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    So, hey, what's up? Welcome to my profile. You must be really bored if your here. Seriously. Okay, I won't discourage you. If you really want to read this, go for it.<br /><br />First, I'm a christian. Not sure what else I'm allowed to say on the subject, but it's something I have to mention. Moving on...<br /><br />(elipses...)<br /><br />The next thing that you should know about me is that I'm really into music and drama. I've been in two different groups that focus on that stuff, and it's really fun. I can sing pretty well, but acting is way more fun. Somehow I always end up playing the bad guy.... No complaints there. :p<br /><br />I'm also a fantasy nerd. Here's some of my specific interests:<br /><br />LotR and Narnia: I'm incapable of reading any of these books, cuz they bore me to tears. But, I love the movies. FRODO LIVES!<br /><br />Inheritance: The series has a lot of bashers, but to them I say, @*&!)%#~(?^. It's flawed, but it's still well above the curve compared to most fantasy series.<br /><br />Harry Potter: I only got into it about a year ago, but it's now my favorite series. I finished the first six during July of last year, so I only had to wait ten days for Deathly Hallows to come out. Nyah, nyah. B)<br /><br />Forgotten Realms: Reserving Judgement on these, since I've only read one book, which was confusing. Luckily my local library has most of them.<br /><br />Magic: The Gathering: Ah, yes. The book series isn't that great. But the game is awesome. Seriously, I'm addicted to it. Here's my current decks:<br /><br />G Elves (Extended)<br />B/R Goblins (Standard)<br />Red Deck Wins (Extended)<br />W Reviellark Life Gain (Extended)<br /><br />To be continued...

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