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  1. Amazing collection, my dude! A master list would really be great for all the lay fans too, as others have mentioned.
  2. Absolutely incredible. Thank you for keeping the Hau and not drawing a Suletu on him too. #notmytoakrakua
  3. I'm afraid I don't own one of these to sell but I do keep an eye out on eBay and it's my impression that they surface quite often. Are you assembling a sealed collection by any chance? I set out to assemble one myself at the start of 2020 and was afraid these had already become extremely scarce but since then every one of the original eight ThrowBots surfaced at least three times in mint condition in North America. I managed to secure the international releases of them for myself and am quite happy. Let us know how your search ends up.
  4. Okay, so I've been listening to all of his samples and can't help but get odd vibe from some them, almost like he's acquired a bit of an accent over the years? Is it just me?
  5. OMGGGGG, this is a dream come true. How did you find him?
  6. I concede most of your points. Most of my arguments were hastily written so I understand where and why they're probably wrong. I'm happy that you agree with my general conclusion, though. 2008 Takanuva... actually looked more like 2003 Takanuva than any of the other Phantoka/Mistika looked like their former versions. That's my opinion anyway.
  7. I'm looking to buy a sealed international release—as in, not North American—of #8536 Kopaka Mata. I was about to buy a full set of sealed Toa Mata from a Dutch seller on BrickLink but it turned out their copy of Kopaka was a bit substandard so I only placed the order for the other 5. Right now I'm scouting for a substitute copy and am probing as many sources as possible. As this would be the sixth and last set of an otherwise full collection, I am willing to pay generously in order to complete the series as soon as possible.
  8. I've been hearing this argument over and over lately that people complained the Toa Phantoka/Mistika looked nothing like the Toa Nuva even though "no one complained that the Toa Metru looked nothing like the Turaga or that the Toa Inika looked nothing like the Matoran or that even the Toa Nuva looked nothing like the Toa Mata." And I'd just like to get into why I think that's an incredibly flawed argument. There is a difference to be made between the reintroduction of the Toa Nuva in 2008 and virtually any other transformation we've seen throughout Bionicle's entire run. When the Toa Mata came out in 2001, we'd barely had a year to get used to how excited we were about them when they were transformed. And when they were transformed, no one complained because we were barely getting into Bionicle as a theme. The Toa Nuva were new territory. Everything was new territory. Yes, their Kanohi were entirely different, but their builds were literally identical to the original sets' and so were their color schemes, so everyone could clearly make the connection based on how little existed of Bionicle at the time. Then, for a whole another year, it was just the Toa Nuva as the main and only good guys in Bionicle. They even got their own movie which was epic. The Toa Nuva were beginning to set in as the first and foremost faces of Bionicle. Then 2004 came and we were all (literally) shocked that the Turaga used to be Toa. And when we saw the Toa Metru, they had barely anything to do with the Turaga in terms of design, but that was okay because a) that was entirely new territory and b) the Toa Nuva were at the back of our minds. Then 2005 came and the Toa Metru which we barely had time to get used to were transformed into the Toa Hordika, which once again no one complained about because a) we didn't get nearly enough time to get emotionally attached to the Toa Metru, visually speaking and b) the Toa Nuva were still at the back of our minds and we were already craving to "go back home" to Mata Nui. Then 2006 came and the Toa Nuva supposedly returned only within the story and only to get their butts handed to them (even though they're supposed to be the strongest Toa in existence!?), so that left a bit of bitter feeling. We wanted to see the Toa Nuva but only ever read about them. Then the Toa Inika came and they looked absolutely nothing like their former characters but no one complained because a) this was new and (somewhat) exciting territory and b) the Toa Nuva continued to stay at the back of our minds. 2007, Toa Inika to Toa Mahri, barely any similarity between each set. No one complained because a) we were already used to transformations and how they completely changed the appearances of characters and b) at this point we were dying to see the Toa Nuva again instead of just reading about them. Enter 2008 and neither the Phantoka nor the Mistika looked anything at all like the Toa Nuva. Everyone complained. Is it really that surprising? Bionicle virtually began with these characters and their appearance as the Toa Nuva was the one that had set in the most. For nearly six years we'd thought of the Toa Nuva as their 2002 set forms and/or their 2003 movie forms. This was virtually the only instance of a Toa team existing for so long and taking part of the story without any indication whatsoever about their appearance changing. And then they looked nothing like those six heroes that had been at the back of our minds for six years. Of course that's disappointing. Their reintroduction was (for the first time in Bionicle) supposed to feel like coming home, not exploring new territory for the 100th time. It wouldn't have cost anyone anything if they were to simply make their masks resemble their Nuva forms. That's it. That's the only thing that needed to be done for everyone to be happy. Nobody would've complained if they saw the Hau on a less-than-original Inika build, because the Hau screams home and were dying to come home. It would've been the first time LEGO transformed a Toa team with the same masks, but it was also the only time that that was genuinely required. And they entirely disregarded that. And that's my two cents on the matter.
  9. Can anyone tell me who originally verified that the All Insane Kids were also known as Dial Zero? That's not just someone's hunch, right, because they seem like a very good fit from what little info can be found about them? And can anyone tell me if there's ever been an attempt at digging up and sharing some of their songs outside of what extremely little is available online? I'm strongly considering ordering their CD when I can as I'm very curious to hear a little more of that 2005 alternative rock vibe we all know and love.
  10. It looks to me like the printer was out of yellow ink (and only had cyan, magenta and black) at the time of printing. I reckon this must've happened to a good few disks and wheels back in the day, although I've never personally seen one where the difference was so striking. Neat find.
  11. Here's something I've wanted to do since 2002.
  12. Hi, Letholdus. If you're willing to go at them individually, I recommend compiling a wanted list on BrickLink. Some of the discs surface only once in a while but you will have a full set within the next half year, realistically. If you're certain you'd prefer to buy a full set in a single go, there is an eBay seller called teresaslegos who regularly assembles full sets of all sorts of things and I have seen them list full sets of Slizer discs on more than one occasion throughout the years, so that's one lead you can follow. Even if they don't have one listed currently, you can always contact them to see what they have in stock. Good luck. :)
  13. Hoho, wait till you hear about the trans-gold Kaukau. Some good stuff posted on here while I wasn't looking. This is the first time I'm seeing the glow-in-the-dark eye stalk on the instructions. Great stuff.
  14. Well then, that explains the confusion and all of the conflicting information I found. Thanks so much for your thorough response. In all honesty I'm disappointed his mask doesn't in fact resemble a Hau, as the Suletu design is quite frankly one of the least visually attractive Kanohi produced in the entirety of Bionicle in my opinion. On the other hand, the fact that Kanohi masks generally have specific designs to match their powers but they can also be made to look like any other Kanohi (yet don't most of the time) has always bothered me beyond belief. Just say Krakua was wearing a Hau, end of story. While we're on the subject, does anyone know which character traits came from John Dexter and which came from LEGO?
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