't completely centric on Lloyd, but also explored the other ninja too. Then again, the run time would have to be longer, or there would have to be a sequel.
  2. I think it would have been an amazing idea to include Takanuva mainly because Lego would have the opportunity to possibly release a better version of the 2010 Stars Takanuva. Also, it would be highly unlikely for a small cameo to spark G3, but it would at least contain a nice homage to a very important theme.
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