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  1. Where is my Ginger Ale


    1. Kothra



  3. Get on AIM more. Get the app or something.

    1. Toast of Awesomeness

      Toast of Awesomeness

      Sorry dude I deleted it cause no one talked to me!

    2. Flex Lord Splash

      Flex Lord Splash

      You should get Skype then, I'd talk to you on there bro

  4. Kill Me Baby actually seems like it might be a decent slapstick. :3

  5. Is it just me or is that a darksteel myr?

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    2. Kothra


      I assume he does. I discuss it with him sometimes. And I might just end up making te topic myself.

    3. BoxCommander


      And I shall be waiting.

    4. BoxCommander


      I see you've taken it upon yourself to post the topic. Hooray for procrastination!

  6. *steals sweetroll*

    1. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      What is a sweetroll anyway? I've been wondering that since yesterday. xD

  7. Agh, it's just not sp easy thinking of an IC in these situations you're throwing out. :(

  8. greetings q'd one

    1. That Which Is

      That Which Is

      What does that mean?

  9. *looks at your old names*

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    2. IamJackssplitpersonality


      The scene I'm talking about is from End of Evangelion. The Asuka in Rebuild is quite differnt from the original. In fact, Mari is almost the Asuka from the original.

    3. Kothra


      I've seen the whole original series.


      It was End of Evangelion that I saw in parts. I wouldn't think Mari is like the original Asuka because the original was still a bit... um... I can't think of the word.


      But yeah.


      Anyway can't wait for 3.0.

    4. IamJackssplitpersonality




      You should definitely find some time and watch the whole movie in one go.


      And yes, 3.0 cannot come soon enough.

  10. So hi there.

    1. Noxryn


      Oh, hi I like, didn't check this part of the profile. So I'm fashionably late in my reply.

    2. Kothra


      Now I feel akward because I can't remember why I said hi in the first place, assuming I even had a reason.

    3. Noxryn


      eh it happens to the best of us

  11. Y U NO BE ON AIM? :(

    1. Kothra


      I went and added you on Skype.

    2. Akaku: Master of Flight

      Akaku: Master of Flight



      actually im appearing offline alot ATM and i usually use skype :L


      that and sometimes im busy drawing and i dun feel like chatting at the same time, in which case i turn off my IMing stuffs :P

  12. your sig is full of cool

  13. Ohay.

    1. Akaku: Master of Flight
    2. Kothra


      lol dumb site doesnt tell me about replies to comments

  14. Back from a MTG drafted session.

  15. So my brother got me into playing Magic a couple weeks ago. So yeah.


  17. I'm loving the notification system.

    1. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      Yeah, same here. As activity is getting higher, and I flag more topics for notification, however, I predict a mass flood of things that I'm not sure if I can keep up with... Good thing you can get a full list of the notifications. =P

    2. Kothra


      Yeah. Though I'm feeling that eventually the notifications will be flooding in at a rate higher than I can handle. At least I can pick and choose what type of stuff to get.

    3. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      Yeah, that's true. Already kinda starting for me, but I can still handle it. =P

  18. Sleep time. Though I'll feel just as bad tomorrow morning in Stats as I would if I stay up another hour or so...

  19. This entire site is in a state of conspiracy against my iPod Touch.

  20. One of the anime I orderedfor my birthday (less than two weeks) won't come until July. ;_;

    But that's because that's when it comes out.

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