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  1. I have absolutely no clue as to who you are, or what you used to do on this site, so... Hi.

    1. Ghidora131


      if you ever see it.

  2. Many, many years ago back in '01. In a feverish search across the internet for any news on the upcoming Bionicle line, I stumbled upon a teaser for an under-construction website called Kanohi-Power. I believe the site was partnered with the message board "BionicleZone" at the time. This was before the Kanohi-Power/BionicleZone merger, of course. If anyone is interested, I dug up an old snapshot of the early days of Kanohi-Power.
  3. Usually I'm not initially thrilled with some of the preliminary images of sets, but they almost always eventually grow on me. This guy, however, I really can't get behind. Although a very unorthodox design from LEGO, it comes across looking more like a jumbled Chinese knock-off rather than the usual quality produced by the company.I'm glad to see so many unique and new colors, but I'm not sure slapping the whole rainbow on this guy was a good idea. It leaves me wondering if the designers at LEGO weren't too inspired this time around. It reminds me of those old "Invincibility Robots" from China.On a side note: I am digging Bulk, Core Hunter, and Stormer.
  4. My story is almost exactly like yours. I bought all the Throwbots and RoboRiders when they came out, but in December of Y2K, I spotted Bionicle on LEGO's website and was instantly sold on the whole idea. The only problem was that Bionicle wouldn't be launched until the summer of 2001, so I was not a happy camper. To my surprise, the January edition of the LEGO magazine had the Tahu/Vakama early release combo offer on the back cover. Obviously, I jumped on it right away.Bionicle also came out at a big time in my life. Not only did I move homes that year, it was the year The Fellowship of the Ring was released in theaters, along with Disney's Atlantis (an inspiring film for my then eleven-year-old mind), and it was when I first played Majora's Mask.
  5. Old 2001 McDonald's Tohunga (Matoran) parts scattered across a dentist parking lot back in '06. I think it was Kongu. In '03 I spotted some Turaga Onewa sets for sale in the Terminator Ride gift shop in Universal Studios Orlando FL.
  6. Why did you leave bzpower



  9. As far as I'm concerned, if the Glatorian are not getting their own category, then neither should Agori. Simplicity is key to order. However, if Glatorian are getting their own category, then I believe Agori should too, in order to separate the old from the new. One thing to consider, however, is that whether or not Gresh and Lewa are heroes, people may get confused between the two races -- think they are both either Toa or Glatorian. Perhaps the Bara Magnans need their own categories or some form of distinct separation from the Matoran Universe? Just a thought. ~T11~
  10. The Leviathan is cool!

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    I suppose the real question here is, what exactly were you two talking about? New music, I hope! ~T11~
  12. Whoa! Your like one of the first BZPers! Awesome!

  13. Happy Birthday! :D

  14. Happy Birthday!

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