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  1. Hey everyone. I am having a very tough time in finding the right audio microphone for my voice narration. I have bought every type of headset mic including condensed microphones to voice record on my video editor (VideoPad) but didn't work out when I playback on my video timeline. As my audio and my voice (?) stayed quiet when playing it. I am very passionate with my project and I am wondering if anybody has any key advice or tips when in need of finding the right equipment for voice-over mics.
  2. I've been trying out with Stud.io and it was very fun to do! It gave me the creative freedom in imagining what they would look like. But I have to wait a few minutes for the program to respond when in changing tabs. As my laptop was not compatible with their program. Nevertheless, it was a very useful kit in building canon Bionicle characters! Some of the Bionicle parts in either pack were missing; such as the eyestalk pieces for the Toa Mata and the Turaga. However, without further ado, here's my take for Dume as a Toa and Turaga in the Bionicle Universe! Toa Dume Colour scheme: Black, Mata red/Rust Red/Metru Red Mask: Pehkui/Great Kiril Armour colour scheme: Takanuva gold Metru Matoran Armour; Gold Nuva shoulder armours. Feet: Black Metru feet. Knee Armour: Metru Knee Armour. Weapon/Toa Tool: Spear (black or red Axel), gold axe, and Non-Hagah like Shield. Turaga Dume in 2001 set build Mask: Nobel Kiril (size may vary) Colour scheme: Metru Red/Dust Red/or Mata Red Dume's Staff and colour scheme: Rahkshi Turahk staff in Dust Red/Mata Red/or Metru Red colour; size may vary. Different Design Builds of Toa Dume Turaga Lhikan in 2001 set-build
  3. Okay. I really appreciate your help. Didn't mean to swear. Is cookies and cache data? I should be knowing this. And if so, how do I clear them? Thanks.
  4. I am having a very sh!tty time trying to vote Bionicle on Lego Ideas. I live in the UK and I haven't been visiting the LEGO site since 2010 and 2015. I was asked to create a profile by making my own username but an error message appear "The email address is already in use on LEGO Ideas. Instead of creating a new account, please login with the LEGO ID username you used with this email address. If you’ve forgotten your LEGO ID or are having troubles, visit this FAQ for more help . Even a VPN didn't help. Should I contact them to fix this? I am very bummed.
  5. I'll be attending the event today on my UK Pacific time zone. I don't really know what I have gotten myself into but I am excited and very very nervous
  6. Great work! I love the idea of the Makuta rebelling each other.
  7. WOW! Good job! He looks way better than the original!
  8. Me? Bionicle. All. The. Way. However I am having trouble logging in to Lego Ideas in an order to vote because my Lego ID (mainly used for shopping) wasn't working for those who live in the UK.
  9. Crainy's BIONICLE QUEST FOR MATA NUI and one of these awesome adverts back in the day in the UK. Bionicle Rahi Advert No2.mp4
  10. This might be way too early; but would you use the contest winner's art as the canister sleeve? That would be cool!
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I do remember Spiriah giving their powers to the Skakdi on the island of Zakaz. I've read it before on the Bionicle World book.
  12. Really looking forward to your project! I'm very curious to learn more about your canister designs for Helryx! Did you print those posters from BioMediaProject? Those ones on your bedroom wall?
  13. Yeah sorry, my bad. The Great Beings are indeed Glatorian in the canon. Confirmed by Greg. I was thinking about the Piraka getting their powers from the Shadowed One. As well as their supposed original forms as Skakdi in Bionicle Legends No4: Legacy of Evil. I believe they did mention Nidhiki and Tuyet in the TTV Canon contest for Helryx. All in all, I am excited to see all these characters come to life in their set and art forms!
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