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  1. Your incident report seems to be a little at-odds with canon- for one thing, the initial rampage of the Kanohi Dragon was long before the Vahki were created, and even predates the Barraki rebellion that prompted Teridax to start plotting his betrayal. That said, it's wonderfully written, and I love how even the Brotherhood, up to and including Terry himself, were freaking out about this thing. As for the MoC itself, it's absolutely fantastic! At first I was going to criticize how I didn't actually see any Kanohi on there- but then I zoomed in closer, saw all the Noble Rurus used as scales, and began to realize just how utterly massive your build was. Incredible work.
  2. IC: Taylor [Hangar, DAV-class light corvette] Taylor locked his turret and braced as best he could as the booster frame swung into the fighter bay. There was a sudden, disorienting yank from beneath his feet as he entered the artificial gravity field and the concept of “down” became slightly less arbitrary, and then they were in, surrounded by steel and fire and screaming, dying Jackals. It was Taylor’s first time inside a Covenant ship, and though he’d been briefed on the corvette’s architecture before the op, he still found it difficult not to gawk. The light was cold and blue; the metal was rich, polished violet. There was an awful lot of clutter for an empty hangar; the floor was uneven, the walls lined with large platforms and balconies. There were certainly alien design sensibilities at work, but even so, the room felt less like a warship bay and more like a luxury observation deck- albeit one where most of the guests were dead and everything was on fire. You go, Miguel. Taylor’s VISR traced IFF outlines across the hangar as it adjusted to the saturated glare of incandescent plasma. There, a squad of Jackal sharpshooters, scrambling for cover on a balcony; there, a pile of discarded carbines and grenades, spilled just out of reach of Miguel’s funeral pyre; there, Miguel’s body, buried beneath a mountain of the dead. Taylor was surprised to find the fallen Spartan’s armor still registered a power signature- perhaps, when the mission was over, they’d be able to retrieve his body. Get him a proper burial. It would be a kinder fate than most soldiers ended up getting, he imagined. Until then, however… he had a job to do. Taylor’s turret was still spinning. He raked the sniper balcony with bullets, then started hunting for strays on the ground floor. Miguel, he promised himself, would be the last casualty of the day. OOC: @The UltimoScorp @Vezok's Friend
  3. We are born of the crab, made men by the crab... undone by the crab. Not quite what I'd expect from Hero Factory, but charmingly goofy nonetheless.
  4. Ooh, an assembly frame! Can all the arms actually reach the parts of the body they're putting armor onto? Are there places on the ring for storing all the armor before assembly?
  5. This bot makes me happy for reasons I can't quite articulate.
  6. Big chonker. On a more serious note, you've done a splendid job translating classic Tahu to a more titanic design, right down to adding in a bunch of little mechanical greebles and keeping some of the limb dimensions. I'm particularly impressed with the mask- I never would've thought of using the Pakari and Adaptive Kakama Nuva like that!
  7. A little chaotic, but I always love li'l insect limbs, and that's a really neat crossbow.
  8. I'm impressed with how well the Elda works with CCBS shells.
  9. Those are some meaty pauldrons. The Adeptus Astartes would be proud. Or outraged. One of the two, I'm certain.
  10. I really like how you turned Vezon being half of Vezok into having half of him be a fishman and half be withered and skeletal. Wonderful reinterpretation of the Staff of Fusion as well- the little bit of Metru brown and the spikes always stood out to me on the original, and you've expanded that quite a bit.
  11. I don't think I really like the teal on Lewa. I've never been a fan of teal outside of McToran Kongu, where it had lime green to offset it; on this MoC, where silver and other neutral tones are the most dominant colors, it just looks kinda ugly. That said, these are some really good-looking designs (as is typical for Pohaturon MoCs!). Whatever those silver/apple green armor pieces are, you've done a fantastic job with them.
  12. Never heard of the Bignicle Frame before. You've certainly made a very imposing MoC with it, though! I particularly like the use of Brutaka Bohrok eyes for extra tusks.
  13. I'm impressed with how sleek that looks. Well done!
  14. Huh. Now that I think of it, transforming into a vehicle kinda fits the Phantoka, considering their gimmick. Good stuff, dude!
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