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  1. Great to be back.. Where to start...?

  2. Oh that, I just clicked on your page after seeing you in the sig of the poster before you topic.

  3. Oh... How did you get do be on my page then?

  4. wait what?

    what do you mean how did I find you?

  5. How did you find me? E3?

  6. Yes, of course. They do have plans to add groups (seperate casual groups (like bzp) and clans have been discussed.)

    Also, I'm hoping they fix the system so you can add a friend via name without having to give real id.

    Really, medium looks almost as good as ultra. It's not a huge difference. I don't like in on the high graphics, it's too shiny and busy. Harder

  7. I believe the nydus worm has burning and corroding animations, and thats it, I don't think we'll be seeing any animations, though I wish bnet had "groups" so we could form a like "BZP Group" w/o giving RealID

    I exoect a lot of new features in the release bnet 2.0, the rest of the game seems very well into completion (if only my computer supported ultra graphics..

  8. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I'm excited for when it comes back up.

    I hope they add burning and acid death animations for the zerg buildings, and the blue flames for protoss.

  9. Yes I am in the beta, its awesome....

  10. Oh, that's cool. I know another guy by the name of Archon.

    You into Starcraft then?

  11. Sorry, no.

  12. Another Starcraft fan? Awesome...

  13. You aren't the Archon I know from other sites, are you?

    P.S. While on the subject, I wish the Archon got more use in SC2.

  14. Hey man! Starcraft fan? Great game, that's really cool to see someone else here is into it. Are you in the sc2 beta?

  15. Don't recall why I came to your profile...

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