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  1. Final Poll! BBC Contest #78: The Good 20-20! This is it... it's the final round of voting for BBC Contest #78: The Good 20-20! Final Voting begins July 24th and ends July 28th at 11:59 P.M. EST. The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on July 28th. --------------------------------------------------------- BZP Rules and Guidelines --------------------------------------------------------- 1. >>> Harbinger of Floods 2. >>> Infected Lewa Revamped 3. >>> Le-Koro Platform 4. >>> Birth of a Dark Hunter 5. >>> Makuta of the Melding 6. >>> Matoro Inika Rebuild 2.0 7. >>> Dark709 Homage 8. >>> BZTower 9. >>> Pohatu encounters Chirox (bbc 78) 10. >>> Vohtarak 11. >>> Kyro the Refined
  2. And that's it for the entry period - see you later at the polls!
  3. That's totally fine. You can have as many pictures as you want in your topic, but only one entry picture will go on the list/for voting.
  4. I'm afraid not; like it says in rule 2, non-Lego components aren't allowed.
  5. Official BBC Contest #78:The Good 20-20! Twenty years! That's a lot of years. It's a solid chunk of a human lifespan, it's a long time to go without [RELEVANT_SPORTS_CHAMPIONSHIP], and it's a terrible vintage for milk. Twenty years can be a lot of things, and this month, it's two specific milestones: 1) Bionicle's release in North America 2) The launch of what would become BZPower A lot of things can happen in twenty years of sets, story, and community. At least one of those things has made a cozy little home in your heart. For this double anniversary contest, your theme is to build something based on your favourite moment in either Bionicle or BZPower history. Something in the story made your jaw drop? Good times in the BZRPG? Got a particular affection for a particular set? Here's your chance to celebrate it. I know time doesn't mean much anymore, but twenty genuine years have gone by. Whether you've been around since that summer of 2001 or just dropped in last month, you're part of a storied, creative fandom. Embrace it, and share what you love! Let the party begin! ------------------------- You have from now until Sunday, July 18th at 11:59 P.M. Eastern to submit your entries. To submit your entries, just use this handy form. Only one entry per person, please. ------------------------- Voting: Preliminary Voting begins July 20th and ends July 23rd at 11:59 P.M. EST. Final Voting begins July 23rd and ends July 26th at 11:59 P.M. EST. The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on July 27th. ------------------------- Rules: 1) Entries may not have been posted on BZPower prior to the start of the contest. It can be posted anywhere else before the contest, but it must never have been seen before on BZPower. Once entered, entries cannot be modified: you're committed to what you've entered. If you withdraw your entry, you cannot enter again that contest. If your entry is disqualified, you cannot enter again that contest. 2) Painted parts, non-LEGO parts, and parts edited in Photoshop are not permitted and will disqualify you. All other LEGO pieces are permitted, but the entry must be at least 75% Bionicle/Hero Factory/Technic. 3) Keep it clean, keep it civil. No flaming, no whining. Unsporting conduct will just get you disqualified. 4) Campaigning for votes (mass-PMing, etc), using multiple accounts to skew voting, and sundry other methods of cheating are only going to end in tears for you. Trust us: we'll know when you're doing it. --------------------------------------- Prizes: The first-place winner will receive 8537 Nui-Rama, 8688 Toa Gali Mistika, and a Chronicler's Staff. The second-place winner will receive 8689 Toa Tahu Mistika, 8722 Kazi, and a Chronicler's Staff. The third-place winner will receive 8690 Toa Onua Mistika and a Chronicler's Staff. Thanks to LEGO for the prizes! --------------------------------------- Contest Host: Tufi Piyufi Well, what are you waiting for? Get building!
  6. Happy birthday! 

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