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  1. I appreciate the well wishes. Glad some of that work made an impact! Yeah, gets the best of all of us.
  2. No virus that my machine detected. When I tried to run it, I had a heck of a time actually closing it, and of course it wasn't doing anything. It could've be a Windows 10 thing. Yeah, all of these games just take me back to simpler times. Fan Created Games was a big part of my teenage years so I felt I needed to keep these somewhere where they'd last. Lol, just post it all like I did and let the folks sort through it! But yeah, going back and reading through my old Influx documents was quite a trip. I'd bet you guys had some crazy ambitious ideas like I did. Tempting... Easy RPG looks like a really amazing project. I wonder how it would handle all the weird custom menu stuff I tried to do
  3. Thanks -- you helped me fix my problem. Seeing your troubles with the display made me realize that that's actually the only issue. The music and controls work, just can't see anything. So, I turned off my newer graphics driver, used the default driver, and the game started working (or at least started up and was visible). I knew my comp sci degree was good for something! I still don't know if TQ3's the safest though, so I'll keep testing. If the display's the only problem I could probably host it.
  4. Hey everyone. I was in the neighborhood taking care of some unfinished business in Fan Created Games and thought I'd stop by. Glad to see a lot of old and familiar names on this page alone. Congrats on wrapping up the arc. Friar Tuck would be proud!
  5. Hey BZPower. what_year_is_it.jpg It's been a heck of a long while since I've posted anything there. And after years of different PMs going unanswered (sorry), I've finally taken the time to see how many old fangames I could dig up. The point of this is just really for nostalgia. Looking through them takes me back to simpler times. There's no chance that I'm going back to updating that software library anymore. I've more-or-less ridden off into the sunset. But I can at least leave something here and maybe a new topic where people just share old fangames can take its place. Here's the Drive link of games that I've booted up and deemed safe to share. Be sure to look at the Readme document and share this link around: Link Games that I have but won't include: Toa's Quest 3. This game just gave a black screen of death whenever I try to run it. If you think you can fix it and you're not too worried about your own computer, PM me and I'll send it to you as-is. You'll have to run it at your own risk though. Dark709's Comics The Game: This one really did a number on my machine. I don't recommend anyone take this file. But if you have an old computer to experiment on, PM me and I can send you this game. Destiny War 2: Something got corrupted with this one and I can't get it to run. Surprising since it's an RPG Maker XP game and RPG Maker games have shown to be much more resilient than GameMaker or Multimedia Fusion games. Asks: Any copy of Bionicle: The Infestation pre-Silver Edition (released around 2006) would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I'll take a medium. Thanks!
  7. Well I know what I'll try to bring next time we meet! Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all. I appreciate it!
  8. Emzee

    Happy Anniversary

    Yes, I did log in just to see what spinny I had now. That's what I've become. Real talk though: happy anniversary to BZPower and to myself. I can't believe it's been 14 years since I signed up on my old dial-up internet. Times were so simple back then. Anyway, I don't really have much to update. I'm still working on my video game. I've mostly just been trying to survive this heat. There's not much incentive to me trying to go out and meet people when everyone's all sweaty and gross. I went to Brick Fiesta earlier this year (as is tradition) and had a lot of fun. Will not be a BrickFair this year, but I'll try to go next year and make this into a 4-year cycle ('09, '13, '17). How have you been? Yes, you. I thought I just wanted to see the spinny but now I'm interested.
  9. It's great to be back! Just giving you guys a head's up from Dallas. It's nice to be back in what almost feels like home (the 2nd longest time I've lived in any city was in Dallas). Still - doesn't compare to Houston or Austin. If any of you ask are in the Dallas area, come out either today or tomorrow. It's been a great experience so far.
  10. Hi all. If you use Windows, you can download MNOG3D at my Dropbox for now. Sorry I don't have the other versions -- I don't use the other OSes, haha. Maybe others can come help with that. Enjoy the game!
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