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    I used to like Bionicle a lot - I'm more into general sci-fi these days
  1. Hey, I'm your old buddy Umutist! Just wanted to say hello. Message me if you remember me.

  2. Huh, I get different results... Its obsession with mail frightens me.
  3. Silver, Ruby, Pearl are what I've played.
  4. Taka-Tahu-Nuva

    R_e I_r_l

    It really saddens me to hear this, dude My only advice is - don't lost hope! Things will eventually turn up for the best!
  5. It's not a PLAYSTATION. Nor an XBOX. It's the PLAYBOX (...that looks like a Wii) pic 2 pic 3
  6. Haha, oh man, this reminds me of the "Playbox XT-500" pamphlet I got in the mail one day. It was a really cheap Wii knockoff lol. I should scan that thing...
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