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  1. Oh wow, just looked it up. I feel sorry for you, it looks like a really archaic language. Impressive that it's 53 years old and still gets updates, though.
  2. Why do I have two warning points for contributing news years ago, and two for no given reason? Odd.

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    2. Ravrahn


      Why are proto boosts "warnings", though? Doesn't make sense to me...

    3. -Windrider-


      There's no satisfactory answer for that; really, BZP's system works opposite the way IPB intended the whole merit/demerit thing to work. It's unfortunately confusing, but there's no easy way to rename the displayed "x warning points" text to something like "x Proto points."

    4. Ravrahn


      Fair enough.

  3. Yeah, Python's good to start off with. I use Java more, simply because I develop Android apps, and I didn't find it too hard to learn with Python knowledge.Learning to code is actually quite hard, and the language doesn't matter in the end - coding is a mindset, a way of thinking about things. It's easier for some people than others. Once you have the mindset down, learning a language is trivial - I learnt Java very quickly, but Python very slowly, because it was my first language. I'm not too keen on the platform-independent approach. I began app development with some Python experience, and started on a platform-independent IDE called Appcelerator. It used a Javascript runtime for its apps, which, as you can imagine, makes it use much more storage (the runtime was about 5MB) and quite a lot slower. I also found it a lot harder to do anything, because the documentation is weaker (as is the IDE itself - it's a customised version of Eclipse, and doesn't have any kind of layout editor). It's got less APIs than Android, certainly, and I'm sure less than iOS. It also makes the app look worse on both platforms.I lean towards the platform-specific approach. The differences between the platforms are enough to merit my software fitting seamlessly in with each - taking advantage of features, design motifs, etc. Especially now, with Modern UI in Windows 8 being so different to everything else, I'll definitely need to do a separate app for Windows.
  4. Hullo! I write Android apps, in Java, and I know python too. I'm not in the workforce yet (17), but I use both languages for school. Next year I'm planning on starting a degree in computer science, and I'll be writing code in my free time. Looking to learn Windows app development and web development after I finish school this year, and write some web and desktop apps.Technically, since it's my primary source of income (but it's a tiny amount, just from sales), I'm a professional Android app developer.
  5. Ravrahn


    I've got a bit of a procrastination problem. For example, I have a series of exams starting tomorrow, important exams, and yet, here I am. I can't shake it. I was determined this morning to write some essays and prepare for the English exam, but here we are at 6:30 PM and I've only done a bit of coding all day. I've managed to procrastinate despite very slow internet and stopping myself going on the more time-sinking websites. It's quite an achievement really. I suppose I could possibly get something done in the hours before I go to bed (early, because I want a good night's sleep beforehand). But then, I don't want to. Why can't I just go to university now and write apps while learning things I want to and doing work I enjoy? I'm definitely clever enough to go, I've done a uni course before and passed with minimal effort. That's definitely a first world problem, though. I'm not enjoying my free, high-quality education. I want to spend my time telling advanced miniature computers what to do instead. I used to love school, then they made my worst and least-favourite subject the most important and only compulsory one. I, and probably the entire country at this point, need to know how to use computers far more than I need to know how to identify themes and techniques. That's a whole other blog post, though.
  6. I completely agree that the marks don't actually matter in the sense that nothing matters. However, I do need good marks to get into the uni course that I want, which will make me happy and give me the skills I need to get a job I want. Dorek, I suspect we're in different countries (Australia has no nationwide ranking system, it's state-by-state). My post is probably irrelevant to any other schooling system than the NSW one.
  7. So that's the holidays over. My last school holidays. What did I do? I got a new phone. I wrote and published an Android app. I had several ideas for hardware that I have no way to act upon. Studied a bit. Went out for dinner with friends. And tomorrow, school. Two weeks, then exams. Eight more weeks, then more exams. Then, university applications, freelance work, real life. My eighteenth birthday. University. Then what? It's all happening so fast. The final year of school is designed to stress you out, I think. It's all laid back, then suddenly "Oh yeah, by the way, if you don't get above 90% in the finals this year you won't get into university". That probably read as very self-righteous of me. Perhaps it is. But I think the schooling system could be done much better. Here's the problem - in the NSW system, at least, literally nothing counts until the last year of school. Year 7 and 8 is an introduction, that's fine, I understand that. 9 and 10 is worthless. They end in pointless, easy exams that don't count. Year 11 is a practice for Year 12, and doesn't count for anything. Only Year 12 counts. I know that 7-11 give you necessary skills, but they could make it impact your mark in some way. Spreading everything out over all of high school has several advantages: It would get kids thinking about their future earlier. People like me would actually try because the decisions they make actually impact their future. It would reduce the stress of year 12. I would support a change of this nature even though there's no way it could help my situation now. But it's OK. I'll be fine. I'll get into the course I want, and do the jobs I want. I'm an optimist, I just have this unshakable sense that somehow, everything's going to turn out alright.
  8. Also, netbook? Weak. Daleks should be controlled by Project Glass.
  9. It was confirmed earlier today that Matt Smith will be carrying the Olympic torch. It's a bit disappointing that Tennant probably won't be lighting the flame, but it's pretty awesome that a Doctor will be at least carrying it, I suppose.Hopefully in costume, but that's not confirmed
  10. Cool! You make android apps.

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    2. vataki


      I've been considering Android for awhile now... Between the OS and the removable SD cards, it seems like a great replacement for my limited, 8GB iPhone 4. :P

    3. vataki


      Like, limited in possibilities.

    4. Dr. Giggles PhD
  11. I'm back because I need to sell my sets. It's unfortunate, and I'm very sad it's come to this, but I must, because I'm moving and I haven't any space to keep them. I'll probably stay, because if there's one thing I need now, it's more distractions. I feel like I have been gone over a year - I came back after the upgrade, but I just stopped coming soon after. But so much has changed, even in the time I've been gone, three months or so. I'm nearly finished high school, I've turned 17, I've released my first Android app, and, perhaps most importantly, I wear a trilby now. Trilbies are cool. So I've been reading through my blog, leaving comments from the future... I did a bit better with my predictions than most of those attention-grabbing tech analysts I read about in the news so often. What can I say? I feel bad for leaving, BZP was a huge part of my life for almost half of it (I signed up 8 and a half years ago, and I'm 17 now). It feels like a reunion. I've never had such a nostalgia rush as I did tonight. It was like opening a time capsule. Here's to 8 more years (although obviously not, realistically ) of being active on BZP! Rav
  12. Java/Android is easy. I'm not good at the advanced stuff but it's an easy language to get your head around. I still haven't learnt Latin or Esperanto, though.
  13. Hello, I'm from the future! I bought the Legend, and I have a Desire now, and it's way better. Also, I have all of Series 5 and Series 6 of Doctor Who in 720p HD. Yay!
  14. Almost exactly two years later, I'm placing my order for an HTC One X, on a Thursday (tomorrow). Funny that.
  15. Hello, I'm from the future! I have a Desire, I heavily regret getting the Legend, and I have an 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. Last weekend my shopping for Mother's Day was buying a present, then Coffee, then Telstra store, Optus store, Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, ABC Shop... How I've changed in these two years, eh?
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