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  1. Hello guys, oldfriend here. I haven't been on these boards since bionicle has ended. And I'm surprised to see these boards still so active. I'm here because I was looking in my closet for a jacket and stumbled apon my old collection of bionicles. My whole childhood was with bionicle, following the storyline, collecting ever bionicle I could get my hands on, building MOCs and lurking Bzp. I am throughly enjoying these fond memories, so how do you remember the golden days Bzp ?
  2. Rok

    Flowers for Algernon

  3. Hey you krazy kat!

  4. Rok

    yes "walcome" l0l

  5. Rok

    nice hair

  6. are you really 31 <_<

  7. happy 99th birthday!

  8. Rok

    lol thank you ^_^

  9. I read them all and loved them except the last one is kinda cheap 'cuz Percy is way too overpowered.
  10. You lucky duck I have a lame youth group :/ Oh I love the taboo buzzer
  11. Rok

    hey you like my yoshi?

  12. i thought it was cute until i saw its eye popping out of its head Ll

  13. rofl nice name

  14. Rok

    10 More To Go

    lets race to 200 >
  15. Fullmetal Alchemist it's a Tv show
  16. I went tubing with friends and my tube popped so I had to swim 2 miles to the end of the trail :annoyed2:
  17. OmG 50 nOw ItS a PArTEE!
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