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  1. Sent a few questions! I've no idea if mine will get used or not, but a couple of them are certain things that have piqued my curiosity recently, so I'd be interested to see if they get answered ^^ Thanks to all for arranging this opportunity!
  2. I've genuinely never seen that picture of Pohatu before, what promotional material did it come from?
  3. Random question: does anyone know what they do with the large brick-built character models from the LEGOLAND parks, when they've finished with them? I know the models are glued (I may have tried to prise bricks off a few of them as a kid, just out of curiosity, with no success ), so I doubt they can just take them apart for use in subsequent models; and on top of which, the bricks are probably quite faded after several years in the sun, too. I know some of the models are re-purposed - for example, in the Windsor park, the brick-built Rock Raiders characters from the Rocket Racers attraction queue area were added to the Extreme Team Challenge waterway when Rocket Racers shut down; and the life-size Darth Vader and R2-D2 from 1999 kept showing up in different places around the park for years afterwards - but what about the rest? I have a hard time believing that Lego would melt down their precious bricks, even for reuse, so... do they keep the old models in storage somewhere? Are they sold to collectors? Does anyone know? I just thought to wonder about it today, and it made me really curious about what had happened to some of my childhood favourites from the park. And on a non-brick-built note, I do wonder whatever happened to that life-size Onua model, too...
  4. For myself, I'm terrible at MoCing! I've not really tried it seriously since I was a kid, granted, but I just find that, even when I have something in mind that I want to build, I have trouble translating the idea in my head into something that actually can work... even though my mind works visually, I don't really think in Lego Bricks xD I guess I just find it hard to get started in general, when I don't have instructions to follow, since I'm not really familiar with all the useful parts or how to use them to best effect, so my efforts tend to end in frustration very quickly! I'd say I find building from instructions more enjoyable, since that way I'm learning new pieces and new techniques that are already proven, which I find far more interesting than trying to come up with them on my own. Plus, I like knowing how a model is going to look from the outside, and then watching it slowly come together and discovering how it was achieved; I find that immensely satisfying ^^
  5. Just wanted to say that I ran across your Inktober drawings in GA and really enjoyed them. Such charming character styles and skillfully drawn scenes! 

    1. That Matoran with a Vahi

      That Matoran with a Vahi

      Aah, thank-you! :D They were a lot of fun to work on ^^

  6. I don't think anything does, in my case. Even when my collection was at its fullest, I didn't have anything rarer than a handful of odds and ends such as the orange vahi, a couple TNGMs, and a misprint white Ruru... and in my naiveté I applied paint to most of those when I was going through "a phase", and thus rendered them worthless. Maybe some of my sets were rare-ish, at least judging by the prices some of them go for nowadays, but I didn't have any that weren't widely available at the time... I guess the thing that made my collection most special was its size: by the end of '08, there were only sixteen regular sets (not counting combiner repacks, playsets, and most promotionals) that I was missing. That was a pretty big deal for me, at the time. Then I completely fell off the boat when 2009 rolled around, but hey. I don't have most of them anymore, though, so that achievement's a thing of the past now, whatever it may have been worth then. I do have a McToran Kongu, which is pretty rare from a UK perspective, at least, since we never got the McDonalds promotion over here; though I imagine, being McDonalds freebies, they're probably quite common over in the States? I also have five of six of the Burger King MoL tie-in figures, who are rare by virtue of the fact that no-one else cares about them since they're not actual Lego...? xP Yeah, my collection's pretty generic, honestly. I'd like to get one of the storyboard pages, I see they're still available on ebay and I've found one I particularly like, but... international shipping costs more than the boards themselves.
  7. Entirely different note: realising just how little I could tell apart light grey and light bluish-grey as a kid. I rebuilt my Toa Mata recently: almost all of them had a mixture of both shades in their gears, from where they'd got mixed up with pieces of other sets and I hadn't realised there was a colour difference.

    Undecided on whether to replace them with the correct colours from bricklink, or just let them be as-is...

  8. Since when did buying used Bionicle sets become such an expensive prospect...?

    Been feeling a bit nostalgic for some of the sets I used to have, and subsequently sold, recently. But NO WAY am I feeling nostalgic enough to pay £80 for a set that was £20 back in the day, Takanuva 2008. Same goes for several other sets too, it's like... I get that inflation has been a thing since my childhood, though I still tend to measure things by mid-2000s monetary value. But that much?

    Though I did scoop up a Zesk the other day for less than its original price, so there are still a few bargains to be had! But I dunno, the amount some of these prices have increased by is just wild.

  9. Oh wow, visually this is NICE. Your lighting effects are spectacular, and the animation is really smooth... and I know from recent experience how difficult that can be to achieve in 3D! I really liked the way you used the Bionicle Heroes texturing on the masks, and the music choices were on point; especially the Matoran Enclave piece at the opening, and equally the way you brought Lhikan's theme in perfectly in time with his entrance. If I could offer one suggestion, though? I feel like a bit more personality animation for the characters would be beneficial, there were moments where it felt like the Toa weren't moving as much as might be natural. I fully appreciate how tricky CGI can be, so this isn't a criticism; but since their ability to show facial expressions is naturally limited, it would really make the piece come alive even more if you were able to give them a little more room to express themselves with their gestures and body language ^^ Regardless though, this is some really, really nice work!
  10. The movie trilogy, for me. Sure, they're... not great, and don't stand up well in hindsight. But they're a nostalgia trip that I absolutely ADORE, even for all their flaws. It still slams me in feelings a little whenever I see movie-style designs for the characters, because that style is so important to me on a nostalgic level, and THAT SOUNDTRACK... man. When it got released as full downloadable albums, and I listened to them for the first time... I got chills more than once. Hearing their music, clean and all on its own, made everything about the movies feel so much more epic than they had to me in a long time... I think, quite honestly, those soundtrack releases are responsible for, like, 60% of the time I still spend dabbling in the fandom, they just kicked my nostalgia so much. MNOG, too, and the Templar animation style in general. Not, perhaps, as much as it once did; I know that game back to front, almost, so a lot of its 'thrill of discovery', which was 70% of what hooked me on it so much back in the day, feels like it's worn off; but it's still absolutely nostalgic to wander Mata Nui all over again, as Takua, and really feel like I'm immersed in that world.
  11. Thanks for the reassurance, everyone! @BULiK - Sorry for taking a while to get back to you, I've been busy lately and haven't remembered to check BZP. In any case, thanks for the detailed explanation! I ran the password through that site, like you suggested; I'll take this conversation to PM though, like you say, since I don't want to throw too much talk of sensitive matters around publicly ^^
  12. Hi, sorry to be a bother, but has BZP had any hacking difficulties recently? I just received two identical spam emails, trying to blackmail me into sending them money. Normally, of course, I'd just ignore / delete / report these and get on with my life - particularly since their blackmail material was something I haven't even done - but I'm a bit concerned because they were titled with my login password for this site. Naturally, I changed my password immediately; but since I'm the kind of guy who uses a different password for everything, I can't see any reason why they would know *that specific password* unless they'd got it from here on BZ. (Though they have no clue about this place; I doubt the word filter will even let me say what kind of site they thought they'd got that password from!) Granted, I also hadn't changed said password since, um... I first registered here, which is terrible of me I know. So it's possible they could have accessed it anytime over the past sixteen years and have only just got around to me now; but I thought I ought to mention it, just in case something's up? And in case my account here does start doing unsavoury stuff, since I can't guarantee they didn't get into it before contacting me; how would I know if they had? And is there anything else I should do to make sure nothing else unwanted gets into my account here? Thanks; and sorry to be a bother, again.
  13. At risk of sounding repetitive from my comment on your other story... I really, REALLY love this. How you dive so deep into Krahka's mindset, and all the implications of her meeting with the Toa, and of a shapeshifter's unique view on the world... I'd never have thought of approaching the story from her eyes, but the way you unpack it is so fascinating; I was completely hooked, reading it. I loved Takua's little cameo, too! And the way you built up that sense of ominousness at the end, from the view of the Cataclysm through a completely foreign set of eyes, to the Rahi joyfully claiming the city... but all the while keeping that undertone of something truly ominous building... it was really masterfully put together. Absolutely fantastic work!
  14. Oh WOW, this is really nicely done! I don't think I've ever seen any writing get so deeply inside Turaga Dume's head as you do here, but I love it; the way you build him up as not just the wise leader of Metru Nui but also as a real *person* beneath that role too. You make him a really developed, believable character I really like, too, the way it's possible to see the change in tone in the text, as it suddenly gets dark and ominous; the juxtaposition between the long, casually-paced paragraphs in the first half, compared to the intensity of the many single lines in the second half... it works really well together. And that repeat of the opening line, right at the end, is just such a perfect touch to end it on, works so well. Really great work!
  15. Brand new IP, I'd say. I know Lego might be wary of trying that again after Hero Factory didn't seem to be the huge hit that Bionicle was... but with the right spark of an idea, I think they have a good chance of making a success. I definitely think they would benefit from something that doesn't have the huge legacy behind it that Bionicle does, something that's free to be its own thing instead of being tied back to ten years of history. Plus... Bionicle was just the right thing at the right time to appeal to our generation; but those same things that drew in the kids of the 90s and 00s won't necessarily win over the current generation. I think Lego would do best, if they try constraction again, to aim for a fresh line that has the same novelty and appeal to this generation that Bionicle had for ours, even if that means departing from the themes we're familiar with. Or that's my thought, at any rate
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