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  1. Happy 15th, old friend. It feels like it was just yesterday when I found this amazing place in 2002.
  2. This is a shame. G2 never had the same spark as G1, for me, but I never felt like it was supposed to. I was 10 when Bionicle first came out. I'm 25, now. Your interests and your tastes change. That said, it was great seeing the sets on store shelves again and it was always fun picking up a random set every now and then. I would have never guessed that I'd build a Tahu while I was in grade school..... and then again, while I was getting my Master's Degree. I'm thankful and grateful that Bionicle was around for as long as it was, both times around. My appreciation to all the designers who made it happen. Maybe there will be a G3 one day. I'll remain hopeful.
  3. And to think I was a lurker during the Kanohi Power days. Such great memories attributed to this site.... and now we're all back at it again with a new storyline. Here's to another 14!
  4. Set of the year. Can't wait to buy it. Haven't seen it in stores, yet.
  5. A flashback to my childhood on this site. HYSTERICAL.
  6. I, too, feel like Gen1 had all the things you're describing. It just never became as mainstream as the franchises you mentioned. There's hope, yet.
  7. Interesting. Glad to hear it wasn't political. I wonder what he thinks of all this.
  8. Is there any specific reason why he isn't returning to Bionicle?
  9. Hi all, Although I've been a fan of Bionicle since 2001... I feel like a bit of a newbie, once again, with everything new and rebooting! It's a nice feeling! In any case- indulge me this question: Who is writing the storyline now? And how will it be conveyed? Comic books? Scholastic reader books? I've been hearing around the forums that GregF is no longer in charge of Bionicle? Whatever happened? I loved his work during the original run, though I must admit I lost interest around 2007. (I've since caught up on how the story ended...) Thanks!
  10. I stopped buying after the Barakki.... who were pushing it. Takadox was pretty terrible. All those limbs, no torso.
  11. Awe c'mon! Buzz killlllllllll. XD Anyway, you should all head to TTV's Youtube channel... there are things there... liiiike the Target Checker thingy.... and other things you REALLY should check out so you don't feel dumb for thinking it's the MoUP. Seriously... you should go there. *Hint HINNNNT* Nothing illegal here, move along guys. XD TTV? You'll have to be a bit ore specific than that for this newbie... LOL
  12. Too many to list for the original run... most of them were Toa Tool related and how they hooked onto their backs. Similarly, for 2015, I've made Tahu's longswords into a staff, like he had in the first Toa Nuva promo:
  13. Here's hoping we get a Makuta set a bit quicker in the reboot universe than we did back in 2001-2003. LOL
  14. Takua, for sure. REALLY hoping the Protectors have some Matoran-esque story arcs....
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