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    God, Bionicle, Lego, Math, Bionicle, visiting BZP, building, planes.<br />And God again. ;)<br /><br />Apparently I'm facist. O__o : http://www.amazon.com/American-Fascists-Christian-Right-America/dp/0743284437

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  1. Have the serials been officially stopped?
  2. Super Smash Brothers Brawl Super Smash Brothers Melee (GC) The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition (GC) Anything Zelda is good. I'm not sure if you have Gamecube controllers, but since the Wii can play GC games I listed some anyway.
  3. Something about this irks me to no end. Is it the fact that only 15% of the Makuta were female, or that Greg seems to be insinuating that the female Makuta were... lacking in combative skills compared to male Makuta? Or maybe they were so skilled, they were sent on tons of missions and thus were exposed to more danger? Anyway, 16.67 percent is 1/6, which is the traditional Bionicle female proportion. Speaking of only one tribe being 100% girls, I think the Po-Matoran should have been the females. Gerudo anyone?
  4. Advocate

    Time Travel

    Eh, never read HP, so I don't know what you're talking about. But as far as time travel goes, I love the Windmill guy paradox in Ocarina of Time. Probably because the Song of Storms is amazing. Eh, never played video games, so I don't know what you're talking about. -CF Touche, good sir (I just wanted to make sure people knew why I semi-changed the topic...which I zombified...).
  5. I think I agree with somewhere around 90% of this list. The south sucks (accents, music). Kanye West started a hilarious meme. Members of our faith can be a bit embarrassing to be with, and it is sad we feel that way, but then again we're all human. The things I don't agree on, I don't know much about and can't judge. Awesome post, DV.
  6. Advocate

    Name Change

    DANGERESQUE THE CRIMINAL PROJECTIVE! Oh no! The building is on fire! It looks like I'm GOIN TO HAVE TO JUMP! =P Homestar Runner, specifically Strong Bad in one of his sbemails. :034:
  7. Of course! How else would he make it through that pesky Fire Temple without fire armor! Watch out Ganon, Link Lewa is onto you!
  8. Advocate

    Proportion Fail

    You guys should look up Phi and the Golden Ratio. Even animal bodies follow this ratio. Considering the vast difference between humans and all those animals, I'd say it's fairly safe to assume that plastic robots should follow it too. Especially if they're being sold for profit to an audience accustomed to Phi (even if it's subconsciously). Refer to: DV
  9. Advocate

    Day Of Silence

    Except that up until now it has always been a cultural event. It was one way that people interacted with each other as part of there cultural heritage. The middle school I mentioned is only an example. How do you know that the people committing hate crimes against homos aren't psychopaths? I know you're going to say, "They aren't," but really? You don't know. The news only reports the bad cases, the exceptions. Not the rules. Whatever event is in the news needs to be taken with a grain of salt and thought of as an outlier. 9/11 attacks certainly aren't the rule. Bank robberies don't happen down every street. Hate crimes don't happen to everybody. This only seems to be true because it's an issue that you notice easily.
  10. Advocate

    Day Of Silence

    While it does date a while back, it's always been a social thing. Heck, a middle school in my county went through a trend (just like goth, emo, prep, etc) where a bunch of kids were bi. It is just a social trend. Eventually people will get bored of it and grumble about something else. And as for the hate crimes against heteros argument, I'm sure there are some. It's just that the media reports what the squeaky wheel does. Saying that there have been no hate crimes against heteros is naive. And, for the most part people don't care. We don't want to know what you do with your significant other (hetero or homo), we don't care about your nightlife. There's a reason why PDAs are discouraged.
  11. Advocate

    Day Of Silence

    But using your logic, every hate crime that isn't committed against homo people is a hate crime committed against hetero people. Therefore we need a day.
  12. "• Glatorian matches often have specifications for which weapons can or cannot be used, or other special rules. " No items, 3 stock match, Final Destination. Sorry, that's what it made me think of. =P
  13. ! (Metal Gear Solid alert here) Black Six is a math person!? Awesome! I love math! I recently began teaching myself calc (specifically derivatives) because my school is so slow and precalc is pretty boring (trig functions are pretty fun, but we've spent so much time on them...). Stats is amazing. I love accurately summarizing data and predicting outcomes! Can't say the same for literature though. But I did understand the jokes. Very nice job. I didn't understand the Hamlet joke, but that's because I haven't read that yet. But I have read at least one Shakespeare play a year for the past five years. The only one I semi-enjoyed was Julius Caesar. I prefer things like Lord of the Flies, Huck Finn, and Brave New World to Shakespeare.
  14. Advocate

    Cheap As Free

    So KIDS don't PLAY wit 2 many KNIVES. CRACK STUNTMAN is gonna SAVE some LIVES. Awwww.... It's SPRING BREAK! (I love the brothers Chaps! So awesome!)
  15. This.^ Many parents aren't so bothered by blood and gore. That's just how it goes. The thing is, I don't see anti-Semitic being thrown around a lot, and I definitely don't see anybody being hurt/punished as hard for it as they would be if they were accused of homophobia. That's all. I didn't mean it in any offensive way, so please don't go taking it as such. I didn't even write it using negative words, or I didn't intend to (for those who take silly as being negative).
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