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  1. It would be rude not to buy Lewa, he was my first set in 2002.
  2. Just so you know, your sig is too big. :)

  3. Hello! I've reviewed your epic, ~Identity.


  4. Vashetti

    New Blog

    Yes, I've restarted my Blog because I found it uninteresting and too put it plainly, it was downright awful. So here you are. I've changed everything around and now it's all tidy. <~VasH~>

  6. I'm honoured by your award thing. But why me?
  7. Vashetti

    A Fistful Of Krana

    The Bahrag, sing it with me, The Bahrag......... ahem.... will they be mentioned Greg or will they actually appear, if so, how will they get out from the proto prison? ~KMKR~
  8. Vashetti

    Havin' A Heat Wave

    So there will be toa in BL#7, right? There will be another big push, WOW! *wonders what that could be*
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