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  1. Teridax is an awful name. It literally sounds like 'terribad' with a bonko suffix tacked on. I'll never know why Greg didn't just come up with a different name for the Makuta species. Surely that would have made more sense than effectively renaming a character we've known as 'Makuta' for several years?
  2. Distorted


    Tried my hand at a little digital art inspired by the style guide PSDs up on the BioMedia Project. I combined free texture photos, Lego parts rendered in Bricklink Studio and some other elements I painted in. Nothing was taken from the style guide files themselves. Hopefully this will be first in a little series!
  3. I prefer Tohunga, but I prefer Lego respecting cultural boundaries more; so Matoran is fine!
  4. Ok. Rant incoming... This might sound mean, but it's not intended as such. (It's also not a HP fanboy post; I can see why it's successful but I usually find myself bemused by it all...) ... I don't really know why you're surprised that Harry Potter - a literal billion-dollar franchise with a huge worldwide following, ten (and counting) theatrical movie releases, several tourist attractions and a whole heap of naff merchandise - is getting picked for a 20-year anniversary over Bionicle - a franchise which has a famously niche subculture within the already niche subculture of AFOLs. I also don't get why you're mad about Bionicle getting a little easter egg shoutout. You're mad because Lego isn't paying respects to the franchise, and to illustrate your point, you're giving us an example of Lego paying respects to the franchise...? If you're mad that Lego has seemingly forgotten about Bionicle, then guess what; they haven't. They gave it a shoutout in The Lego Movie, Takanuva almost made into TLM2, concept art and the whole Toa Mata team are on display in the Lego House, Bionicle easter eggs are still showing up in other sets - heck, while it wasn't what most of us G1 fans wanted, they even gave us a whole new reboot with new sets, worldbuilding, artwork, animations, games and a Netflix movie. Even today's Lego sets have Bionicle roots. Would we have so many different posable figure sets with towball-socket joints if Bionicle hadn't existed? I doubt it. Would Ninjago be the blockbuster theme that it is today without Lego learning the ropes with Bionicle? Probably not. Even the people involved in Bionicle haven't forgotten. TTV is running canon contests with Greg. We've had people like Bob Thompson, Christian Faber, Stuart Sayger, Pop Mhan etc. coming out of the woodwork to do interviews. I mean, Faber's even trying to get his weird vision for a potential whole new G3 off the ground. But Lego are a toy company. They exist to sell toys. They don't exist to pay tribute to every single one of their dozens of past themes. G1 ended over ten years ago. G1's popularity was waning long before that. And G2 didn't meet sales expectations; in fact, it met them so badly that the last line of sets wasn't even universally released everywhere. (Yet Lego still felt it was necessary to wrap up G2's story instead of leaving it on a cliffhanger...) Unfortunately, that makes it unlikely that we'll see another Bionicle set; even as a small tribute set. Not impossible, but not likely either. (I'd love a bonko GWP; but again, when you consider the whole consumer audience of GWPs, how many of them are actually interested in Bionicle?) But even if Lego had completely forgotten about Bionicle - again, they haven't - do we actually need a new set from them? The community is still building and posting their own creations online; not to mention fanart and other fan projects. Builders are still uploading bonko projects to Lego Ideas. We've had at least two attempts at a large scale 3D exploration game starring the Toa Mata, with the latest one currently in production and getting Lego's official blessing to continue development - how often does that happen with fan games that borrow existing IPs? The fan community tracked down and released the cancelled Quest of the Toa; the white whale of Bionicle fans for more than a decade. BZP and TTV are still up and running. Communities are still interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Discord etc. There's multiple wikis devoted to archiving the entire lore of the franchise. There's an entire site devoted to archiving the entire media franchise: games, artwork, animations, set instructions, even internal style guides that we were never meant to see. I find Faber's 'the legend is in your hands now' stuff a bit trite, but I guess it's mostly true. Bionicle is the thing we grew up with, it's the thing we still love, and no amount of disinterest (or perceived disinterest) from Lego can change that.
  5. Kongu Mahri and Pohatu Phantoka are both good sets and aren't too wide/short at all. Matoro wasn't a particularly interesting character and his sacrifice didn't really have any sort of emotional impact on me. (Admittedly, I didn't really follow the books/comics/serials in 2006 and 2007; perhaps I'd have been a bit more invested in the character if I had.)
  6. I don't really have a big pitch for a new theme, but if CCBS returns, I would love to include shells with more detail and with standard Technic pin-hole/axle-hole connection points; hopefully bringing the design philosophies of G1 and G2 closer together. (I'm not against regular CCBS by any means; I just personally find it more difficult to build MOCs with!) On another note; there's been a lot of talk of a System-based G3 over the years with Toa minifigs, which would be neat; but I've never seen anyone talking about brick-built Toa using the new towball-socket system. I think that could be pretty cool - and if nothing else, it would hopefully get us some towball/socket tiles in more colours than just grey!
  7. Apparently the RRP back in 2009 was $90 too. Sounds like you've gotten very lucky - the lowest price on Bricklink right now is $180!
  8. Curious to see where this goes. Are there any plans to tone down the bloom lighting? That's the main thing that I found unbearable in BH.
  9. Interesting stuff. If you haven't already, go check out the various style guide PSDs at the BioMedia Project; you get to see the various layers that make up box/canister art and it's pretty fascinating.
  10. It annoys me too! I tried a few different ways to make six lines, but this was the best solution I could find. Might keep trying, though. Thanks for the review!
  11. Built using digital bricks in Bricklink Studio. No parts were harmed clipped in the making of this build. Glossy render kindly supplied by Marko (aka Cezium) via Blender 3D: www.flickr.com/photos/cezium/ A System build of a Bionicle symbol (so I'm now like 60% sure I posted this in the wrong forum...) - EDIT: Instructions for a new version of this MOC are now available from my Ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/s/2ba937f4e5
  12. @Xboxtravis Pretty entertaining that the '03 Matoran's eye glow didn't line up with their actual eyes - I'd never noticed that! I think this being an accidental rendering error seems less likely, because both his feet appear as the standard Piraka foot - surely a rendering problem would affect all three parts? This is the case for both his glossy box/instructions art and his alternative render. Plus, I can't help feeling the new smooth, rounded shape gives off the same 'high tech submarine' vibe that some of the Mahri's parts also had (particularly Jaller's mask and chest armour, Nuparu's shield, Matoro's shoulders etc) which suggests the design is intentional? As a side note, I'd also argue the examples in your first post don't seem to be accidental rendering errors, but deliberate marketing artistic licence to make the sets look more appealing. Of course, it's also possible that this part is artistic licence too and was never really intended for production - but if this was the case, you'd assume similar 'fake' parts would be showing up on set box art more often? It's fascinating to see the slightly different launcher mold on Nidhiki's box art - another thing I've never noticed. It does seem more likely that Hydraxon's renders are based on his set's prototype (which I don't think has ever been leaked, right?). (Turns out there are Hydraxon prototype photos out there, but the only ones I could find use the standard Piraka foot. Hmm...) But still, it's not totally unexpected for a slightly different prototype of a brand new part to make its way into set art/photos, especially one that serves a launcher function like this - the designers had to work out the kinks. It's a little more unexpected to see a slightly different prototype of an existing part, no? And it seems even more unusual for that set to feature both the existing part and the new alternate version? My hunch: they wanted to include the new alternate version of the part in the set, but creating a new mold for a part that basically already existed wasn't feasible for Lego's budget. Perhaps they decided they could only afford to produce one modified mold for the new Hordika foot rather than two. We do know that bonkle in 2007 got some cuts to story and sets (hence why we only got 4 small box sets that year) so maybe this mysterious prototype was another casuality of that whole sitch. I'd love to know the actual reason, though! A few lil observations: The alternative part also shows up in the Mahri CGI movie, although it's hard to tell if his feet are still the standard Piraka foot too The comics drawn by Stuart Sayger seem to show the standard part as the chest armour (hard to tell with Sayger's art style) but the Hydraxon's Tale bonus comic drawn by Christian Zanier shows the alternative part. Which begs the question; was each artist using the actual set, the renders or possibly the prototype set as a reference? I forgot Kalmah used the part first; but I believe each year's sets are all designed around the same time, right? So, it could be they designed the part for Kalmah and then reused it for Maxilos; or they designed it for Maxilos and reused it for Kalmah. (Interestingly, two different Kalmah prototypes (including one with dope Pakari shoulders) use standard Hordika feet.)
  13. In official media (including the Toa Mahri CGI movie and the actual box/instructions art) Hydraxon's silver chest armour piece is depicted as a slightly different mold to the existing Piraka foot part which is used for his feet. It's a little more curved and smooth at the edge. Of course, inside the set itself is just a regular silver Piraka foot. I'm curious as to whether this new mold was ever planned for actual production, or if it was just an odd quirk of Hydraxon's set prototype that somehow made it into official media. (It's interesting that the Hordika foot got a slightly new mold that year too, for Maxilos' chest piece...) Does anyone know the story behind this weird 'lil situation?
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