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  1. That wouldn't be D'Anda's fault, at least not directly; in the comic credits, he was always the line artist and had a separate colourist. Colour errors would come from the colourist in question misinterpreting D'Anda and Elliot's lines, which happened fairly often over the comic's run. Though in this case, I wonder if the two red torsos might have been deliberately chosen to make Akamai appear more symmetrical? While the blue may have been mistaken by the colourist as being part of Gali who - if I rememeber rightly - was in the foreground of that shot.
  2. To me, the anniversary passed several months ago, due to Europe getting the first comic and sets some time before America... but that said, I'm also well aware that I'm in the minority here so I won't make a big deal of that xD Regarding celebrating the anniversary, I've got an A2-size poster project in the works as my contribution. It, evidently, is not going to be ready for the day itself; but I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer at least, and naturally I'll upload it to the art forum here when it's done ^^ I dunno, it's crazy to think that 2001 was so long ago. Time kinda seems to have been on pause, for me, ever since I finished university (a while ago now!), so that doesn't feel like it should be anywhere near so long ago as it is. Either way, though, Bionicle's definitely left its impression on me; most especially on my creative process, since so much of the world-building for my various projects now, in particular, is influenced by the MNOG and other aspects of the early Bionicle story, as I try to capture something of the atmosphere that so enticed me into them as a kid. And who knows if I'd have got so into making stories and such, if I hadn't cut my teeth on writing in BZPower's library forum for several years first? Those works were awful, please don't look for them! But the fact remains that they were an important part of my creative development. Happy Anniversary, my old friend Bionicle! Good to have known you all these years ^^
  3. If they're talking about my old favourite theme, I'm definitely gonna have to catch up on this sometime! I've been thinking of doing so for a little while now, because the history of these old Lego games is an unending curiosity to me; but I think the inclusion of Rock Raiders is the things that's actually going to push me into starting that for real... I just need to actually figure out a time to listen to them that works for me. Never listened to a podcast before so this is going to be an entirely new experience on my part xD
  4. Also, I think another reason '05 is put down more often than most other years is that a lot of people were getting flashback fatigue. 2004 had been a nice little jaunt away from the present to show where the characters had come from; but after a year away, a good chunk of the fandom was itching to get back to the Toa Nuva and find where they went from there. From that perspective, especially since, as Xboxtravis mentioned, we'd already seen the end result of the '05 arc, I remember that people tended, at the time, to regard the second flashback year as unnecessary padding that kept them away from their favourite characters, and that perspective has persisted down through the years. I mean! Personally, I don't think 2005 is the worst, by any means! However I have to admit that a lot of my appreciation for it only came in hindsight: here in the UK, at least, the comics were sporadic at best and we didn't get any of the novels (I only ordered them from overseas in later years), so - apart from two comics and the Mask of Light animations online - I honestly hadn't much idea what was going on, story-wise, until Web of Shadows arrived late in the year and clarified everything for me; I don't know if that was anyone else's experience, but it certainly made it more difficult for me to enjoy the year's story as it was happening. The fact that it was the same year Revenge of the Sith dropped and big-time distracted me didn't exactly help matters either! Speaking of, I think Vakama's turn would have taken significantly less flack, too, if it hadn't come quite so hot on the heels of another hero character's highly-advertised fall to the dark side... - But yeah, in hindsight, I can see a lot to appreciate in '05. Like you say, it was the last year of the 'classic' Bionicle aesthetic, especially noticeable in the packaging art - for the next three years, every set in a given wave shared the same background, rather than the uniquely-coloured ones sported by their predecessors, which robbed them of a certain degree of character. The movie was certainly enticing enough to hook me... honestly, without it I might have fallen out of Bionicle for good around that time, but the trailer drew me back in when I was on the fence, and I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. The titans were absolutely spectacular, especially the villains who felt tall, powerful and very unique compared to previous models: like you say, they were easily the first "greats" of the Titans line and paved the way for later models. And even if they were just a revisit to the Metru design, the Toa Hagah were also highly appealing in their own right as they, too, gave us another glimpse of the wider world beyond Metru Nui. (Though I also completely get what you mean about subjectivity; many of the personal reasons you give for loving '05 are similar to the reasons that, for all its flaws, make '03 one of my own favourites!)
  5. I'm afraid that reference goes quite over my head xD;
  6. Oh wow, I can't believe you all finished it! Sorry for vanishing; I got busy, and when that was over I took a look back at the RP but found I was completely lost, so I didn't try to get back in - but it's amazing to see it reach the point of wrapping up ^^ Congratulations to everyone for seeing the story through to the end Maybe I should read through it all sometime, find out all that I missed... I also have to wonder what even happened to my characters in-story; since they presumably kept on existing during this time and didn't just blip out of existence when I fell off the face of the RP, but just not accomplished anything else of note xD
  7. Tangential: but why does Kualus sound like he hates Nivawk so much, in that quote that Bambi provided? Based on what Kualus says, I would have expected the preceding description to make it out to be a truly vile beast of unspeakable habits and mannerisms; but I see nothing in the text to justify calling it a "foul creature" which he implies to be deserving of mutation and / or death... is it just because of its association with Makuta that Kualus reviles Nivawk so? Or is it because it eats smaller fliers, and Kualus is a friend to all birds? I dunno, it's a bit off-topic, but that's just puzzling to me. Not least of which because I always thought Nivawk was cool...
  8. These are fantastic! They're so cute... what you said further up the thread about them as blind-box figures, I'd love to get some of them if that ever became real! I've always loved the classic little Matoran designs, and these capture so perfectly everything that made them so appealing to me Having a little display of these as figures, particularly the ones who never got physical sets... like you say, would be a dream come true! I'm with those who love Wairuha and Akamai's jackets and keychains especially; and it's a really minor thing, but I really like the inclusion of the pins in Pohatu's legs too, it's the kind of tiny detail that adds so much character. Same with Hafu's tiny statue! And as a shameless shipper, I also really love the Hewkii x Macku one :3 Great work with all of these! I look forward to seeing who gets added next ^^
  9. Onua Classic was my first ^^ It was waaaaaay back in January 2001, a couple of days after that year's first Lego World Club magazine dropped and introduced me to the wonders of this little thing called Bionicle... For subsequent years... My first 2002 set was Tahnok; 2003 was Lehvak-Kal; 2004, Toa Whenua and Ahkmou; 2005, a five-pack of the Rahaga (Pouks was the missing one); 2006, Kazi and Garan; 2007, Kalmah (not my first choice, but the only Barraki that was in stock anywhere at first!); 2008, Pohatu Phantoka, Antroz and Icarax (I had a lot of Christmas spending money to burn...); 2009, Fero & Skirmix (and also the only set I really bought that year) 2010, Tahu Star I didn't get any G2 sets at the time, I was in my 'dark age' and missed it completely; though Lewa Uniter ultimately became my first 2016 set a few years later.
  10. I used to, for the longest time; it was the easiest way to store the sets when I wasn't playing with them, and I had some sturdy cardboard fruit boxes that most of the canisters fit nicely into and could be stacked on top each other, to save space. I started to go off that method of keeping them around 2006 / 2007, though, when the Inika canisters were too tall and rectangular to fit this arrangement, the Barraki couldn't be fit back into theirs without being seriously dismantled first, and the Mahri didn't even come with resealable canisters; so I first stuffed them all up in the attic, and eventually threw them out - except for the lids of the Toa Mata canisters, since they could double as Toa Suvas, which made them seem useful for keeping to me. If there's any I regret throwing out, it's mainly the Mata canisters... although they weren't exactly *intact* even so, since I'd long since pulled off their removable sleeves. And also the Barraki canisters just because, even if they weren't the most useful, I really liked their unique design. Ah well, what's done is done at this point!
  11. There does seem to be some... not limit, exactly, but in my experience there can be an issue with certain longer posts. A couple years ago now, I posted a short story in the library forum; and while the post when through without error at the time, when I checked back to the thread a couple of weeks later I found that the post had cut off before the final scene, at around the 10,000 words / 48,000 characters mark. What was doubly weird was that the whole story had posted initially; not only for me, but the member for whom I'd written the fic also recalled seeing the complete story when it had first been posted. It seemed to have been only later that the end of the post had been lost. I never did find out exactly what happened there, and I don't know if anyone else has ever had the experience of it it's unique to me; but it might be something to be wary of.
  12. I want to say a random McDonalds in America, 2001. I don't know if it was the case in the States; but over here, if you bought a McDonalds kids meal, you could spend an extra £1 to get a second toy in addition to the free one... my parents did that for me all the time when there were promotions on that I was interested in! We never got the McToran in the UK, due to Bionicle having been released half a year ago here by that point; but if the option of buying additional toys was available in America as well, I would PROBABLY buy as many of them as they'd sell me... If that doesn't count, or wasn't the case, or they wouldn't sell a kids meal to an adult ()... then it'd have to be mid/late 2001, the local independent toy shop. Mainly for the Powerpack, and its little Hafu in particular. It was in stock there for a while, but I vaguely remember that my parents, quite understandably, didn't see the value in a Lego set that was 50% a music CD and only like eight actual pieces, so I never got it. Probably a handful of Kanohi packs too, for the nostalgia of tearing them open and seeing which cool mask recolours I got... it was a rare experience for me, and I kinda miss it a little. ...also just to relive the atmosphere in that toy shop, since the shop has been gone for many years now. But I can't guarantee that I wouldn't also be eyeing up some of the non-Bionicle 90s Lego sets that they still had in stock at the time, too. Particularly anything Ninja or Adventurers or Rock Raiders... xD
  13. Hi! Hope I'm not being a pain; but I've noticed a small discrepancy regarding the Le-Koro section of Book #1. In game, there were two versions of the linked MNOG cutscenes "Into the Great Hive" and "Onua Vs. Lewa"; one version that included Taipu, if the player had earlier allowed him to accompany them into Le-Wahi (with him getting zapped by a lightning bug in the former cutscene, and riding on Onua's head during the escape from the nest in the latter), and an alternate version without him for if the player told him to remain at the dig site. I noticed, however, that while the walkthrough text in the book describes the first scenario, where Taipu is present, the cutscenes found via the media links don't match; they are instead the versions where he is absent. I dunno, this might be too tiny a point to do anything about. But I saw in the first post that you wanted to know if any discrepancies were found, so I thought I ought to let you know ^^
  14. Sent a few questions! I've no idea if mine will get used or not, but a couple of them are certain things that have piqued my curiosity recently, so I'd be interested to see if they get answered ^^ Thanks to all for arranging this opportunity!
  15. I've genuinely never seen that picture of Pohatu before, what promotional material did it come from?
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