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  1. Doks totally rox.

  2. That's really cool. I don't watch Chuck, so I would have missed this if you hadn't pointed it out. Score.
  3. Motago appreciates being mentioned so much that he has referred to himself in the third person.
  4. Motago

    Shameless Plug

    It's not a new year until my 2009 Harry Potter calendar runs out of days and pages.
  5. hai lowel my frend!

  6. hai mr awesome lolZ

  7. My 14th birthday was epic win as I recall. We all dressed up as LoTR characters and made a movie. It was quite good.

  8. Haha, I had a pretty plain day for my 14th birthday. :P

  9. lolrus! So far my birthday has consisted of an essay exam and Spanish homework, but it's all good. ;) Thanks for the well wishes.

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it? Or hate it. :P

  11. Happy 19th Birthday, Motago!

  12. Interesting when you see non-staff that are 18+, haha.

  13. Yes indeedydo. :D Will be 19 years of age tomorrow. 19 years will I have walked this earth...

  14. Doing pretty well. Oh, and it seems your birthday is tomorrow as well. Heheh.

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