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  1. Hm, Onua looks more like a Turaga than Toa, with Pohatu being close behind. I don't know it's just the way the photos are stacked or if they look shorter side-by-side with the others. (C)1984-2020 Toaraga EAM
  2. Hey guys, If you've been around awhile, you probably know who Nathan Sawaya is. His Art of the Brick exhibit is in Dallas now through August 18. I finally got around to seeing this master artist's work, and it is fantastic. If you get a chance, go check it out... and bring a brick separator for the hands-on part at the end. https://www.perotmuseum.org/exhibits-and-films/traveling-exhibition/the-art-of-the-brick.html ©1984-2019 Toaraga EAM
  3. Toaraga

    Guess What I Got!

    Only in spirit. I see what you did there.
  4. I think you mean "gall," not "gal." I was reading your post and got thrown off by that. I read it thinking Nolan got some girl to market for him, which didn't make sense in the context. I think there was another typo, but that one stuck out more. ©1984-2017 Toaraga EAM
  5. Being on staff was pretty cool, and helping compile the original staff history topic, along with other behind-the-scenes stuff was nice. My favorite memories are not on the site itself but the connections I've made through the site into real life. I've been able to interact with people I never would've met otherwise. It's mostly on Facebook, but I've had the chance to meet other BZPers in real life. I went to a couple of weddings for BZPower members; in fact, it's how I several in person. I like to say that a wedding is a perfect place for LEGO fans to meet, because LEGO means "I put together" in one language. Probably one of my funniest moments was at one of the weddings when I met Lady Kopaka for the first time and was introduced by my real name, then my BZPower name. She was sitting when we met, but when she learned my BZPower name, she stood up pretty quickly. Of all the BZPers I've met, I think she's the only one who responded that way. It was an interesting moment, since I don't consider myself some sort of celebrity or throw my name around as if it carries some sort of weight. ©1984-2017 Toaraga EAM
  6. Reply sent. I haven't closed on a deal.Do you live in the US? I've modified my initial post to reflect quantity and asking price. I was gonna try uploading photos initially, but I've been working from my phone and couldn't get the photos to upload. ©1984-2017 Toaraga EAM
  7. I've amassed a collection of several old Shop @ Home catalogs over the years, ranging from 1998-2009. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in acquiring/purchasing them from me. I had thought about just tossing them, as they are taking up a bit of space, but then I figured someone else might want them for nostalgia value, if nothing else. If you're interested, let me know. Edit: There are 48 catalogs, including 3 oversize and 2 small ones. Since I'm looking to offload them, I'd say $5 plus shipping for the lot. ©1984-2017 Toaraga EAM
  8. Toaraga

    Guess What I Got!

    I know I don't come here very often, but sometimes it's nice to visit and maybe leave an update. It's been a couple years since I made a blog post, but I'm sure there are still some people who remember me (if they don't already interact with me on Facebook, which is my main social hub online). I realized I missed visiting to celebrate my account becoming a teenager, but I've been somewhat busy with life anyway. This year has been an interesting one for me, to say the least. I'll give you a brief update of my life this year: I left a night job that I worked for nearly 6 YEARS! (My, how the time crawled.) I got a new car! Bigger than that, I got... *DRUM ROLL* Engaged! That's right. Soon enough there will be a Mrs. Toaraga-- and after I wrote that, I realized how awkward that sounds. But seriously, I met a great girl, and we're getting married next year. So yeah, that's a brief rundown of my year. I'm still alive. I've got a new job and car. And I'm getting married! ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
  9. How much of the reboot and the desire to succeed was built on nostalgia more than anything else? Sure people wanted BIONICLE to be a huge success because it was something they enjoyed for years. But how many of its original fans now have families and/or other financial responsibilities or other interests that have come along before or since BIONICLE first ended? I can't say I vested much interest this go-round. I bought a few of the sets, but I didn't track of any of the story, so I have no idea what's going on with that. There are probably others in the same boat. We live in an ever-changing world, and franchises come and go. How many franchises that end get a second chance? Regardless of success or failure, at least LEGO tried to bring back something for the fans. ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
  10. A mini version of Lilo's doll might have made an excellent accessory. ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
  11. I was able to procure a Stitch minifigure, and the only thing I don't like about him is the short leg pieces mean you can't really pose him, so it loses a bit of character in the design, if you know what I mean. I was trying to pose him a certain way when I realized it. It's a wonderful likeness of the character, but since only move his arms and head can move, it's a bit of an annoying limitation. ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
  12. Alice's other prop caused the opposite effect of the bottle. You mean by making Disney characters? I hate to tell you, but LEGO started making Disney-themed products over half a century ago. I don't think I knew about that one. I am intrigued by some of the minifigs and plan to get them at some point. I was kind of expecting the how-to on identifying packages. ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
  13. Obviously, most people expect an April Fools Day prank to be played on April 1, which means no one is fooled if/when it happens. Predictability is predictably boring. Everyone else knows April Fools is really in August, except for those who don't expect it. And that's why the prank will take place a week from next Thursday when the calendar changes at precisely 12:18pm to Wednesday, October 2, 2022, and time becomes measured in bananas. The prank that no one expects should be expected at the time of Cherry O' Asparagus. It can't get any clearer than that. Obviously. ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
  14. I hear there's this mega-popular series called Star Wars. And a movie that came out recently or something... it was on the Internet and such. I don't remember when I first got the idea, but the tagline for that movie made me think of Mata Nui waking up (naturally). So I mashed up the two things just a bit to make this short video. It's nothing grandiose, but I'm sure some of you might appreciate it. LEGO BIONICLE: Mata Nui Awakens ©1984-2016 Toaraga EAM
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