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  1. Happy birthday! Thanks for working so hard to keep BZP awesome! 

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      Thanks for the kind message, Mushy! 

  2. Hi @Morerainuva. Please remember to check the date of the last post in a topic before you hit reply. The last post before yours was made in June 2015 — that's over 6 years ago! This counts as topic revival. Please read this topic for more information on topic revival and how to avoid it. If you want to continue the discussion, feel free to start a new topic.
  3. My dear friends. What a ride. It has been a joy to play alongside you and an honour to serve as one of your GMs. Those last 48 hours of the game were exhausting and brain-melting in the best way, and I'm so happy and proud of the story we wrote together. It's hard to believe this all started in January 2020—it feels either like an eternity ago or just last week, and I can't quite decide which. My only regret is I didn't join the game on day one, because that's 16 extra days of roleplaying I could've gotten in with all of y'all. Regardless, it's been a slice. Shout out to my fellow GMs. Veef might not have always been as visible in the gameplay topic, but he put in a ton of work behind the scenes that made my job a lot easier. And when he showed up IC... he showed up. Truly a master of all trades and a jack of none. And I know you guys think you understand how hard our dearest Unreliable Narrator worked on this game, but trust me: you have no ##### idea. Caedast can back me up here when I say that our head GM put more blood, sweat, and tears into this game than I've put into anything else in my entire life. He's a rock star and a legend, and the depths of his mad genius inspire me with both admiration and terror (but mostly admiration). Thanks for everything, Kughii. Feel free to continue using this OOC topic to discuss the game and ask questions. It'll stay open as long as it needs to. And, for the love of Miserix, don't forget to fill out your surveys!
  4. Attention players of aspects! As a result of the aspect Whisper achieving her seventh milestone and cutting herself off from the Far Shore, all aspects are now cut off from cycle of life in the Caldera. If you play an aspect of Makuta, please add the following breed quirk to their profile: Even while in gaseous form, you may interact physically with the world and be interacted with physically. You must still possess a host or a suit of armor to use Kanohi powers or other similar tools. You are mortal, and do not rejoin the Caldera when you die.
  5. IC: Reliable Narrator | ??? Reaching out, Whisper took hold of the edges of the crack and began to pull. Tendrils of shadow emerged from her form and began to bind the edges. Was this possible, to stitch a bandage over an interdimensional wound and pull it together? No. But the Far Shore didn't care about what was possible. Everything was possible, if only you wished it so. Whisper wished it so. Her shadows strained and tugged at the edges. Starving aspects ripped at what remained of her essence. She pulled with all her might, and with the sound of a vast, terrible rolling of dice, the Far Shore resolved her wish and the two edges of the crack came together with a mindshattering BOOM that shook the very stars. The reverberations of the rejoining rippled across the island, exacting an excruciating change upon every aspect in existence and throughout time. The Caldera immediately began to evaporate. Spirits and phantoms screamed and cried as they dissolved into wisps of smoke and curls of vapor that burned away from the pool. Within moments, the Caldera looked like a pot of boiling water as dying wishes steamed away into the air. Soon it was empty. The Caldera was no only a shallow, concave basin of black stone, no more than a few feet deep, and Whisper lay at the bottom. She was not dead. She had done it. The breach was sealed, and with it she had cut off all aspects from the Far Shore. She was still incorporeal, but she was something more now. She was separate. Completely individual. Nothing came before her, and nothing would come after. She was free. Her final milestone complete, knowing nothing but her name and what she had done, Whisper ascended. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy Congratulations! Whisper has completed her seventh milestone and cut off all aspects from the antidermis pool. All aspects are now free of the cycle of life in the Caldera. They are able to physically interact with the world and be interacted with in their gaseous forms. Whisper has also ascended. Please await a PM with further instructions.
  6. IC: Reliable Narrator | ??? Whisper pressed herself into the jagged breach between realities. it was brighter than bright and darker than dark; it was all colors and sounds and none at the same time. looking forward and back, she realized she was caught between realities. On one side, she saw endless showers of light and perpetually twisting blocks of matter disintegrating and reassembling over and over. Fractals expanded and contracted simultaneously; she felt she would go mad if she looked too long. She beheld the Far Shore but did not enter it, and so she was able to see it for what it was: a place of infinite possibility and eternal change. The realm of chance and irrational equations. It was her birthplace—the collective unconscious of the multiverse, a place where nothing and everything was always being resolved. On the other side, she felt the Caldera still tearing hungrily at her essence. She felt memories and more continue to slip away, but she was still herself. She was still Whisper. No aspect had ever made it down this far, but she had. Now she existed in the space between two realities, with the collective identity of her species on one side and infinite possibility on the other. Even as she lost everything, she realized anything was possible. The people of this world are destroyers... but look into their hearts, and you will find they also have the power to build. The portal shimmered around her. It was a flaw as ancient as time and delicate as a spiderweb, and it could be made whole. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy Whisper has forgotten everything but her name, her elemental power over shadow, and her Grand Wish.
  7. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui Cravious reasserted control. He felt Akamai's anger subside. Although the Kait's spirit still frothed and raged beneath his will, it submitted to its pilot as it was bound to do. OOC: @Kal the Guardian
  8. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Caldera It was overwhelming. The unbearable tide of sorrow and hunger threatened to drown her again and again, but she resisted. Whisper had not come this far, come so close, to be ripped apart at the threshold of victory. So she swam further down, holding tight to her precious individuality even as it was ripped from her by the crushing press of howling spirits and phantoms. She continued to forget. Or did she? Her essence was already so wounded that she was finding to difficult to tell when she lost something new. Each new hole in her memory seemed to have always existed, and every time a ghost of an aspect tore something from her, she was only aware of its loss for an instant before she accepted that she had always been this way. Down, down down. She saw something ahead now. It looked like a tear or a crack in reality itself. It lanced through the pool like a bolt of lightning frozen in time. It was the color of void, and Whisper could see the green vaporous liquid that surrounded her oozing through the crack. She had found the source of the Caldera. This was where it all came from: herself, these spirits, and all their infinite pain. This was the portal through which Kat had passed when Nuju's portal was destroyed. It was a breach between worlds, and it led to the Far Shore. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy Whisper has forgotten the Rite of Soul Searching and lost the power of Gravity. She has also forgotten the existence of every member of the matoran species, be they matoran, toa, or turaga. Finally, although these steps remain completed, she has forgotten steps 2, 4, and 5 of her Grand Wish. IC: Akamai, Berserk | Kini-Nui Akamai felt their legs freeze into place. They tossed and turned their upper body, making their wound worse. Ichor and oil rained down on the valley, and the Kaita's screams of pain and rage echoed across the land. Then Cravious popped the cockpit hatch open and slid inside, ready to resume control. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian
  9. IC: Akamai, Berserk | Kini-Nui The bident reversed trajectory as quick as thought. A twinge of fear broke through the rage for a moment, but Akamai barely perceived it happening before it felt a stabbing pain in its abdomen. It fell back with the force of the blow. The bident had passed cleanly through its stomach and into the bunker behind it. The shaft of the bident protruded from its body and pointed back towards its sender: Wairuha. The two prongs of the weapon dug deep into the building and rock beneath, effectively pinning the living machine against the bunker. Akamai howled with rage, but couldn't move. Twisting only sent spasms of pain up its torso as pistons and gears and synthetic tissue were pressed against the weapon upon which it was impaled. Silver and black fluids leaked from the wound and dripped down its legs onto the ground, where they quickly began to pool. The mech distracted by shock and pain, Cravious successfully managed to grab ahold of the cockpit entrance and pull himself up. This was his chance to force the cockpit open and get back in. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Gecko Greavesy @everyone?
  10. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Caldera Whisper dove deeper. Her essence was growing tattered as bits and pieces were ripped away to join the swirling maelstrom of spirits. She was enveloped in suffering and pain. The thoughts and whispers of other aspects howled loud enough to drown out her thoughts. She felt despair welling up within her as she searched fruitlessly. All she could see and see was an endless storm of emotions and wishes that seemed to go on forever. Was there anything else? Maybe. Deeper than she had thought possible, she thought saw something gleaming at the bottom of the pool. The ravenous horde ripped at her with renewed frenzy. Larger pieces of her were gone now. She could feel herself forgetting. More than memories, it was like she was forgetting herself. Like her very being was vanishing out from under her, leaving empty spaces where she was sure things had existed a moment ago. Or had they? Even her ability to be sure of anything was disintegrating. in a moment, she might not even realize she had lost anything. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy Whisper's connection to anything outside the Caldera has been severed. This includes her kraata, her desecrated, anyone wearing a mask infected by her, and any aspect who has desecrated her. She has also forgotten the existence of aspects besides herself (i.e. if she met Stannis or Parnassus, it would be like meeting them for the first time). Please continue describing what this is like as Whisper continues to explore the Caldera.
  11. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Caldera Whisper's tendril brushed the surface of the Caldera, and he was immediately sucked into the terrifying waters. Once again, he was surrounded by the violent chaos from which he had sprung. The cries and desperate wishes of half-formed aspects filled his mind and shredded at his spirit. He heard prayers for respite from pain and agonized cries begging for death. He felt the unbearable weight of grief on his shoulders and tasted the blood-soaked frenzy of war. Explosions of pain and screams of joy reverberated through his essence. The clamor of the vast cauldron of aspects threatened to pull him apart at the seams: he had what none of them had and what all of them wanted: independence. Individuality. The collective unconsciousness of the Builders would tear him apart and take his power for its own. Perhaps his rejoining might give another lucky aspect the final push it needed to crawl out of the pool and start its own journey. All aspects were doomed to return from whence they came, and all dreaded it because this is what it felt like. To no longer be one, but many... to lose one's own hopes and dreams and personality and become part of an unthinking, unknowing horde of raw emotion and instinct. This was the horde that tore at him now, larger than life and louder than sound and hungrier than famine, desperate to take him for its own. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy Whisper has been sucked into the Caldera. This is a deadly encounter. The collective unconsciousness of the Builders is ripping him apart piece by piece, and if he stays too long, he will return to it. Please tell us how it feels to slowly lose your individuality as Whisper explores the depths of the Caldera.
  12. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Caldera The pool received all of Whisper's fury. The elements lashed the surface of the pool, but hardly even caused the rippling green miasma to splash in response. It swallowed them hungrily and gave nothing back. It seemed to call to Whisper as if to a lost child, beckoning him to return to its loving embrace. To give up not only his power and strength, but give up everything. Rejoin his kin. Of course, Whisper would do nothing of the sort. All aspects treasured their individuality, but none more so than the aspect of Change. Return to the Caldera to be reabsorbed into the mass of unborn spirits, the mass of mewling, half-formed wishes and dreams that ached to be made corporeal? The thought made him sick. Still... it seemed to be the only option left. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Caldera Whisper wasn't sure what she was expecting, but the sudden emergence of a toa of fire was definitely not it. Kat stepped out of the Caldera like she was walking out of the ocean. Wisps of green mist curled off her armor, but she was unharmed. She looked around and realized this was not the Kini-Nui. instead of Nuju, she saw a Nui-Kopen with a mass of writhing tendrils hovering nearby, watching her curiously. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @The UltimoScorp
  14. @The UltimoScorp Great Far Shore adventure! it was fun to read. Having read your story, it looks like you met 2 prompts. Here are the rolls for Katrin's Far Shore adventure: 5, 18 Without further ado, Kat exits the Far Shore with the following loot: Katrin's tuning fork staff is now made of pure protosteel. When struck, it emits a high, sweet note that can be heard from far away +1 firestaff As the Kini Nui portal to the Far Shore is currently destroyed, Katrin exits the Far Shore via the Caldera in the Kumu Peninsula. Also, just to clarify: anything aside from designated loot cannot be taken from the Far Shore. It just disappears, and the character exists same as they went in. This means Kat doesn't have the makoki stone or extra power she left with, or anything else she might have tried to take aside from her designated loot.
  15. C: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui As the titanic Kaita battled overhead, swinging weapons the size of airships and wielding elemental powers like gods, Stannis and Oreius solved the puzzle of the Suva-Kaita. As fire and water filled their respective alcoves in the smaller shrines surrounding the suva-kaita, the sound of stones grinding together began. The two Toa Maru felt the rumble of something moving. The stone walkways shook and the suva-kaita began to corkscrew downwards. As it corkscrewed ever deeper, it revealed a darkened spiral staircase heading deep into the unknown darkness. Each individual step slid out from under grooves as the suva-kaita passed. Dust rushed up from the mouth of the revealed entrance. At last, after several minutes, the faintest echo of the suva-kaita grinding to a halt reached Stannis and Oreius out of the darkness. The lip of the spiral staircase was inscribed with glyphs in the writing of aspects. There was no doubt about it: another taboo lingered on the cusp of remembrance. Stannis could see the taboo hovering in the air in the center of the stairwell. Two entwined semi-circles with their flat sides facing away from each other formed the shape of the glyph. Upon snatching it from the air, the following words echoed into the aspect's consciousness: Goodbye Release each yoke of mine Each destined path is one Remove barriers as they align Not all must circle around a sun Hello OOC: @EmperorWhenua If he doesn't already know it, Stannis may learn the following Taboo:
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