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    My favorite LEGO themes are (in no particular order): EXO-FORCE, Mars Mission, Racers, Creator, TECHNIC, BIONICLE, Ninjago, and Hero Factory.

    My other interests include: TrackMania, watching Formula 1 races (I used to recreate the tracks in TrackMania's Coast environment), using the computer, board games, assembling or helping to assemble just about anything I can handle, tracking the weather in my area, reading the Annals of Hearthstone, listening to music from video games, and Star Wars.

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  1. Very nice mini model! After comparing it to the original Lunar Limo, I think it would look even better with the following changes: Put a trans-yellow 3x2 plate with Hole (3176) in place of the current trans-yellow elements, and extend the black roof to cover the whole plate. Change the gold 1x1 slope to a gold 1x1 tile.
  2. I second Meiko's question, but I'd prefer my BZPower name in the credits. Also, may I please see a picture of the engraved brick? -Toa Of Justice
  3. Click any image for a larger picture. Tinker Bell is an extremely popular character, originally created by J. M. Barrie, and currently owned by the Walt Disney Company. I believe fans of Disney and LEGO would love to build this rendition of her. In my concept model, her arms, legs, head, and wings can be moved to achieve various poses. I had thought about buying the pieces to build Tinker Bell in real life, but most of her 199 pieces do not yet exist in the colors I chose--such as the Light Nougat (a.k.a. Light Flesh) in her head, arms, and legs. If my concept of Tinker Bell were to be produced, it might be possible to use Brick Yellow (a.k.a. Tan), a more common color, in place of Light Nougat. However, after trying that in LEGO Digital Designer, I noticed that Tinker Bell's skin looked unnatural. In real life, Brick Yellow might look better than it does in LEGO Digital Designer. While designing my concept, I tried to preserve a realistic appearance while still allowing for movement of joints. The arms and head were especially challenging. Although my concept has brick-built eyes, I think custom decals would look better. Feel free to inspect my concept in LEGO Digital Designer. Here is the posed model, and here is a straight standing version. Please vote for my concept on LEGO Ideas. If you have friends and/or relatives that might like this model, please tell them to sign up and vote for it too. Thank you in advance for your support! -Toa Of Justice
  4. Congratulations, Toa Lhikan Hordika and Turakii #1 Lavasurfer! I hope your marriage lasts forever. -Toa Of Justice
  5. Do new members still need to make a certain number of posts before they can PM other members? -Toa Of Justice
  6. Thanks. I only spent a few hours making it. The most difficult part was the star field--I knew what piece I wanted to use for each star, but getting them aligned properly was my greatest challenge. -Toa Of Justice
  7. Happy Independence Day! I made a flag in LEGO Digital Designer for the occasion. -Toa Of Justice
  8. This is an American Flag MOC I made in LDD. There is a display stand hidden behind the main model. The 2x3 plates with holes are for hanging this MOC from a wall if it were to be built in real life.Click the picture below for a larger picture, and click here to download the LXF file.This MOC is dedicated to all fighters for independence--past, present, and future.-Toa Of Justice
  9. Actually, no. I would advise you to do a web search. You should find it easily. It's just we have rules about that sort of thing, but videos are easy enough to find on the web. I found it. Thanks. To me, the voice actors sound like those from the movies. And I look forward to confronting the Destroyer using the many powers available in the game! -Toa Of Justice
  10. The trailer sounds interesting! Could you please provide a link though? Thanks in advance. -Toa Of Justice
  11. The link on the front page has an extra backslash on the end of it. Deleting the backslash worked for me, but the link in this topic worked fine for me without any modifications. -Toa Of Justice
  12. The link to the PDF file doesn't work for me. EDIT: Thanks for fixing the link, Black Six! -Toa Of Justice
  13. Nice work! I especially like the string lights. Are they just wrapped around the tree, or are they attached to the tree in some way (e.g., studs)? -Toa Of Justice
  14. --------- I was disappointed as well, but I just used a standard credit card to buy the song from iTunes. Based on my experience, it seems there is no need to have money in an iTunes account prior to buying music. -Toa Of Justice EDIT: I fixed my post to make the quoted post stand out more.
  15. I like Speeda Demon quite a bit, but I was also bothered by the lack of a kickstand, so I added one to my set.-Toa Of Justice
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