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  1. Now that you mention it, this has got me thinking about which elements would've had which gender if there had been such a more even balance. If I had to choose among the original six elements which three should be male and which three should be female, I think Fire, Earth, and Stone would be male, while Water, Air, and Ice would be female. I understand the subject of this topic is a little more complicated than that, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on a what if question I had just suddenly come up with.
  2. This week's episode featured two challenges. The first was to build the Lego Technic Lamborghini model from memory and without instructions, and whoever built it the most accurately would win an advantage in the second challenge. The second challenge was to build a remote control car that would compete in a demolition derby, with the two winners determined by design and durability. This has easily become one of my favorite episodes, mostly because a Lego demolition derby was something I never knew I'd be really excited to see (enough so that I'd like to see more of them).
  3. Remember a few weeks ago when you had difficulty navigating the Uncrossable Jungle area? Looks like the Unclimbable Mountain area turned out to be just as confusing. Believe me, I was struggling just as much as you to figure out where to find that final gold brick. I managed to check in during the first commercial break of Lego Masters to see where you finally found it, so at least that was eventually resolved. Only one more area left to go for 100% game completion. So now it's two weeks off for Brickfair (coincidentally, it'll be the same two weeks the Olympics will be occurring). I checked ahead on the calendar and it looks like the Tuesday that you'll be back is August 10, which if I remember correctly, also happens to be "Bionicle Day". Does this mean you might be a little too busy to do a Twitch Tuesday stream that week as well? If not, do you think you might consider finishing what little remains of Bionicle Heroes on that day and waiting until the following week to finish the Ninjago Movie Videogame? At least, that's what I personally would like to see, but feel free to do whatever works for you.
  4. I gave a vote of support to the Outer Solar System Explorers quite a while ago, so it's nice to see it finally reach full support. Considering that any Lego set based on real world space exploration tends to sell very well, I'm optimistic this project could ultimately be approved, in which case I will absolutely intend to buy one for myself.
  5. While I have heard of Rock Raiders before, I didn't really know much about it, so I found this episode really informative. I never really had much interest in the Rock Raiders theme itself, but the fact that the game is a real time strategy type of game has suddenly made me curious to see it in action. But what I found especially interesting is that the Rock Raiders United fansite is apparently about much more than just that one particular game, but rather seems to provide support for several other older Lego games. (I may consider checking out that site at some point, as there are certainly some older Lego games (both ones I played as a child and ones that I never had a chance to try) that I'd like to have an opportunity to try playing them.) I've really been enjoying this podcast series, and I'm definitely looking forward to what they'll have for Season 3 next month.
  6. Despite some confusing directions, good to see you were able to complete the area and have a few minutes to spare to get some progress started on the next area. As I mentioned in the chat, there's an additional smaller area called "The Battlefield" (basically the scene of the flashback sequence from story mode). Since access to that area is practically right next to where you start in the Unclimbable Mountain area and that its collectibles (2 character packs and 7 gold bricks that include a race, a Tornado of Creation Build, and two quests) count towards the main area's totals, it would probably be best to start next week's stream going directly to the Battlefield and grabbing everything available there before returning to the Unclimbable Mountain for the remaining things. After those two areas will be the final area (where I think you already got a few things while getting that stud multiplier red scroll), so we'll see how close you'll get to full game completion at the end of next week's stream.
  7. I finally got around to reading this and, I have to say, this might be the first time I've heard any of the eliminated contestants say they they're actually planning to build their own versions of some of the build challenges from episodes after their elimination. I'm certainly curious to see what they come up with, and since they mentioned their plans to attend certain Brickfairs later this year, I hope someone will have a chance to ask them about it.
  8. Yes, that video is exactly what I saw in the live version (except this obviously doesn't have the Space Jam ad that immediately followed). I had no idea Lego Masters had an official YouTube channel, so I guess this'll make it easier to find more of these videos if they come up in future episodes.
  9. I don't really recall hearing much about this particular game before, though I guess that's probably not so surprising given its exclusivity to China. Interesting to hear about the extensive effort the Lego Group went through to ensure that this game would be suitable for the Chinese audience, not just with regulations, but also in reflecting Chinese values and being something that would actually appeal to such a unique culture. While it technically has yet to be fully officially released, it's nice that what has been available for the last few years has been able to be rather successful.
  10. This week's episode featured a rather interesting build challenge where the base of the build is a single Technic beam suspended by a wire, with the teams free to build anything they wanted from that rather unconventional starting point. Quite a lot of interesting "floating" creations. (I also really like when some of the presentations of completed builds are enhanced with stop-motion animations, to make the portrayed stories more dynamic and amusing.) Also, for those of you who prefer to watch these episodes later rather than live, I sure hope you get to see what was shown during the majority of the first commercial break during the live version, which showed Boone from Season 1 receiving a call from Bugs Bunny prompting him to build full-sized Lego models of a basketball, hoop, and backboard, which then gets obliterated by Tweety doing a slam dunk, which then leads to a promotional of the upcoming Space Jam movie. (And yes, Boone did sing a brief song during the build.) If you don't see this short video in whatever way you later watch this episode, then I sure hope someone was able to record it from the live showing and posted it online so all of us could see it. (I'm also curious to hear from Boone himself about how he got involved in such a silly promotional.)
  11. Although I had to stop watching the stream so I could see Lego Masters, I kept the stream running, except with the volume muted so it wouldn't interfere with watching the show. (Note to self: remember to unmute the volume at the start of next week's stream so I don't mistakenly think there's an audio issue.) I did briefly check back in during a commercial break (you were on the Davros boss fight at the time) and had considered leaving a quick note in the chat, but decided not to so I wouldn't risk missing a moment of the show. Anyway, once I had finished watching Lego Masters and a few other things, I watched the Twitch recording of the remainder of today's stream, so now I can make my weekly comment here. So now that you got to see in action the various abilities of both the Doctor and the Tardis, I'm sure you now understand just how useful they are for accessing certain bonus areas. The Tardis and the DeLorean time machine may use different switches, but they both have the same time travel functions, so the usage of time travel to solve certain obstacles like you saw in this level will work for many of the bonus areas that either of those two vehicles can access. There's one more ability the Doctor has that you didn't get to see, but that's only because it doesn't activate until after that level was completed. Basically, instead of dying like most characters normally do when they lose all of their health (which you saw rather extensively throughout the level), the Doctor will instead "regenerate" into a different version of the Doctor, done in cycle of First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor, War Doctor (the one played by John Hurt), Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, and then back to the First to repeat the cycle. If you want to play as any particular Doctor without having to go through the whole cycle, there's a panel in the Tardis interior that allows you to select any of the thirteen versions that you can immediately switch to. Also, the Tardis interior will actually reflect whichever Doctor is currently active (so for example if you play as the Eleventh Doctor, you'll see the interior design that was used with him, and the design will even go to black and white for the First and Second Doctors), so that's yet another fun thing to see. Another thing of note from this stream, I recall from when you brought in Superman and Aquaman during the Simpsons level that you ignored Superman's vehicle build, but quickly "completed" Aquaman's vehicle build. When you brought them both in again this time, you were again prompted to build Superman's vehicle, while Aquaman didn't have that happen. Next time you play Lego Dimensions, I would recommend that you just go ahead and "complete" Superman's vehicle build so you won't have to be bothered with that prompt for any later streams. Anyway, that was a fun level. Just the classic Ghostbusters and Midway Arcade levels left to go, then it'll be on to exploring a few more hub worlds and opening the rest of the Year 1 packs. And of course, I'm looking forward to more of the Lego Ninjago Movie game (just three more areas left to go until full game completion).
  12. Okay, I knew it was gonna go by fast, but I never imagined it would be all over in just hours rather than days. Heck, the castle set that got first place sold out in just minutes! At this rate, what's the point of having a crowdfund open for over a month if all the winners get maxed out in only a single day? I was a little busy with something else today, so I didn't get a chance to place my preorder of the Bionicle set, not that it would've mattered anyway, seeing as it failed to hit the minimum number of preorders before five other sets. Well, at least it still did better than the only other set to fail... I do still have my new Bricklink account, though. Not sure if I'll ever get to use it for anything in particular anytime soon, but at least if something else comes up down the road, I'll have the option available. (After all, I had created my Lego Ideas account a couple years ago just to enter a contest that I ended up miserably failing at, but I still use that account to this day to give my vote of support to other set ideas I might find interesting.)
  13. Another early Lego game that I loved playing as a kid (though it wasn't until I rediscovered my copy of the game only a few years ago that I was finally able to fully complete it). Interesting that they had originally intended to have the way the cars were built to affect their performance (which I remember reading about once in the game's manual), but ultimately decided to have the vast majority of the car's performance be determined solely by the chassis for the sake of allowing full creativity without ruining the fun of racing (I guess they forgot to rewrite the manual late in production to clarify that). Also impressive is that they had actually built big physical models of the tracks during game development, much like what Lego Island did for its setting (speaking of Lego Island, interesting that the racing minigame in that game caused a brief scare for the developers of Lego Racers). I also liked how they decided to structure the power-ups system to reflect the building aspect of Lego. Overall, another great episode that I was definitely interested in listening to.
  14. I just created my Bricklink account earlier today, so hopefully I'll have a chance to get myself a copy of that Bionicle set. A maximum of 5,000 will be made? I'd better make an effort to get my preorder in as soon as possible tomorrow. Knowing how immensely popular Bionicle is, I'll be surprised if it takes more than just a few days to hit that cap. I've already missed out on the crowdfunded Lego book, and I do not want to miss this opportunity as well.
  15. With how confusing all those twisty tunnels could be, I was just as surprised as you were that you finished the area so quickly. I guess it might've largely been due to none of the three races giving you too much trouble (pretty much just needed to freeze some waterfalls along the way and it was not much trouble after that). Anyway, nice that you now got over 150 gold bricks, and only one red scroll left to go (with the one you just got being particularly useful). Just three more areas left to go for full game completion. For the poll, I've already mentioned that I wanted to see you go through all of the Year 1 level packs first, and since all three of the Wave 1 level packs are now done, that just leaves the three others that were released in later waves. Next up would be the one that was released in Wave 2, which would be Doctor Who (as I'm sure you can guess, the Tardis is a vehicle with a unique ability, so it will definitely be necessary for full completion of some other levels). I really do hope you actually have that level pack, because the only other Doctor Who pack is the Cyberman fun pack, and I would find it disappointing to see you explore the Doctor Who hub world without a Tardis to reach some special areas. (Hopefully, the level won't be too long that I would have to leave before you finish because of Lego Masters.) Oh, and before I forget, I remember you once mentioned the possibility of doing another 24 hour stream sometime later this year. If you're going to try that, then I personally think that Lego Worlds would be the perfect Lego game for such a marathon stream. For most Lego games, it's rather easy to reach a good stopping point anywhere within an hour, but with Lego Worlds, I will confess that I've occasionally found myself playing it for several hours longer than I had intended, because there's just so much to explore and collect. Even after well over a hundred gameplay hours, I'm still trying to find some things I have not yet discovered, all within only a single save file. If you do consider playing Lego Worlds for a marathon stream, I'll be sure to make an effort to be there and help you out if you get confused about anything in that game.
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