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    Books: finished witcher's Sword of Destiny
    Series: not much, currently watching Clone wars season 6
    Games: currently replaying Witcher Assassins of Kings, Diablo 2, Starcraft; playing Star Wars Republic Commando
    Other: Making montages, astronomy, stargazing

    Music: Prog Rock(pink floyd, porcupine tree), Post-Rock(mogwai, gy!be) Trip Hop(massive attack, portishead), Postpunk(joy division, killing joke), Newwave(sisters of mercy, the cure), EBM(front242), Krautrock(neu!), other electronic stuff(kraftwerk, tangerine dream), Alternative rock (deus, radiohead)

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  1. Blue dot on the Toa?Nuva on the... I'm confused haha Monocle on the Bionicle, I believe it's meant to be.Monocles on the Bionicles, correcto.Ohhh it's all so clear now! (Pardon the pun) Missed opportunity, nuva on the suva
  2. Scariest movie moments of all time
  3. Making an island on top of your face that has the shape of your brain to conceal it.
  4. I remember the light makuta contest fondly.
  5. These three have all the same basic torso build, but I tried with different colour scemes. Pridak's species were described as looking like the perfect... organism? Something like that Maybe i've posted the first one before, I don't remember. He was supposed to be some kind of commander in Pridak's army, who wears the skull of a skakdi warlord as a trophy. The battle made him most of his left leg unfunctional, so he repaired it with scrap parts of. broken enemies. Then i made this guy. No fancy backstory, just a bounty hunter with pretty colors who uses kanoka as his primary weapon. Also, he enhanced his legs to sprint better or something. I personally wanted him to wear Hakann's face, but that one doesn't fit for some reason -.- Group shot! In the meantime I armored the first one up a little. Then there's this one. A little more elegant then the others, and with brighter colours. Maybe a krana kan be controlled and is a token of impressive willpower. I started a fourth one, in black and orange, but considering my pace that will take another year or so. Please tell me what you think, if you have something to say.
  6. i made one last year for secret santa, sec https://we.tl/2EFnovpwf5 This was my version. it's not optimised to print or anything but i hope it may be of use
  7. indeed, they were interesting but it's stupid when they intervene with each other. Lets get a tuyet from another dimension lets get a teridax from another dimension etc. like how Warcraft kinda screwed up with their previous expansion
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