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  1. Dear El Royale, how do you type with boxing gloves on? Crapfully yours, April, MI ----------------------- Some really lovely shaping here, really nails the intended silhouette with the top-heavy build and cool parts use like with the crown. Just overall a really well put-together build. = ]
  2. Step 1: Lie Down Step 2: Try Not to Cry Step 3: Cry a Lot Step 4: Try to Salvage the Uniter Designs
  3. Lego has the licenses for Marvel and DC, two competing franchises. I think that the lack of Star Trek has to do with licensing difficulties and worries that Trek would steal purchases from the Star Wars line. I think the latter is probably unfounded, given that the fans for the two franchises don't really overlap due to the competition...and the majority of Trekkies are girls. (I actually saw a study on that.) Now that might pose a marketing challenge - but it's not too hard, you just have to put a little design work into those Captain Kirk and Spock minifigs. To follow through on that thought, I would absolutely love a minidoll-based Star Trek line, both as a concept and because it'd tick off so many nerds.
  4. Forums aren't very popular anymore, and the one-two punch of Bonkles and BZPower dying for a while was a huge stumbling block for maintaining the community over the five years between G1 and G2. That's the big reason why I left, and only recently decided to try coming back for the second time. Here's hoping this all works out, I guess. =)
  5. 23, not really surprised at where people coalesce on the age range here. You might feel old, but it's fine. You grow up, age for a bit, then get old and die. Nothing is permanent. Everything is transient. Might as well buy some frigging toys. =)
  6. Maybe there will be a Jurassic World 2 theme in the future that does that. Still that's actually not a bad idea or we could simply have another of those fan made projects like Lego Birds. While I would not expect JW to satisfy my craving for accurate dinosaurs(Or for a decent dinosaur movie, for that matter.), at the very least it'd provide a basis to build off of and fix the most grievous issues with those designs. =) And a similar set to the LEGO Birds would make my day! Heck, I'd take another set of LEGO Birds if it meant getting a Parrot or two. =V
  7. This is a great set of questions to ask, and it's good to try and be aware of where the things you enjoy come from. Within the system we have now, I suppose LEGO is acting more or less ethically, or at least as ethically as a gigantic toy company can, anyways. Hopefully we can fix or replace the economic systems that cause problems like this constant race to the manufacturing bottom, but I'm not putting that on LEGO's lap. But hey, at least they're looking into high quality non-oil based plastics, that's something, right?
  8. Constraction sets could turn what is already my favorite System toyline into my favorite LEGO toyline as a whole, so I am all in favor for that idea. Although, to offer an alternative, I'd really like to see System-based Constraction figures ala Mixels that could slot into the $10 price-point that the Ultimates currently occupy.
  9. Well, that's honestly quite a bummer to hear about Classic Space. =/ I suppose, then, it'd be less about returning to anything and just changing to the stated placid exploring. I'm not super worried about 'likelihood' in this scenario, since this is about what we 'want' to see. On that note, I'd like to see another Dinosaur-based toyline, but with brickbuilt dinos rather than the giant single-mode junk. Ideally with an eye for accuracy.
  10. Nah I agree, I understand what the marketers are saying with easy to understand conflicts, but I'd like to see a return to more placid, exploration-based sets and designs. Stuff like the City theme often gets, but like, all techowonder futureland-y. I guess you could kinda do both. Planetary Survey theme with humans/aliens exploring and encountering brick-built alien fauna and capturing/analyzing/observing/whatevering them.
  11. Gallery So, some hilariously fake 2016 leaks inspired me to try my hand at concepting some of my own G2 Bohrok. These are really rough designs, mind, and I haven't really decided on a proper function to install into them. The two "Bohrok" present are Cleanser of Fire and Cleanser of Earth, and their designs are pretty radically different, but hopefully designed with enough shared design cues to fit together. Here are some of my "Guidelines" I used to create these designs: Nonhumanoid design "Kaiju" head from IfB No handheld weapons Hunched over or ball-like shape Extending neck No clone sets
  12. The "Skakdi Fusion" had more dudes in it than just Skakdi, but I also don't have that gold Thok spine I so wanted to use. Thanks! Honestly all the descriptions of him sounded like he was nude the entire time, which is weird for a series that doesn't usually concern itself with clothing, but helps make him out to be this statuesque godlike figure. Yeah, thickening thighs is probably one of my biggest conundrums with the CCBS right now. There's no easy, immediate answer to it. In this case, I think making the thighs thicker wouldn't work too well, they're too short for it to not look awkward. Thank you! Although it isn't what I wanted, I really like how the head turned out. Gotta say the Brain Attack head worked wonders what with it's myriad attachment points.
  13. Good News! The Gallery is Here! Thank you very much! I thought the hair was a neat touch. Kind of adds a dash of black to break up the gold. Almost wish I stuck with the chest hair now. Ah well! Thank you! I'm really proud of how organic I seem to make things, it's a common compliment. It's Black/Lime, from the Crystal Beast set from Invasion from Below. I think you're spot on with that criticism, but alas, I only have one of the classic torso pieces in gold. He's a little apart from how I imagined him too, but I did have to make do with what I had available. I really wanted to give him the gold Thok head ala Irnakk. I'm glad you like him regardless!
  14. In Okoto Legend, there is said to be a being who could make what was dreamed into reality, he walked the dreamscape of Okoto's people, draped in golden skin. He was drawn to those with fierce desire, and would grant one wish in exchange for passage to our world. He could commit great miracles, but by the same hand, great atrocities as well. He was sealed again long ago, by the Mask Makers themselves! One can only hope he has stayed there since... Gallery!!
  15. Thank you! = ) Honestly this gets to a point where we just have different visions for the character. He's always been rather "Animated Bumblebee" to me, as seen below, so the proportions work for me. Thank you! A lot of my work recently, trying to utilize color layering, has been inspired by you and your brother's commentary on the subject. Trying to key in on what works and what doesn't. Happy to see I'm successful! = ) A large part of that, I'm afraid, is just going to come down to personal taste.
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