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  1. Do you like digimon?

  2. Has there every been a Toa that got a hammer as their weapon that was released in set form? Because I don't think so... meaning it didn't just take Onua fifteen years, but Bionicle in general. You make a good point. I don't think any Toa ever got a hammer. A few clubs, lots of axes...no hammer.
  3. It took 15 years...but Onua finally gets a hammer as his weapon.
  4. Happy birthday! Just think, now begins your last year as a young man :P

  5. Any Digimon cards I'd have would be packed away in boxes somewhere. And unfortunately that's low on my list of things that need to be done this year.
  6. It's funny to look back on this blog after being away from it for over a year. I read some of the things I was talking about, and it's funny to think where it's ended up. It's funny to think, but since my last blog entry: 1) I've bought my first home. 2) I've recieved my first promotion. But neither of those would've been possible without the third thing: I met the love of my life, who motivated me to push myself harder than ever to get to where I am now. I've completed my first two half-marathons, gotten into better shape, and found a regular place for myself in a company softball team. Most importantly: I'm getting married in Novemeber. The woman I met just a few days after my Jan 23rd blog post ended up being just the person I needed in my life. So I apologize for disappearing off the face of the Earth, and I hope that those of you who have been doing your best to stay in touch don't feel like I've left you behind. This forum was a big part of my life for a long time, and I'll always hold a spot for it in my heart.
  7. I'm a huge fan of the Avengers, and thanks to a bit of luck have come across ALMOST a full set of Minifigs from the Marvel Super Heroes line. The only two I'm missing are The Hulk and Black Widow:I normally would just buy the sets, but the ones they come in are $60 and $80 respectively, so that's not an option currently. I'm curious if anybody has these two available for sale, and what sort of price I'd be looking at.Thanks!UPDATE: I have tracked down The Hulk. Now I just need to find somebody with a spare Widow.
  8. Still loving the Frontier picture. Should find my Thoma one from Savers and throw that up again.

  9. Yeah I'm seeing pics of those now too. Those look better than a lot of movie figures! Especially Prime and Arcee.
  10. So the Bowl didn't go quite as well as I'd hope, but on the plus side the Dark of the Moon trailer was pretty awesome. On that note, Hasbro followed up today with a flurry of pics of the new action figures. So of course...NERD TIME! Take it in. The Ultimate Optimus Prime figure. It's the first time Optimus has had a trailer since his Powermaster days. The downside of this figure is that it's also about $80. Though given trends of the larger scale action figures my guess is it'll be half that by the time the film hits DVD. Which won't be too long a wait I hope. The problem though, is while the vehicle mode looks incredible, the robot Moderator leaves a LOT to be desired... I love the look of the standard Prime mode, but the combined mode on the left seems less solid than I'd like in a figure that's supposed to be as "mighty" as this mode would imply. Now, I won't be one of "those" people and will wait until more reviews and closer pics come out. But right now I'm a little sketchy on the ultimate mode. I will give Hasbro a ton of credit though. This invokes memories of both the G1 Optimus and the Powermaster figure, as I hear that the trailer will have its own "base mode" similiar to the original Prime figure. Depending on the overall size of the figure and the playability in the combined mode this could be one of the cooler figures in the movie line for a while. And that's including the predecessor to this (Jetfire + Optimus from Revenge of the Fallen), which was a callback to the Unicron's Trilogy habit of having Prime combine with random jets. On that note, this makes me wish they'd give us a few more Bayverse combiners. They teased us with Devastator for the previous movie, but nothing ever came of that unfortunately.
  11. NFC and AFC Championship games today. I was rooting for the Seahawks, because it would've been awesome to see a 7-9 team win the Super Bowl. But after they got walloped by the Bears, and the Packers embarassed Atlanta, I'm pushing for the Bears and the Jets. As a Vikings fan, you'd think my reasons for rooting against the Packer would be obvious. They aren't. I hate Joe Buck. He's a terrible announcer. So I'm really not looking forward to what would happend if he was allowed to gush for four hours on Aaron Rodgers. And since my AFC support is behind the Jets (because Rex Ryan is talking trash and actually backing it up), I definately do not want the Super Bowl to turn into the Battle of the Brett. So join me in enjoying what should be some really good football games, and in a few weeks. GO BEARS/JETS!
  12. T-Hybrid

    Happy New Year!

    Welcome one and all to 2011! We hope you enjoy your next 365 days here! With a new year comes new goals, mine this year? Get to 190 lbs., 10% body fat within 2-3 months. And keep it off.Complete a half-marathon.Increase awesomeness by 25%That last one is more of a joke, but I still think it's fun to add. Cause the goal ever year is to make it better than the last right? So what do you guys have in store for 2011?
  13. So as I mentioned the other day, I have been buying and watching a LOT of movies in the past few weeks. Especially now that I have a week of vacation time to work with. As a result, I've gone mad...seeing connections in several films based solely on the presence of various actors and actresses. But given enough free time and enough insanity, I am now able to present what I have (tentaively) named "The Expanded Inception Universe": I have reasons, but I don't think they'd make any sense right now. Give me some time to collection my thoughts. In the meantime, I'll leave it to you the reader to try and figure out these connections. Enjoy.
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