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  1. Actually, this is exactly what I hoped would happen -- that the alpha would drum up enough excitement in the community that people in possession of the beta would finally be motivated to release it. And sure enough, it looks like that's the way things worked out. This is a great day for the Bionicle community. Kudos to all the people at Beaverhouse and elsewhere who made this possible.
  2. I decided to take a look at Dark Mirror again and randomly noticed a couple things: Book 8 p. 139: “Help is exactly what you need[,] Toa,”Book 8 p. 153: Tuyet has received word of the [a] plan to steal the Mask of Time.Throughout Dark Mirror, Jaller's name is spelled as "Jaller," but logically it should still be "Jala." Same with Pewku/Puku.There are still some excessive BS01 capitalizations, such as "Sub-Zero Spear."Thank you for your continued maintenance!
  3. On further thought, I agree that none of the OoMN probably knew. I'll have to think more on Tren Krom. But which part of Makuta's Diary shows that he didn't know about the GSR until taking over? He doesn't indicate any surprise at what Mata Nui really was. Are you referring to him saying he didn't know what the Bohrok were for at the time he released them? I'm a bit fuzzy on this, but I think at the very end he discusses how Mata Nui was the universe around them all along. I think he talks about it as if it were new information.
  4. Unlike TuragaNuva, my impression has always been that no one in the MU (except for Velika and possibly Tren Krom) actually knew that Mata Nui was a giant space robot that they were living inside of, much less the reasons why the MU was created. In my mind, it was THE big secret in the MU until the end of 2008. We know from Makuta's Diary that Teridax did not know the secret until he took over Mata Nui's body, which means that Mutran didn't either. It's not exactly clear what knowledge Mutran discovered in his meeting with Tren Krom, except that it was his insight that convinced Teridax that Mata Nui could be laid low with a virus. Heh, I seem to recall that in the OGD Greg once told someone that although Teridax did not know Mata Nui's location, his brilliant plan to ensure the virus reached him was to "just spread it everywhere all over the place," which coincidentally was exactly the right thing to do. I think it's entirely possible that not even Tren Krom had a clear idea that Mata Nui was a giant robot. He only ran the MU before it launched from Spherus Magna, and only from the inside, so he never experienced what it was like to control the robot. From his perspective, he was only required to transmit energy here, control gravity there, cause daylight here, and so on, without necessarily getting the big picture. The same goes for uniquely well-informed individuals like Helryx. She might have understood the role of places like Metru Nui and Karda Nui in the universe as a whole and their connection to Mata Nui's health without necessarily knowing that they were actually parts of Mata Nui's body.
  5. I noticed the maker mentioned that LEGO has "such high quality official Meshes." Does anyone know what he's referring to?
  6. THANK YOU! Seriously, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to go through the ENTIRE Hungarian version of the book for my benefit. I was really fascinated by this discovery when I first found out about it... I just can't read a word of Hungarian. Your translations look fantastic. I look forward to reading the whole thing.
  7. Where is this information about the Saffire saga coming from?
  8. Thanks for keeping us updated. I haven't had the time to follow any of that stuff. Sounds fascinating.
  9. I'm aware that that depiction of Karda Nui is just concept art, I was just speaking hypothetically of a way to possibly smooth over some aspects of the MU's geography that seem less than plausible in my mind. Anyway, I sometimes get the feeling that Faber's artwork represents a more faithful vision of the concepts underlying the Bionicle universe, or at the very least one that makes more sense visually (whereas Greg has repeatedly stated that he "thinks in words, not pictures").
  10. Looking at this piece of concept art again, what if the southern continent were actually curled around the upper half of the Karda Nui sphere, with a concentric outer sphere serving as its sky? It might make a bit more sense spatially, accounting for Karda Nui's massive volume while still leaving room for the southern continent to have a huge surface area.
  11. Wow, I wasn't aware there was an extended version of Tale of the Toa available in Hungarian. Nice connection! BTW, has anyone finished translating the rest of the book beyond chapter 3 into English? I'd love to read more of what I've been missing out on for 15 years.
  12. You are absolutely 100% justified in being confused. 1. IIRC, this came up in the OGD at least once, and I believe the answer Greg gave went something like this: the GC caused some sort of disturbance of energy in Karda Nui which caused it to explode outward, and since Voya Nui was the piece of land that happened to be directly above Karda Nui, the force sent it hurtling out of the GSR's chest. 2. I believe the official answer to this is, who the heck knows. But we do know that not everyone survived the trip, namely Turaga Jovan. Maybe the Mask of Life had something to do with the fact that it didn't crumble apart when it smacked against the ceiling? 3. You're right, there would have been a second hole left behind. It was simultaneously repaired by the Staff of Artakha when Voya Nui returned to the southern continent. And you're right, I'm sure that some water would have gotten through, but apparently not enough to be worth mentioning. 4. The Pit would have been in a dome somewhere to the north of Karda Nui and Voya Nui's original position, possibly at a significantly higher level which put it closer to the surface of the GSR (though I'm not sure its elevation was ever actually confirmed). We do know that Voya Nui drifted to the north for many centuries after leaving the GSR and before anchoring itself to the area above the Pit. 5. The sea gate is the passage between Metru Nui and the rest of the MU. It's presumably where one dome connects with the next. I think it was first referenced in 2004, when it was said that Turaga Dume (Makuta in disguise) had ordered the "sea gates" connecting Metru Nui to other lands closed.
  13. I got the disc today, and I don't see any signs of any demos alongside the main game at all.
  14. Cool, great find!! A while back I was wondering if it would be possible to dig up the Brakas sprites from the game, since we have such limited information about its appearance. Alas, I have no expertise whatsoever in hacking games. Thank you! Do you think there's a way to extract the sprite information directly from memory or from the game binary? I watched a YouTube video once explaining the layout of GameBoy memory and I thought I heard sprites get put in a special place.
  15. I'm sure 4-years-ago Banana Gunz is grateful though.
  16. Alpha v0.006 represents a snapshot of LoMN mid-development. It's only a half-finished game. A working demo would be a major find, since the game engine would presumably be significantly less broken than the alpha's. There is a remote possibility that one could plug in the assets from the alpha into the demo to make something that more resembles a finished game. I wouldn't get your hopes up, though.
  17. That's a really good question. This is yet another thing that was never satisfactorily explained in my opinion. In 2005, I recall that it was established that the sun holes were actually not completely covered -- I think it was said that one partially let light through (probably Naho Bay) and the other was almost totally obscured (probably the frozen lake in Ko-Wahi). This is why there was daylight on Metru Nui in 2005, although it would have been dimmer. I think the Mask of Light animations show this the most accurately. The suns also continued to follow a day-night cycle somehow. I don't have an explanation as to why there was so much daylight in the movie Web of Shadows, nor can anyone explain why the sun holes look like moons in one of its scenes for no reason. After 2005, the level of daylight did not change, so Metru Nui was not completely in darkness, it just had fairly dim daylight. Presumably this changed when the Bohrok started clearing Mata Nui in 2007. The fact that Metru Nui had a day-night cycle at all and that the twin suns rose and set like normal suns has also never been explained. I asked Greg recently if the rising and setting of the suns were tied to Mata Nui's sleep cycle, and he said yes. Greg has explained offhandedly that the other domes were lit by lightstones in the roofs of the domes that similarly followed a day-night cycle. They must have been really big, really strong lightstones.
  18. Do you think that was caused by the installer or the game itself? The installer seems super hacky to me. When I ran it on my decade-old Windows Vista laptop, when the time came for the installer to copy the game files under Program Files, it instead opened up a program for an old Epson scanner I still had installed. Bizarre, I know. My theory is that this is because the name of the executable for the scanner program happened to be ECOPY.exe, and the installer was searching the Program Files directory for the first program with "copy" in the name to use to copy files. Sure enough, I got it to work by temporarily moving the scanner program out of the Program Files directory. Just thought I'd share this odd quirk. Reports of buggy behavior like this can be really helpful to people sometimes.
  19. Ah, I'm a buffoon and wasn't setting the compatibility mode correctly. I have the environment showing up now, although it seems like collectible items such as tokens are not showing up. I can still pick them up, but I can't always see them; it seems like the coordinates are being computed incorrectly when rendered. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  20. Did you have to do anything special to get it to work (and can you share what OS/hardware you are using)? I can get the levels to run, except that the environment appears all black, including the Toa -- the only things that show up are the HUD and the particle effects. The audio plays just fine too, and the controls for moving, switching masks, etc. work. Is anyone else experiencing this despite setting SvpRad=1 in the .ini file?
  21. I've gotten it to install and run on both my Windows 8 laptop from 2012 and Windows Vista laptop from 2007, but the levels always show up as mostly black as discussed on the BMP page, so I can't actually play the game yet. The SvpRad=1 trick does not work for me in either case.
  22. Well, it goes without saying that this is a historic moment. Although the means by which they obtained this release sound a bit dubious, I'm glad that people have not forgotten the importance of this game to the community and have continued to pursue ways to get it. Thank you to the people who arranged this (apparently from BMP? Sorry, I honestly don't know who any of these guys are. If someone can fill me in on who these guys are, I would appreciate it .) Like they said at the end of the stream, hopefully this will encourage people to consider releasing the beta. Here's a link to a recording of the stream, since it wasn't obvious for me to find: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/227696626 And if you want to skip five hours of dudes yelling over each other, here's the download link: http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/the-legend-of-mata-nui/
  23. Uhhh, lol? That's a bit rude. Well, the only details I specifically remember that aren't on your Wiki page are that I received an Onua Nuva 1 month before the release of the Toa Nuva, and I also remember getting a Bohrok Kal one month before they released, but I can't remember specifically which one that was. Anything other than that is a bit too hazy for me to recall, though I want to say I might have received a couple of Kanohi from them at some point. It's been a looooong time. >.< D'oh, sorry, I just reread my post and realized it does not sound quite as tongue-in-cheek as I intended. Of course it's not a big deal at all, and I didn't mean to sound like I'm sore that you were in the Proto-Squad but I wasn't, or anything like that. I was legitimately curious about the Proto-Squad experience, though, since we don't hear from former members that often, and there wasn't much information for me to work with when putting that page together. But it was a long time ago for you, so of course that's understandable.
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