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    I guess I'm pretty old now.
  1. Long time no see my Yoshi sporting acquaintance. Wassup?

  2. I read your sig. You have 200 posts now.

  3. Hello guys, oldfriend here. I haven't been on these boards since bionicle has ended. And I'm surprised to see these boards still so active. I'm here because I was looking in my closet for a jacket and stumbled apon my old collection of bionicles. My whole childhood was with bionicle, following the storyline, collecting ever bionicle I could get my hands on, building MOCs and lurking Bzp. I am throughly enjoying these fond memories, so how do you remember the golden days Bzp ?
  4. i also hate pickles...

  5. Rok

    Flowers for Algernon

  6. Hey you krazy kat!

  7. vataki

    Oh, you must have seen that picture of me. xD Thanks if that's it.

  8. Rok

    yes "walcome" l0l

  9. Rok

    nice hair

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