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    Entry #3

    Monday, May 29, 2006 I wonder if I will ever get to put an entry title as far as #200 or something, that is, before I let this blog fall into disrepair. Today is Memorial Day, so instead of going to school today I can... just... not go to school. This is just one of those days when you have to appreciate being an American. Exams are just around the corner, and all of my teachers promised me they would be difficult. Some people have already started studying, but I just tell them they're nuts. Why do that when you can have the fun of panicking the night before? As of now, there is no new news on BZP, so it looks like a slow day. And I don't have a lot to say today.
  2. Planetperson

    Turaga Lhikan

    Oh boy, here we go. There are these creepy-looking images of Turaga Lhikan, a Piraka-like "thing," and a ...nother "thing." I hope with most sincerity that they are not real images. I mean, (and most people would agree with me), those sets look way too disappointing to be a product of Lego, don't they? If I wanted to make a set of Turaga Lhikan, I think I could do a little bit better. Confusing and frustrating. Just my reaction to the new news on BZP.
  3. The words "polish" and "Polish" have entirely different meanings.
  4. Planetperson

    Entry #2

    Sunday May 28, 2006 Less than two weeks until summer vacation...and nothing to look forward to. There's that sickening atrocity called summer school ahead of me. There's only a week between the end of regular school and the first day of summer school, and that will last for six weeks. Four hours a day in the same classroom. It will be agonizing. Interestingly, in the school's schedule, May 6 marks the end of the fourth quarter. In some people's books, it's marked end of the world. The end of the world's arrival in a week and a half is an amusing thought to me. So remember - we all just have about a week to get our affairs in order. No classes are being held tomorrow due to Memorial Day, so I'm definitely not doing my homework tonight. I'm just going to go out and do whatever I like today. B)
  5. Planetperson

    Here Goes...

    Saturday May 27, 2006 Well, this is the beginning of my weblog here on BZPower. Thank you, BZP! Now, this is a new thing to me, but I will attempt to make anything written on here a worthwhile read. I'm still learning the controls of this thing, and right now I have no idea what I would write right now that would be appropriately relevant to anything. So, whenever you want to stop and be here a while, there's a chance I'll have been here too. Check it out.
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