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  1. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Renaka's Home The Toa of Lightning couldn't help but leave his gaze on the two kettles. Though he had no mug to drink out of anyway, his attention was more on the atypical metamorphosis that took place before him. He assumed it was connected to whatever power laid within that distinctly-shaped mask that Stannis was wearing. "How does that... even work?" Ra'lhen asked. OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa @Silvan Haven
  2. IC: Niici — Ringli-Barnuma administration building The posh Toa of Ice found herself sitting opposite of the chief operator himself: a shrewd Matoran named Ringli. He was flanked by the two Toa from the show. All three of them thought they were being stone-faced. All the while, Niici was in Artahka. Negotiation, persuasion and reeling in deals what her unmatched specialty. It’s how she rose within the ranks of the Cultured Gentry, and bent the intentions of Wokapu and countless others to her will. It was simple really: know who you’re talking to. Respect them on their level without lowering your own status. And if they’re worth dealing with, they will do the same. The key was to not show weakness. Niici made her intentions crystal clear to the three men, and she laid out her argument in a structured manner. She was interested in purchasing Vidar from Ringli-Barnuma. The cold fact was that word was spreading. If Niici and two Matoran from Ko-Koro were able to get word of the Dark Toa’s current location, then it was only a matter of time before more interested parties found out. Akiri Kongu would stop at nothing to make his close friend’s other murderer pay for his crimes. Not to mention the countless other Matoran and Toa that Vidar murdered during the centuries of him being one of Makuta’s top servants. On the other hand, Ringli-Barnuma were raking in countless stacks of money for this lucrative exhibit. But on the original hand: prison. —— Niici’s payment for Vidar was as prepared as it was generous. Through the banknotes recognized by every bank on Mata Nui, the Ringli-Barnuma would have enough cash to tide them over and possibly find a doppelgänger down-on-their-luck enough to play the role of the disgraced Dark Toa. At least then if the cops came, while it would still ruin their show, there would be no prison time for harboring an actual fugitive. The other catch was that Tailua and Makua would escort the group back to Ko-Koro. At first, Niici had her doubts about this plan. Ultimately, it was Niici’s butler who encouraged her to accept the extra protection. Even if she didn’t exactly hold the two Toa in high regard – especially the red one. It probably wouldn't hurt. She had been away from the Legacy-controlled Ko-Koro for a long time now, but she knew she'd have enough sway to keep the more fanatic members away from Tailua and Makua. —— Niici, Jed, Seba, Makua, Tailua, and Vidar stood in a row in Fau Swamp, facing north. Vidar was wrapped in mahogany-colored robes with a cowl that obscured the top half of his face. “The last time we tried to reach Ko-Wahi this way, we got turned around by the fog,” Tailua grumbled, “No matter how many times we tried, we always ended up outside the fog facing south, back towards Le-Wahi” “So, we walk around the fog,” Niici replied contemptuously, “Is the asset secured?” “With the best elastic vine bands,” Makua replied with confidence, “We can unsecure them and let Vidar take care of anything out here that dares to attack us. On the other hand, chains and shackles make noise and draw attention. We only need his arms bounded, anyway. He’s an effective runner by normal standards. But he's hard-wired to never run unless commanded to do so” “And with this cloak and cowl, we’ll be able to use the traveling silent monk story,” Tailua said with a toothy grin. “Yes… the tried-and-true ‘Silent Monk’ story,” Makua said, almost appearing to fight the urge to roll his eyes. “It works though,” Tailua said, looking straight at Niici in an ill-guided attempt to impress her. “Well, if we’re all saddled up, then there’s no time to lose,” Makua said, “I’m actually looking forward to a chill time” Makua said this also while looking a Niici, and got icy daggers of a gaze in return. Niici quickly started walking north, a gaggle of Matoran, Toa, and insane murders in tow. OOC: Alright finally. Open for interaction in these dire swamps
  3. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Renaka's Home "Thank you very much Akiri," Ra'lhen said. Doing a small salute, "It's an honor. I'm Ra'lhen, a Sentinel from Ostia under Squad Leader Wokodin's command" Ra'lhen felt the need to properly introduce himself, especially since hje doubted Renaka would know who he was, unless she knew about the lucky charm that was he wearing. This was the idea behind the new armor, of course. New beginnings. "We're here to inquire about possible expeditions that might further ensure Po-Wahi's security," Ra'lhen rattled off. He only realized how much he sounded like his squad leader after all of that fell out of his mouth. OOC: @Caedast @Silvan Haven
  4. IC: Makua – Le-Wahi, Fau Swamp, Ringli-Barnuma circus tent A collective sigh could be heard as Vidar stood still for a moment. The cage door sat wide open, and only after Tailua's next set of bird-whistle instructions did Vidar saunter onto the platform. That was the trick. Now, Makua and Tailua had earned the audience's trust. Matoran attendants wheeled out a bamboo-reinforced wooden pole, extending so high it was close to the ceiling of the circus tent. Vidar looked at the pole with cold indifference, as if waiting for another command. Then, a sharp whistle shot from Tailua and the performer was off to the races. It wasn’t a straight climb up the pole. Vidar extended his legs, one at a time, alternating between the two, as he clambered up the pole. It looks goofy, and the audience ate it up. “Now unfortunately he can’t just levitate down,” Tailua jeered, “He’s too stupid to use the mask” As Tailua said this, Vidar alternated between sliding back down the pole and clambering in the same motions he used when he went up the pole. Now it was time to turn up the heat. “Of course, this isn’t at all what we remembered from the infamous killer,” Makua projected to the crowd, “I wonder what those blades are for?” Tailua whistled something new, and on cue, Vidar’s scissor blades extended, prompting gasps and yelps from the audience. At that same instant, two small Kewa birds flow overheard, dropping sacks of fruit and other objects into Makua’s extended arms. He caught them gracefully, and set them both down at his feet. He reached into the sack to his right and pulled out a bright red apple. Unceremoniously, he tossed the apple in Vidar’s direction, who stood upright like a statue. In a flash, Vidar’s left arm extended and retracted, and the apple was split lengthwise, through the middle. The halves fell to the ground and rolled away from each other. “It appears we have ourselves a fruit ninja over here,” Makua commented, sounding impressed. Makua expanded on this, throwing two fruits, then three, then having Tailua toss him apples, Bula, bananas, mangos, and other fruits of shapes and sizes. Vidar had flawlessly struck each and every object thrown at him. The audience applauded his dexterity. “It’s no wonder, you were so feared,” Tailua said, “Clearly, you are no less dangerous than the day you pierced Le-Koro's heart” “But now, the killer serves new masters,” Makua followed up, “And because of that, we can have some semblance of justice” Makua pulled out a Bula fruit and wound up. As he did this, Tailua whistled another bird command. This time, when Makua threw the fruit, he hit Vidar square in the mask. The Dark Toa staggered, but he did not fall over. “Please forgive us for breaking the illusion for a crucial moment,” Makua said, “But are there any Le-Koronans in the house? Friends of Tamaru maybe?” The audience began to boo. Not at Makua, of course, but to the killer turned prop himself. It was all part of the show. “Now is the moment of judgement, if you have purchased a specialty fermented Bula berry,” Makua said, “If not, there is always the voice from your heart” Matoran attendants came and wheeled away the massive pole, revealing a painted X symbol on the stage. Makua whistled a bird-command to Vidar. On cue, the Toa of Air walked to the symbol and stood still, pieces of fruit still falling from his mask. Makua beamed as the jeers, insults, and fermented Bula berry flew from all around the tent. The faceless masses -- the all-so-important Paying Audience, gave their worst, and they aimed it all at one target.
  5. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Stannis' Home The thought of visiting the Akiri's office didn't fill Ra'lhen with much enthusiasm. Conferences with the leader of Po-Koro always seemed to range from cold to particularly adversarial. Though to be fair, that was when the old Akiri was in charge. Without thinking, Ra'lhen touched the green beaded necklace that he still wore to this day. Hafu's luckly charm, Hewkii a called it. "The truth is, I don't think I've spoken to the new Akiri," Ra'lhen admitted, "I know it's been a long time since Renaka took office, but it feels like I've been in Ostia forever. Perhaps it would be a good idea to pay her a visit finally. Though I'm sure she must be busy"
  6. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Stannis' Home The thought brightened Ra'lhen's mood. Echelon may have been at large. If this was the case, Ra'lhen had strongly considered making finding him and stopping whatever he would inevitably plan next. However, such a quest would be as difficult as it was dangerous. Stannis had just offered the Toa a chance to prove to himself and to the sleeping Great Spirit that he could be that hero that this island needs. The hero that would prepare for the coming war, and whatever darkness that Makuta brings. "We are at peace for now," Ra'lhen began, "That means now is the time to prepare for the darkness, and get in front of it. No more waiting for Echelon or some other Makuta-worshipper to make the first deadly strike" Ra'lhen continued, "I'd be honored to explore the Dark Walk with you. If this is something that Renaka has called for, I can be sure that Officer Wokodin will allow me to partake. In actuality, it sounds like something he would have summoned me from Ostia for" Ra'lhen couldn't help but smile at the thought that his unexpected trip to see Wokodin to update the Sentinels of his new uniform may have been planned anyway. "When is this Dark Walk expedition expected to happen?" Ra'lhen asked.
  7. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Stannis' Home "I thought I was ready before...," Ra'lhen said with a pained look on his face. The Toa was starting to wonder if this may have been connected with the string of horrible dreams he had been having. He fought himself to not shudder that the one he had last night -- he could almost feel the icy grips of Echelon and Vidar dragging him back into the dark forest of servitude. "I had a dream last night," Ra'lhen said, "Makuta's darkest minions... Vidar, Echelon... they came for me. They came to take me back..." Ra'lhen squeezed his eyes shut, trying to push the haunting memory from his mind. However, there really wasn't much he could do. Ra'lhen would have to live with this dream for weeks to come. "I know it's just a dream, but with the Makuta now back, he will call back his minions, or call forth new ones," Ra'lhen said. After a moment, Ra'lhen's expression warmed, as if an idea had come to him. "Maybe that's it. Heuani is dead. Vidar is gone, though like Makuta, perhaps not dead. But Echelon, last I heard he had taken Ko-Koro," Ra'lhen continued, "With the ice village liberated, do you know what happened to him?"
  8. IC: Makua – Le-Wahi, Fau Swamp, Ringli-Barnuma circus tent A Toa of Ice, wearing black chest armor, golden pauldrons, and a polished white Kanohi Calix, soaked in the clamor from the 100-plus strong audience. This may have been their largest crowd yet. As the crowds cheers and jeers died down, the announcer slinked away from the stage, leaving the Ko-Koro to share the floor with the 3 other attendants, plus their star. “Hello there!” Makua called out, beaming with self-satisfaction, “For the newcomers here, allow me to introduce us. I am Makua – no, Mah-koo-AH, no ‘T’!" He then motioned to a heavyset Toa of Fire, Makua's right hand man. "My Toa-friend over there is Tailua," Makua said "We’ve been running this show for months, and we promise you’re gonna have a great time. Especially if you’re a Le-Koronan” Makua turned back to the encased Dark Toa. The two Matoran attendants unceremoniously made their way off stage. “So, how many of you know the Legend of Dark Toa Vidar?” The heavyset Toa of Fire asked the audience. The vast majority raised their hand. “Excellent,” Tailua said, “Then you’ll know how he was defeated right? Yes, you there” “He was defeated by Toa Joske,” a child Matoran sitting on the front row piped up. “CORRECT!” Tailua said, “A brave hero who also helped the Toa Maru defeat the Makuta and bring peace to the island. He was a brave fighter and hero, and he will be remembered always” There was solemn moment of silence, and then cheers erupted from the audience – all in reverence to the fallen hero. “Now, with all that history out of the way, let’s play some games!” Makua said with excitement. The audience cheered once again. Makua knew the routines like the back of his hand. He even knew how the audiences would react to each one. The Toa knew who to project his voice in each situation in just the right way, so that he could get the best reaction each and every time. It was always the same. First, they would explain bird-speak and how they used that to give Vidar commands. Simple examples then followed: Vidar would move limbs, climb the walls of the cage, he would juggle bamboo disks, axes, and Madu fruit, and even speak the words “Mata Nui bless Mata Nui”. His voice was repulsive, and the audience loved it. Makua would then stress to the audience the importance of keeping your arms out of the cage, less they end up like Tailua. His Toa-colleague would brandish his rusty hook for a hand with a savage grin, and the audience would audibly groan (he knew Tailua loved that bit). Then came the curveball. A display a clumsiness by Tailua would lift the lock from the cage. The door would swing open at the same time a subtle bird-whistle exited Tailua’s lips. “Oh no!” exclaimed Makua. On cue, the former Dark Toa would stumble out of the cage. The front row audience went go crazy, and there were gasps from the stands. Makua kept his smile in check, and instead looked up at the unfocused eyes of the Dark Toa of Vidar, letting the shocked silence set the mood. He waited to see what would happen next.
  9. IC: Ra’lhen -- Po-Koro, Stannis’ Home The Vo-Toa bristled at the revelation. On their own, Ra’lhen’s eyes narrowed, widened, and then narrowed again – as if both the expressions of fear and skepticism were fighting for control over his face. After a brief pause, Ra’lhen shook his head. “That’s impossible...” Ra’lhen muttered. Ra’lhen grew deeply concerned as he mulled over the Toa Maru’s words. He realized is likely wasn’t impossible. Stannis, out of all people, did not misspeak. “You and the Maru killed him, right? I don’t understand” Ra’lhen lowered his voice, “If Makuta is around... then he could take me again,” Ra’lhen said with a hint trepidation in his voice.
  10. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Streets He noticed the Wanderer’s subtle wince and sympathized with the Toa. He could only imagine the battles that the Toa Maru of Stone had to fight. Ra’lhen hadn’t known for sure, but he had assumed that Stannis was among the heroes who helped take back the village of ice. It sounded like Stannis was there to make sure things were set right. The Toa of Lightning soaked in the rhetoric, turning it over in his mind like a riddle. He had always appreciated the way the Wanderer spoke. Back during the times of Makuta, Ra’lhen’s thoughts, as well as the thoughts fed to him by the dark god, were simple. Ra'lhen didn't think on his own. His tactical mind only working when the Makuta willed it, and the result always led to pain, suffering, and death. Now, Ra'lhen was free to think whatever and however he wanted. If he wanted to mull over the cryptic words of the Toa Maru's most aloof member, Ra'lhen could do that. And no one could stop him. "So peace is almost certain to not last here," Ra'lhen said, "There's going to be more death and more loss" Ra'lhen had trailed off but only for a second to gather his next thoughts. He could feel the Toa's bright gray eyes watching him as he pondered, looking forward into the Po-Koro street. "But perhaps with this respite, we can be prepared for what's coming...," Ra'lhen continued, "Maybe... I can be prepared for what's coming." "I could not save Ko-Koro when they needed me. I had to stand by the Sentinels. Plus running head-first into the arms of Makuta's followers, some of whom I fought along with, did not seem wise," Ra'lhen said, "To say nothing of the riots that even the low-key Ko-Matoran would have started if they saw the armor of... that Other Guy." Ra'lhen looked to Stannis, "But things are different now. I must do what I can. To me, that means getting ahead of whatever threat is looming" The Toa of Lightning then looked back to the street, a look of uncertainty on his face, "But how?"
  11. IC: Niici – Le-Wahi, southern Fau Swamp, remote area The high-class Toa of Ice trudged through the foliage, around the stagnant ponds that littered the landscape. A royal blue cowl was up over her forehead, casting a shadow over her mask. She did not want to be here. She hated that she was the one making this trek. And yet, if the rumors were true, then the decidedly low-class expedition she was undertaking would be worth it. She was grateful that she at least left her heeled shoes behind, favoring flats that would better serve her through this muddy landscape. Flanking her on both sides were Matoran hired hands. One her right, a Ko-Matoran named Seba. He was Niici’s loyal butler since the days of the Cultured Gentry and he remained loyal to her to this day. On Niici’s left was a newcomer. A shrewd former Xa-Koronan, he called himself Jed and he was quite experienced at communicating with people in... other social classes. Jed was especially eager to know if the rumors were true. At first, Jed’s enthusiasm had concerned Niici and Seba. When Ko-Koro became occupied by Echelon and his allies, Niici moved quickly to serve the winning invaders under the guise of duress. After all, with enough money, she could buy her way out of anything. If the occupiers needed tools, supplies, munitions, she could finance it. In a way, her old way of life had returned. More notably, the Cultured Gentry no longer was interested in her dealings, no matter what they were. The occupation had taken up most of their attention. Niici gladly took advantage of this to raise much needed funds, and set up pipelines to launder the excess in case anyone did decide to take a closer look. Jed presented himself during this time, helping fend off some of the more fanatical Makuta-worshipers so that she could keep strong supply chains going. It crossed Niici’s mind multiple times that Jed himself may be not just a neutral helper, but a Makuta worshipper and servant of Echelon. So far, that didn’t seem to be the case. Niici could only hope that the Matoran’s affiliation (or lack thereof) remained as it was. --- After a treacherous walk, the three finally caught sight of a throng of Matoran, Skakdi, Vortixx, Lesterin, and even some Toa in front of what looked like a fenced off facility lined with multi-colored lightstones. In a systematic manner, each visitor was being let in, inspected by security personnel, and then allowed inside proper. “This must be it,” Seba said with wonder, “The Ringli-Barnuma Fau Extravaganza!” One of the first things Niici noticed was that this attraction looked immensely popular. Possibly, too popular for its own good. As the trio moved closer to the entrance, the disorganized blob of people of all shapes and sizes began to change more into a queue. Within a few minutes, they found themselves at the front. Seba went in first, and then Jed. When Niici passed through the gate, however, a hand was put up by the Skakdi security guard to stop her. This was followed by a motioning gesture for her to retract her cowl. After a moment of inspecting her face, the Skakdi spoke. “Wait here. We need to inspect,” he said flatly. He then whistled for backup. Niici stood there impatiently as a Toa (whose colors implied that they were a Toa of Magnetism) walked over, followed by a female Skakdi with a visor. Niici’s eyes narrowed with righteous indignation. --- The scrutiny did not recede even after Niici had her privacy invaded and after she paid the admission fee for herself and her two Matoran colleagues. Within the fenced-off compound, guards of either Toa, Skakdi, or Lesterin kind patrolled, and all of them shot Niici a pointed glance. Niici’s response was to lower her cowl even more over her head. That’s when Niici realized that she was the only guest in this compound who was a Toa. In a way, that supports the rumors, mused Niici, If they’re going to let Toa inside, then they’re going to ensure that certain Toa stay out. The compound was filled with all sorts of attractions, games, and shops. Before them, a giant red and white tent stood proudly with more security personnel guarding the entrance. Predictably, they all took a longer-than-usual glance at Niici’s direction. “Hey!” Niici blinked, and then look down to Jed, and then to Seba. “Jed and I were trying to get your attention,” Seba said with a hint of bashfulness, “Jed was asking: don’t you think it’s odd that you’re the only Toa-guest here? At least, the only one that we can see” “Oh, I’m sorry,” Niici replied. She then realized that the two Matoran had been talking to each other this entire time, and she had tuned them out entirely. “Yes, it definitely doesn’t look like a place for stereotypical-hero-types. It’s not your imagination,” Niici replied, “I just hope things don’t get too unrefined” They finally went to the main hall and took their seats among the stands under the massive red and white tent, just in time for the show. Niici, Jed, and Seba all found themselves beguiled by the magic tricks, trapeze acts, and musical numbers. Sprinkled between each performance was the occasional oddity, including three-eyed Ruki, rare white Muaka, and prancing ash bears. Niici had to hand it to the showrunners. She was mildly impressed. --- “Alrattee, y’all have waited LONG ENOUGH!” came the jubilant drawl of someone Niici instantly recognized as being from backwoods Ta-Wahi, possibly from the lava farming community, “We’re ALMOST ready!” Niici peered down to the arena. Sure enough, it was a Matoran of Fire, but he had a large silver top hat resting over his dark red Miru, and a blue rubber sphere over where his nose would normally be. “And without further ado,” the Ta-Matoran bellowed, “You’ve heard the stories, you’ve mourned with his victims, you’ve celebrated the defeat of all his friends, and you’ve lied awake at night, wondering how he did all that he did, and how to avoid become his next victim” Niici and the rest of the audience’s attention immediately shifted to the large box-shaped structure being rolled out, a thick tarp resting over it. Two Matoran attendants flanked the sides, while a heavily armored, Calix-wearing Toa in white armor held the rear. In front was a burly-looking Toa of Fire with a bright red Sanok. Niici especially took notice of the rusty hook that had replaced the Ta-Toa's right hand. “Well, the wait is OFFICIALLY over!” the hat-wearer continued, “Ladies, gents, Lesterin, Skakdi, Vortixx, Matoran, Toa! Feast your EYES...” The audience, Niici and her aides included, leaned forward in anticipation. “...On the Terrifying!” the Matoran of Fire bellowed to a rising clamor from the audience, “The Merciless!” And with that, the Matoran and Toa attendants forcefully pulled the tarp from what Niici now knew was a cage. Despite Niici’s best efforts, the let out an audible gasp, along with Jed. Seba yelped in fear. Gasps and cries could be heard all throughout the stands. Eyes were widened, and mouths were agape – including Niici’s. Before them, some incomprehensible mix between a Toa of Air and a Rahkshi grabbed two of the sturdy metal bars of the cage with the aggression of a ravenous lion. On each of its wrists were three scissor blades at least 6 inches in length. It had gunmetal pauldrons, elbow guards, and knee pads. The rest of its armor was a shiny, polished lime green. That, along with a Miru, a lime-green, cracked and chipped helmet in the shape of a Rahkshi’s head, and a very deep scar across the front and right side of his face made the creature recognizable to all. “Dark Toa VIDAAAAR!” the announcer bellowed, left arm outstretched in the creature’s direction. The audience roared, and Vidar, in rote fashion, roared back.
  12. IC: Ra’lhen - Po-Koro, outside Stannis’ place Ra’lhen couldn’t help but smile. The Toa Maru that stood opposite him had every reason to hold onto a sense of righteous anger, much like former Akiri Hewkii all that time ago. Of course, had the Other Guy succeeded in killing one of the Wanderer’s company, things would likely be different between us, thought Ra’lhen sorrowfully. It reminded Ra’lhen of Mata Nui’s grace. Sometimes, the Great Spirit could intervene and save what mattered most. Hafu, the legendary carver, was not as fortunate, and stood as an example of one of Ra’lhen’s eternal crimes to the people of Po-Koro. And the worst part? That event was far from being the worst of the Other Guy’s crimes. Significantly less casualties in that assassination plot. He re-sheathed the sword onto his back and extended his arm, returning the gesture with a firm grip. “Agreed,” Ra’lhen replied, “And I am making it my duty to use this tool to protect the people on this island” “So, how have things been?” Ra’lhen asked with interest, “My sergeant has kept me in Ostia, preventing and aborting heists from pirates and other criminals. His caution is understandable, but it does mean that so much has happened that I simply wasn’t present for. Akiri Hewkii resigned, and this other leader, Akiri Lichtgheist, is someone I’ve never really met. Ko-Koro had a bad time, but now things are getting better, I’ve heard?” Ra’lhen paused for a bit. He wondered if it was a good idea to bring up his own anxieties about recent events in his life. The nightmares returning and increasing in frequency couldn’t simply be blamed on poor diet or sleep, right? Still, Ra’lhen thought it best to hear what Stannis has been through before dumping him with drama. “More importantly, where do you think things are headed… as far as peace on Mata Nui goes?” Ra’lhen asked.
  13. IC: Ra'lhen - Po-Koro, Streets Ra'lhen gave a toothy grin. "I guess the new armor is serving its intended purpose," said the Toa of Lightning with a soft chuckle, "I'd hate for you to have to remember that other guy's armor and his Proto-Knuckles every time I came to visit. Hey, check out this sword!" An an instant, Ra'lhen's two-handed longsword that was strapped to his back was now resting horizontally along his open palms. The hilt was closest to his right hand the tip was closest to his left hand. One could not ignore the bright glare that reflected off the freshly polished blade. "Looks good as new. What do you think?" OOC: @Caedast
  14. IC: Ra’lhen - Po-Koro, Streets Ra'lhen continued to strut through the busy walkways, around bustling workers and tourists. Gradually, the Toa of Lightning found himself in quieter parts of the town. Finally, the Toa came across a face he hadn't seen since, well, the last time he was in Po-Koro proper. "Stannis?" Ra'lhen said. He wondered if the Toa Maru would recognize him in his new digs.
  15. IC: Ra’lhen - Ostia, Old Apartment The Toa of Lightning admired his new appearance one last time before setting out to the Ostia Iron Mahi station, Sentinel ensign and good luck charm from former Akiri Hewkii in tow. Now that much of his uniform had changed, he would need to have his identification papers updated with the Sentinels. Wokodin had already been notified via radio. With little fanfare, Ra'lhen hopped onto the Iron Mahi and sat down in one of the cars. --- Po-Koro, Streets Ra'lhen rarely visited his commander his person, so it took him a little to get his bearings in the bustling city. "Every time I come here, it's like the rebuilt from scratch," Ra'lhen said softly. He was impressed. He still remembered vividly when the area better matched its namesake, though those memories weren't often positive ones. Ra'lhen continued into the city square, walking tall and displaying his Sentinel ensign proudly. Bustling carvers, tourists, merchants, and other travels were moving about in a display of organized chaos. So much was going on that it was difficult for any one event to stand out. As such, Ra'lhen trudged forward, making his way to Wokodin's office in the Sentinel HQ. Still, Ra'lhen kept a watchful eye on his surroundings as he walked.
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