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  1. No problem. It's a shame the topic got closed... oh well. And it's a bit too early for 2009 at this point. XD

  2. He's told me too, and I haven't listened until recently. But that's only because nothing is annoying me right now on the site.

  3. Oh I've done that loads of time. It's no big deal.

  4. Merry CHRISTmas!!

    Yes, I was born with a dislocated hip, but I had surgery so my hip isn't a problem. It's the Muscular Dystrophy that is (the MD is probably what caused the dislocated hip). As for religious talk... that's a stupid rule. I mean, it would only create inter-religion flame wars. Come on! XP

  5. Homeschoolers are much smarter than regular kids. Or so I've found out. My best friend is homeschooled too.

    My problem is in my muscles, no my bones.

    But, really, you're a Catholic too? Cool!

  6. Eh, it's nothin that bad. It's not painful either... but sorry about your arm! :)

  7. Merry CHRISTmas to you too!

  8. I replied to your post in my Toa MOC topic. And haven't you noticed my post count has been steadily going up?

  9. The Phyre of Tahu

    New Serials

    WOW, that is going to be AMAZING!! That shouldn't be an online web serial series, that should be a book! And they're against the BOM? Cool. ~Phyre
  10. I used to have one... I'll have to put up a new one I guess.

  11. I'd just move on. I had a crush on a girl almost all year last year. Then around Christmas time, she got a boyfriend, and has since had one, and since I have been back and forth hating her and liking her. At this point I hate her. Oh, and she's also 4 years older than me. But, anyway, move on. Forget about it. Somebody else will come that's even better. ~Phyre
  12. Here's what I think of the entries. Of course I'm inclined to like mine, and thanks Dorek for voting for me! Elemental Rahaga's got my vote, as the MOC and the Matoran MOCs are awesome! Scorpion King's was really cool, especially his Matoran, although I didn't think the mask or color portrayed Karzahni. Brickeen's was pretty good, although it lacked originality. And Yoshirock's pic was blurry, so I couldn't tell whether it was good or not. ~Phyre
  13. Dude!! You've got to be kidding me! Your MOC was awesome, and I'm voting for it. So, please add one vote for Elemental Rahaga's Karzahni. Good luck! Your's is really awesome, and I really like the Matoran too! ~Phyre
  14. Yes. It's a town in central New York, in Oswego County. A bit north of Syracuse.

  15. You know I'm entering (I think I'm the guy who helped give him the idea). I sent you a PM. ~Phyre
  16. Oh, sorry. I meant I fear you and I love pie. I don't know what the nonsense about the shoes was about.

  17. blargghlmuffin shoesplaaa PIE!

  18. Oh, thank you!! I had a great day -- and got the Knights' Catapult Defense CASTLE set as my first present from my parents. This Sunday is my birthday party when I get to open the rest of my stuff!! :P Thanks again!

  19. Discussion does not stop now. Continue on.

  20. Yes, there is. It's the town of Mexico, located in Central New York.

  21. Thanks for taking my PE. I needed to get a heavy blow so I could stop doing risky thinks that could wind up in my getting banned. That's the last thing I want to do.

  22. If it is real, than I have a lot more comments than if it was fake. >At least his brother didn't hide his liking of BIONICLE -- he obviously fought for it. >BIONICLE isn't stupid >I'm on the same website I think you're talking about >BIONICLE doesn't ruin lives >BIONICLE isn't a little world, it's a big world >Lastly, I want to beat the living daylights out of the kid who sent you this (provided it wasn't a joke) If it was a joke, good. I can stand anybody saying stuff like that when they don't even understand. ~Phyre
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