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  1. IC: Nektann | West of Kini-Nui The tahtorak's blood pooled on the ground, mixing with the mud and slime of the rain-drenched earth. He ripped the last of the spikes from his legs, flinging more droplets of blood and bits of flesh to the wind like ghastly confetti. The compulsion to flee continued to gnaw at his mind like a hideous rodent, and he was struggling to his feet to obey when thick metal cables sprouted from the ground at Atamai's command. Snakes of iron, they coiled around Nektann's limbs and began to squeeze. He bellowed again, more weakly this time, and wrenched against them with all his might. His thrashing caused eruptions of water to burst from the ground like fountains. And the rain continued to fall. Why did the rain never cease? It fell like the sky was weeping. He had looked for blood. Now he thrashed in the muck and gasped for breath. He had found the battle, or the battle had found him. It did not matter. Nothing would grow. The rains washed it all away. The seed died in the earth, drowned in the rain. He roared again and struggled against his bonds. The wind howled over the scene, shunting black clouds across the sky. The rains lashed the earth. The end was coming. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @Snelly
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  4. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Air NEW ITEM IDENTIFIED Codex of the Forge, origin Chronicler Icarax, bearer Viltia. Nothing else happened for a moment, and Viltia began to wonder if something was wrong. Then she began to sense something happening in the suva through her mental connection. The pocket dimension was always open to her as long as she was in range. It felt like an extension of her own mind—like another room in her brain in which she could store things until she needed them. But now she could feel the walls of that mental room pulsing with energy. They were shifting and pushing back against her mind as they expanded. The shape of the suva's dimension was changing. It rippled and undulated as lines of unseen code executed functions long-disused. The room started to tremble, and she took a half-step back from the suva in the center of the room. The suva itself was vibrating, and gradually this vibration was joined by a low humming that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. Bits of dirt and moss fell from the suva's surface. Anyone who examined the suva closely knew it was no mere half-sphere, but a sphere half-sunk into the floor, and could be rotated or even rolled. It began to rotate by itself now, at first slowly, and then faster. The etchings on its surface blurred into one as its speed increased. The humming grew in pitch, and then the suva began to ascend. It rose slowly, almost imperceptibly into the air. The tree that grew on top creaked quietly as its roots stretched and snapped one by one, and then it fell unceremoniously to the ground. As the suva continued to rise, so did the pitch and volume of the humming. The spherical suva was now spinning at a fantastic speed, and all details on its surface were absolutely indistinguishable: it appeared now to be a perfectly featureless orb of shining silver hovering in midair. The humming shook the walls; Viltia could feel her teeth rattling in her skull even as her brain recoiled from the pressure of the expanding suva dimension. The whole world seemed to be coming apart at the seams. She could see through the suva into the wires and transistors beneath its surface. She could see worm-like rahi wriggling through the soil far beneath her feet; she could look through the shrine's ceiling and perceive the stars. The suva's dimension and the physical world were becoming indecipherable. Everything seemed to be blurring together like the carvings on the suva's surface; the universe was unfolding before her like a flower. Then, anticlimactically, everything stopped. Coming after the noise of the transformation, the silence felt like an oppressive weight on her ears. She felt slightly dizzy. The walls were solid stone again, and the floor was solid earth. The suva hovered before her at about eye level, motionless save for a gentle rotation that, if she timed it, would complete once every six minutes. Then she sensed the suva speaking to her. Well, not speaking. It spoke the way it always did, which was more like typing words directly into her brain: NEW USER REGISTERED Forgemaster Viltia She felt the suva open to her will, revealing functions and abilities long kept secret behind ancient passwords and firewalls. It was no longer a mere receptacle for items: it was now a forge. Viltia knew instantly that this was what she had been searching for. The forge could be used to to craft artifacts of power, including the silver and golden kanohi she had long been striving after. She also knew that this power was not available to just anyone: although the suva was unlocked, it would only respond to the careful hand of a forgemaster—just like anyone can light the fire in a furnace, but it takes the arm of a smith to bring shapes out of the steel. OOC: @Kal the Guardian Congratulations! The air suva has been activated, and Viltia has been granted the status of Forgemaster. The air suva has been registered as her forge, and she may now use this suva to craft artifacts of power such as silver and golden masks. The previous function of the suva as a keeping place remains intact, and this function may still be used by anyone. However, any new functions are available only to a Forgemaster.
  5. IC: Administrator | Suva of Air "No," the Administrator said regretfully. "Though I guard their sacred halls, I am not worthy to bear the titles of the Builders. The codex will do nothing for me. It is yours, and yours alone." The disembodied voice was silent for a moment. When it spoke again, it seemed more chipper, like it had stowed away its disappointment for the time being. "Well then, what are you waiting for? Place the codex within the suva! Let us witness the first naming day this island has seen in a thousand years." OOC: @Kal the Guardian IC: Kas | Aqua Sphere "Good call," Kas said with a nod. "I don't know who's behind them, but the fewer people know we're here, the better." He looked back out the window, then gestured to the other beings as he started walking back over to the door. "We should split up to cover more ground. You two—" he indicated Mahrika and Sorilax. "—can head east from here, and we'll go west. Follow the cables until you find something. Sound good?" OOC: @Harvali @Kal the Guardian
  6. IC: Administrator | Suva of Air "I am the guardian of the all the Builders made," the disembodied voice replied, its robotic words tinged with pride. "Wherever they laid stone, there I am." The key gleamed in Viltia's hands. The Administrator had no eyes, but it seemed to understand anyway what it was she held aloft. It sputtered mechanically for a moment as the toa continued her careful investigation of the walls. "Is- is that a codex? I thought there were none left who could grant one." The Administrator sounded almost wistful for a moment. "Then... did you find anything to aid me, like I asked?" OOC: @Kal the Guardian IC: Tuyet | Zakazian Airspace, West of Kini-Nui Tuyet snatched up the radio handset and pressed a button. "Copy that, Taku. Appreciate the heads-up. We're gonna maintain course." She placed the handset back on the dash and glanced over at Exuze with a wry grin. "Going around'll take, like, way too long, and I've got places to be. Don't worry. We'll be fine." A gust of wind jostled the airship, as if to immediately provide a counterpoint. OOC: @BULiK IC: Kas | Aqua Sphere Kas hoisted the gun over his shoulder. "We've gotta find where the Admin's holed up. It pretends to be omniscient, but every program runs its code from somewhere. You know what they say—the "cloud" is really just somebody's else's computer." He looked at the other three beings, and quickly realized they didn't know this particular saying. He opened his mouth to explain, then waved a hand as if to erase what he'd just said. "...uh, never mind. Basically, there's a computer somewhere in this city that we need to blue-screen. And I think those cables have something to do with it." He pointed out the window. If the others approached and looked out, they would see nothing at first. Just the ruined city, overgrown with plant life and slowly crumbling into forgotten history. But if they looked closely, they could see thick black cables winding their way here and there through the puddles and wreckage. They looked newer than their surroundings, like they had been laid anywhere from a few days to a few weeks ago. "Those weren't around last time I was up here," Kas explained. "They were put down pretty recently. If we follow them, they might lead us to some answers." OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Harvali
  7. IC: Nektann | West of Kini-Nui The launcher jerked as it fired, but under Skyra's guidance and with Patiwairutiki's strength, its aim held true. Twisting chains of barbed metal erupted from the launcher's mouth and spiraled through the air, their wicked barbs and spikes gleaming in the dim light. They struck their target. The chains, propelled by momentum, wrapped themselves around Nektann's hind legs. Their cruel spikes bit into his flesh. The force of the blow caused the titanic beast to stumble, but he would have easily stayed upright had it not been for the way the barbed chains lashed around his legs and bound them tight. He roared in consternation, and teetered for a long moment before falling heavily to one side. The impact shook the ground. He was confused. He had been struck, yet he saw no enemy. He was bound, but from where had the bonds come. He reached down and tried to rip the metal ropes off, but the barbs ripped his flesh with them as they came free. He yowled in pain and fury, and the storm clouds darkened in response. The rain fell in sheets, moved only by the occasional blasts of wind that scoured the muddy earth. His compulsion to retreat remained; he was desperate to be free of this place, but he could not move. He tugged at the chains again and the spikes tore at his flesh as they fell off, prompting yet another anguished growl. Blood flowed freely down his legs, staining the earth. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Void Emissary @Toru Nui IC: Tuyet | Zakazian Airspace, West of Kini-Nui The storm seemed to be gradually moving south, but it was still plenty dark and stormy where they were flying. The wind pushed the airship back and forth, but Tuyet held them mostly on course with a practiced hand. She saw the other airships far ahead and turned slightly toward them, ready for the inevitable radio greeting. "Uh, because," she said lightly, "That's where I wanna go. You know. Skilled seas, strong sailors, yadda yadda yadda." The airship swooped under the rain clouds, rain beginning to pelt its metallic roof. OOC: @BULiK IC: Administrator | Suva of Air "Welcome back, Viltia." The Administrator's voice echoed through the suva as Viltia searched for a keyhole hidden somewhere in the carvings and etchings on the walls. "Did you find anything?" OOC: @Kal the Guardian IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula "So," Grime piped up, his newly reforged armor gleaming even in the dim light of the dying campfire. "Are we going to Kini-Nui like Icarax told us to?" OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester
  8. Hi Kamora. Please remember to check the date of the last post in a topic before you reply. The last post before yours was made in June 2016—that's almost five years ago! This counts as topic revival. Please read the BZPower Forum Revival Reference to learn more about topic revival. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. Topic closed.
  9. IC: Nektann | West of Kini-Nui Malkuhuraia loomed over the fallen tahtorahk, its weapon lifting towards the heavens in preparation for a final strike. Nektann's frills flared in response, and his muscles loosened as the effects of the stun began to wear off. He jerked one arm, and a jet of water struck at Malkuhuraia, knocking the titanic ACR off balance long enough for its prey to desperately scramble to his feet. He slipped on the muddy ground, which was only growing more wet and slick as time went on. The rains were falling in the fullness of their force now, lashing the ground like a hail of arrows fired from the sky, stirring up the dirt and filling the air with the smell of wet earth. A howling wind tore over the land, each gust like a punch to the stomach. Raindrops slid down the tahtorak's hide, mixing with the blood that still flowed from the gash on the side of his head. They hammered the armor of the ACRs, filling each cockpit with the sound of applause. It was necessary to shout in order to be audibly heard, but speaking was not necessary once Skyra plugged herself in. Kilo could hear her without listening; they could talk without speaking. The two beings, one partially organic and one fully mechanical, joined their minds together with the consciousness of Patiwairutiki, which washed over them like a vast, still lake and yet bent to their will. In their combined strength they walked across the storm-battered ground to join their brother, who had already recovered his footing and was preparing to strike again. Grasping at slippery mud, the tahtorahk managed to struggle to his feet. His four legs spread his weight out, but even so, he could feel his claws sinking into the earth. His tail whipped through the air, helping him keep his balance. He roared again, but this sound was less a challenge than the last had been. It was a cry of sorrow that sounded through the storm as though it were coming from the dark clouds themselves. Each ragged gash of lightning and ensuing gunshot of thunder seemed to thread through the the roar and carry it farther, like the storm and the beast were one and the same. He flared his frills, but the joy of combat was gone. All that was left was an aching void that could not be filled, and a desperate need to go, to flee, to be anywhere else. Parnassus's cry was lost in the screaming wind. Oreius battled with the controls, fighting against the storm to keep them aloft, but the elements that battered the skycraft were not vindictive. Consumed by grief, Nektann did not even notice them or the airship on which they approached. In the same way, he ignored the attacks from the Taku and its crew. He neither perceived them nor cared. He was lost in his own storm. Everywhere he turned, he saw only dark, empty earth. Puddles widened into pools and deepened into lakes, but the green did not follow. The promise of new life was gone. There was no renewal in this cursed land. No chance of rebirth. Only the pain and desolation of the apocalypse. He cast his mind to the south, to the lush jungle and the toa who had calmed his mind and filled the land with green things. He could feel that place calling him. He could not refuse, for what else was there for him here? He could not remember why he was here. He could not remember why he was sad. He had lost something. But who? What? What was the answer? He would not find it here. Scrambling through the hungry mud that sucked at his limbs, he began to desperately lumber south. The battle forgotten, he retreated blindly, his mind full of the paradise of green that lay in the distance. The storm closed around his form again, wreathing him in vapor and rain. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Toru Nui @BULiK @Void Emissary IC: Tuyet | Zakazian Airspace "Miss... is it safe to fly in there?" "Probably not." IC: Reliable Narrator | The Archives Tihun moved cautiously forward, the Hydruka's headlamps lighting up this new room. It looked much the same as the last: left in disrepair and disuse, and full of water and algae. Here and there, he could see the picked-clean remains of unknown rahi. Their pearly bones littered the floor; they were all that remained of the Archives' famed exhibits. Claw marks shone silver on the floor, the evidence of some struggle or desperate attempt to flee. The room's extra-wide doors opened into another corridor. A sign on the far wall gleamed in the lights, and Tihun could make out a new set of directions: ᴍᴀɪɴᴛᴇɴᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴡɪɴɢ (100ʙ) ---> ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴀ (400ʙ) ---> ᴍᴀᴠʀᴀʜ ᴍᴇᴍᴏʀɪᴀʟ ᴄᴇɴᴛᴇʀ ꜰᴏʀ ᴅɪssᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇsᴇᴀʀᴄʜ (700ʙ) ---> ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ʙ (300ʙ) <--- ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴄ (1.2ᴋ) <--- ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴅ (1.8ᴋ) <--- ᴇxʜɪʙɪᴛ ʜᴀʟʟ 7ᴇ (2.7ᴋ) <--- As Tihun studied these directions, something began to creep soundlessly out of the elevator shaft behind him, awakened by the flare he had dropped down into the fathomless depths. Its many eyes blinked in succession, squinting in the unfamiliar light. OOC: @Sparticus147
  10. IC: Tuakana | Inside Mahrika's Mind "Care, little one," the aspect's voice said at last, heavy and slow like a rolling drumbeat within her brain. "Listen. Learn. But do not believe... all they say." There was a long pause. "If they speak rightly... they are no enemy. But... my kin do not always speak true." OOC: @Harvali
  11. IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water The suva rotated easily enough, but Drokk saw nothing she hadn't already seen. The glowing algae that decorated half the suva did not glow nearly bright enough to illuminate anything more than a few inches away from its surface, let alone the walls of the cavern. As she had retreated from the carvings with her handful of glowing algae, so the light retreated with her. OOC: @The UltimoScorp IC: Reliable Narrator | The Archives Tihun descended into the dark, his single flare acting as his herald as it preceded him by a few meters. The empty elevator shaft was otherwise utterly devoid of light, and it felt like the four walls were closing in around him as he slowly fell down through the murky water. There were no markings or measurements to indicate how far he had travelled or how much farther he had to go. Then his flare briefly illuminated an entrance to another floor, and continued falling past it into the void. Tihun had a quick decision to make: would he try to exit here —wherever here was— or continue his descent? OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: Oreius | Kini-Nui The toa of fire clenched the controls in his hands, fury burning behind his eyes. Flying in this storm was lunacy, but what choice did he have? If he refused, then Stannis would simply take control of his body like a puppeteer manipulating a marionette. At any rate, his people were in danger, so he might as well see what plan the Wanderer had come up with. If they could drive this tahtorak away from the fledgling village, then he would count it as a win. Throwing a switch, Oreius listened for the telltale ping of disks striking the hull of the ship, but the noise of the titanic battle and the intensifying storm drowned it out. The airship rose into the air and then quickly began to drift to one side as the ground fell away from them. He retracted the landing gear and checked his instruments: the wind was picking up, so keeping a straight course would be difficult. A more experienced captain might have better luck, but he had never been an ace pilot. He knew how to keep a bird in the sky, but that was about it. On top of that, the Alp was a pleasure craft that wasn't exactly designed for high-stakes flying. Turning a dial and throwing another switch, Oreius started piloting them towards the center of the storm. "You better have a plan," he shouted over his shoulder to whomever was listening. "Or we're not gonna last long up here." OOC: @Void Emissary @Toru Nui IC: Taja | Fau Swamp Birds screeched and rahi called as Taja pushed her way through the undergrowth. The swamp had grown almost familiar by now. It was still dangerous, but she felt like she knew how to handle herself. The shadows warned her far in advance of anything approaching, and she was learning how to veil her own movements in darkness to make herself less visible and audible as she travelled. And as she got better at hiding her movement, so the jungle opened up to her like a flower. She saw rahi who had previously hidden themselves from sight at her approach. She saw vibrant birds perched on branches, and she saw shimmering fish winding their way through the water. It was a deadly place, but it was beautiful. She skirted the zone of dangerous light she recalled from her previous visit with Whisper. Where was the aspect now? Taja had left her in Kini-Koro, but there was no knowing if she was still there, or if she had moved on to other places and higher designs. She could've reached out at any time, of course, but it still felt strange to do. The toa liked the privacy of her own mind, even though that privacy was now just a façade. She preferred to keep it up as long as she could, and to trust that Whisper would do the same unless it was absolutely necessary.
  12. IC: Nektann | West of Kini-Nui Nektann's leap found nothing but empty air. The kaita had ducked out of the way, its smaller size making it more agile. The tahtorak snarled and lashed out, twisting in the air to strike at his opponent, but his claws only grazed the ACR, throwing sparks as it dodged. In return, Patiwairutiki's club smashed into his hind leg. The blow wasn't hard enough to break skin, but it hurt. More than that, the impact was enough to activate the weapon's powers, and it stunned the beast, turning his landing into a crash that caused the earth to tremble. Malhukuraia's strike was off the mark due to the tahtorak's midair twist, but it bit into his shoulder, causing the beast to yowl in pain. His muscles seized, and his eyes rolled in his head. Navu's light keeping half his face in profile, he did not react to the continued to brunt of the Taku's weaponry. Achro's lightstones pocked his bleeding flesh, but they might as well have been the bites of a gnat for all the reaction they provoked. Overhead, the lightening sky began to darken again, and rain began to fall harder. The wind, which had been reduced to a breeze, began to pick up. The storm was returning with a vengeance. Lightning forked across the sky, and the ensuing boom seemed to shake the mountains. His mouth agape, panting for breath, the sound seemed to emerge from the tahtorak's throat. A strangled moan pulled itself from his lungs as he watched Malkuhuraia stand over it, weapon swinging back up to come down for another blow. He felt a sudden compulsion overcome him: a desperate need to be anywhere but here. Even as the rain fell and turned the earth to mud and the hollows into ponds, his mind turned to the green forests of the south. The smell of rich soil. The beauty of dancing leaves and strong branches. He wished he was there. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @~Xemnas~ @BULiK @Toru Nui @Sparticus147 @The UltimoScorp @Tarn @Void Emissary and anyone else in Kini-Nui: the storm is increasing in intensity. IC: Tuyet | East of Metru-Nui The sky to the east was growing darker. Were her eyes playing tricks on her? Just a moment ago, Tuyet could've sworn the storm was breaking up. "Three months is an oddly specific timeframe, miss," her lesterin companion was saying. "You know something about my future I don't? This ain't one of those time travelin' 'ero stories they tell in the vids, is it? Ya know, the ones where they do timey wimey mumbo jumbo and nunuvit makes sense 'til afterwards?" "No, it's not," the toa said with a wry smile. "I mean, yeah, it is a time-travelling story. But don't go, like, thinking it's ever going to make sense. Even afterward. It won't." The airship swooped through the sky, approaching the center of the storm.
  13. Hey GhostieM, please remember to check the date of the last post in a topic before replying. The last post before yours was made in November 2018— over two years ago! This counts as topic revival. Please check the BZPower Forum Revival Reference Topic if you have any questions. If you feel there's still further discussion to be had, then please feel free to start a new topic. Topic closed.
  14. IC: Icarax, Aspect of Dominion | Somewhere Icarax was quiet for some time after Viltia finished her story. The toa had included a lot more details than he had asked for, but something told her that the aspect was not one to complain about receiving an abundance of information. Meanwhile, the red circle gleamed in the black, and the gentle sounds of rushing waves and shimmering chimes continued from somewhere just beyond sight. "The guardian of the temples needs no more power," Icarax finally said. "And it was wise to refuse the spirit of the tooth. You are bold, little star. It was clever of Sorilax to bind you to himself." He sounded sad for a moment. "You do not deserve what he will do to you." The shadows flared. "But enough talk. The guests have told their stories, and now the host is permitted to speak. The world is ending, and we must pierce the veil if we are to escape its demise. I have the tool. What I need are the hands to wield it. The mind to direct it. The heart to make it strike true. If you will aid me in this task, then I, by the powers invested in me as the Chronicler of this land, shall aid you in yours." The flowers adorning the ancient armor trembled as the metal beneath them began to move. The suit of armor, still kneeling, raised its arms, and its cupped hands emerged from the ground as if were only water. It raised its hands until they were level with its eyes, like it was offering up a prize. Cupped in its palms was a fragment of glowing rock that was shaped as if part of a puzzle. One side of it looked like it would form a sphere when assembled. "Take this to the Great Temple," the dark voice said. "The Kini-Nui. It will show you what must be done next." The sound of crashing waves and shaking rattles grew louder. Icarax's voice grew fainter, as if he was moving away from them into another room. "The way to save everything lies among the stars..." The four beings blinked, and, instead of a red circle, they were now standing around a crackling campfire that cast a warm glow on the dry, rocky ground of the Kumu Peninsula. The mists drifted around them, cool and mysterious. Wreathed in fog, they could just make out the skeletal outlines of dead trees surrounding them. Korruhn still held Grime in his arms, but now, in one hand, he also held the piece of glowing stone that Icarax had offered. Clutched in one of Whisper's tendrils was an oddly-shaped key. A strange symbol was engraved on the pommel: a cupped hand above which floated a drop of water. Viltia and her Muaka completed the group. In one hand, Viltia now held a key of the same design as Whisper's, but its symbol was different: it bore the design of a hammer striking an anvil. The flames danced in the wind. The wood popped and cracked as pockets of boiling sap burst, throwing sparks into the air. There were no other sounds. OOC: @Crimson Jester @Gecko Greavesy @Kal the Guardian Korruhn, Whisper, and Viltia each possess the piece of equipment described in the post. You may add these items to your profiles.
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