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    Hello, Namaste, An nyoung ha seh yo, Hola, Ni Hao, Sup :)<br /><br />I'm Rogwiz.... In case you haven't figured out from reading my name. :P<br /><br />Currently, I make my own comics... I'm not exactly sure how long they will last... im hoping 10 more years haha XD<br /><br />I've liked Bionicles form the VERY FIRST teaser with the Onua, and I was like WHOAAWESOMENESS. :D So in 2003 I decided to join BZP (rhyme!), and there i would usually look through bionicle topics, as well as read Bionicle Comics. My favorites were mainly Mike G.'s Comics, Materied's, and also The Eliminator's Mata Nui vs Makuta Series. :D<br /><br />TV:<br /> Avatar: The Last Airbender<br />George Lopez<br />Drake and Josh<br />Invader Zim<br />Mythbusters<br />Travel Channel lol<br /><br />Videogames:<br />Wii:<br />Mario Kart Wii<br />Super Smash Bros Brawl<br />Super Mario Bors Wii<br />Mario Party 8<br />Lego Star Wars <br />Lego Indiana Jones (both I and II)<br />Star Wars: The Force Unleashed<br />DS: <br />Pokemon (all GBA, Diamond, Platinum, Heart Gold)<br />Battlefront Elite Squadron<br />Mario Bros DS<br />PS2:<br />Battlefront II<br />A bunch of Lego games, and more :D <br />PC:<br />Empire at War (both)<br />A LOT MORE<br /><br />Music: <br />Green Day<br />BoA<br />BigBang<br />DaftPunk<br />Elvis Presley<br />U2

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    i use it through FB. lol
  1. Hey you should come back to BZPower and make comics again just saying.

  2. Hey dude I'm back for awhile, how have you been?

  3. Not much, dude. I entered the Library Epic contest, but I forgot to post the last chapter before deadline. x(

  4. Yep yep.

    The next volume needs to hurry up and get released in the US already. :

  5. 400 something is almost up to date :D haha xD I'm hoping the next chapter comes out soon lol.

  6. Oh geeze, I don't even know anymore...

    I've only actually read up to 400-something, but I cheat and read spoilers too. =O So I'm more or less up to date.

  7. haha thanks, what bleach chapter are you on?

  8. Why thank you! ^^

    Same to you for your personal photo. Gin rules. :P

  9. Nice avatar and banner :)

  10. i was watching some avatar chibis wassup?

  11. ^___^


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