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  1. Sorta. He's Jace Beleren, a character from the Magic: The Gathering storyline.

  2. Hello- Hawk Nelson How do you feel today? Gibberish -Reliant K What do you think of your hair? The Hairbrush Song -Larry What are you listening to right now? Had Enough -Breaking Benjamin What's your favorite color? Black Fire -Dragonforce What do you do in your spare time? Burn Stuff -SPIRIT as Kopaka What's your favorite thing to eat? Pizza Angel -Larry Who do you admire? Unknown Soldier -Breaking Benjamin What's your life goal? Rockstar -Nickelback How would you feel if the heavens opened above you and a million dollars dropped into your lap? Looking for Angels -Skillet When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Sooner or Later -Breaking Benjamin What do you despise? Under My Fingernails -Skillet Is there a place you wish you could visit? Storm the Burning Fields -Dragonforce What's your preferred mode of transportation? Ride the Lightning -Metallica What do you want to be when you're older? Rockstar -Nickelback What will your final words be? Live Free or Let Me Die -Skillet Do you have any words of advice for other members? Riot -Three Days Grace Byebyez! Don't Say goodbye -Skillet Axinian, you're awesome. :B
  3. Name: Sazen Mask Power: Stealth Element: Magnetism, very limited Shadow (see descrption). Weapons: Carries throwing knives, but prefers to just use his powers. Physical Description: Sleeker version of Inika armor, mostly black all over, with neon blue streaks randomly placed on his armor, gray mask. Bio: As a Matoran, Sazen was once a espionage agent of a high ranking Makuta, during which time he was taught to tap his inner Shadow energy to use certain powers, though he avoided doing it then and still does. For reasons he keeps to himself, he left. As a Toa, he tries his best to do the right thing, but the use of Shadow powers as a Matoran has left its mark. As result, he has an unpredictable temper. This drives him harder to be a good fighter and good person. Sazen likes to be in charge, but he'll obey a another if he belives that leader is a better commander than him. Also, I don't really care if you kill Sazen, as long as he goes out with a bang.
  4. 1) The psychiatrist. 2) I'd buy the whole case. 3) No. 4) Skillet, Comatose. 5) Pineapple. 6) My current GF, nobody else. 7) No.
  5. Onua sighed. Tahu and Kopaka were at it again. Wouldn't those two ever learn? But wait... If Tahu was busy fighting Kopaka's armies, he'd be too busy to guard his refrigerator. Onua opened a secret door in the wall of his stronghold and followed a conveniently located secret passage into Tahu's kitchen. He stepped through the door, and walked to the refrigerator. And- -and spun around when someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Lewa!" Onua stuttered. "Erm.. What are you doing here?" The Air-Toa grinned. "Tahu and Kopaka are busy hard-fighting, so I went to quick-raid Kopaka's fridge. But Kopaka's food is all frozen, so I came here to try Tahu's." Onua relaxed and said, "Okay, let's see what he has." The two of them opened the refrigerator, and Lewa pulled out a slab of bacon. "I call this!" "Wait a minute!" cried Onua. "I was here first, I get the bacon." "Fat chance!" scoffed Lewa, who clutched the package more tightly. Onua was stronger however, and pulled the bacon from Lewa's grasp. Lewa yelled loudly, said some not-nice words, and then unleashed a cyclone on the Toa of Earth. The bacon flew from Onua's hand as he spun around. Lewa reached for the package, but as he did the floor under him gave way, and he fell flat on his face. The two of them got up and looked around: Tahu's kitchen was destroyed, and the bacon lay on the floor between them. Onua locked eyes with his bacon stealing friend. "This," he growled. "is war."
  6. Also, if you like LotF, I'd also reccomend the Dark Nest Trilogy by Troy Denning. It's sort of a prequil to the LotF story.

  7. Yeah, they're good, especially the ones by Troy Denning (Tempest & Inferno). The new one, Revelation, comes out on tuesday!

  8. Cool name. I take it you're reading Legacy of the Force too?

  9. Aww... How sweet. :blush: Wait a minute... Oh well, at least I got a joke valentine this year...
  10. Okay, just making sure I hadn't deleted the pm or something. :)

  11. Hey, CJ, am I still helping you with Project: Desolation?

  12. I greeted the new year in a much more exciting way: See, my mom and little bro' bought this ginger-bread house kit to make on Christmas. Only problem was that the ginger-bread wasn't that high quality - by that I mean it was hard as a rock and tasted about as good.* So on monday, the poor ginger-bread house was still sitting, uneaten, on the living room table. So I asked if I could have it, and nobody argued. I then took it out into my back yard, made a blackpowder charge (Don't try this at home, kiddies), and proceeded to blow the inedible ginger-bread house into numerous smaller chunks of inedible ginger-bread, gluey icing, and disgusting gumdrops. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up, so I couldn't put the video on google. *The quality of the taste of the said rock is subjective, and in no way meant to imply that all rocks taste the same. Indeed, under the right conditions, some rocks can taste quite good. So if any rocks out there take this as a slight to your flavor, please don't sue me. Happy New Year
  13. That song is amazing all right! I hope that's what their next album sounds like.

  14. Hey, you wanna know what would be cool? Dragons! As for the femeninity issues, they could almost get away with it on Hahli, because of the whole sea-creature thing. However, Gali had better not look like Hahli.
  15. Thanks for the review. Answers to your questions are in the topic.

  16. Atra esterní ono theldui, Mor’ranr lífa unin hjarta onr, Un du evarínya ono varda.

  17. Yeah, I can't wait for book 7. Go Zekk!

  18. You have good taste in music.

    Yay Darth Caedus!

  19. Muhahahahahahah! I have taken over your blog!

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