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  1. Akaku Nuva

    It's A Girl :)

    Congratulations Greg. Hope she doesn't cry too much. Never...The End AN
  2. Akaku Nuva

    Gn #8

    I thought the art was good too. I think having Sayger illustrate All Our Sins Remembered was a good thing. His style is very dark and goes well with the story. Never...The End AN
  3. Next time we go to Tuhin's house, we must go to Toys R Us. (xD I wonder--if we find 08 stuffs--if we'll have the same reaction as last time...)

  4. Greg, I cant seem to PM you so I hope you can answer a few questions here.

    Questions about makuta's master plan

    1) from hearing the last bit of into the darkness, Makuta said that the ignika would end the universe if "hope was gone", now this struck me since Zaktan found out a time of darkness would follow when mata Nui awoke, now the ignika would surely try and end the

  5. Vote for me in Poll 1 of AC14

  6. Hey, remember to bring the golden Kopaka mask next Saturday, pleeeaase?

  7. Oh, and I got started on Akamu today. I'm actually doing a pretty good job, I think. The only problem is, I'm running out of those blue stick things...the ones that everyone usually never seems to run out of! It's so pitiful and annoying. But I also made some huge gun-ish thing, that would really work out to be a vehicle for a Matoran.

    Oh, and do you have any extra Barra

  8. Same. Man, I hope we go somewhere next weekend....I wonder who'll be next....(hahah, that makes it sound like a type of killing spree thing..."Who shall be the next victim to throw an Iftar party?")

  9. Nothin much. what about you

  10. Akaku Nuva

    A Fistful Of Krana

    yes the return of the bahrag. well i have 3 questions that i would like to hear answered and that would be either 1) how did the bohrok come into existance(forget this if its already being revealed) 2) is Makuta really gone for good or 3) what was the life of the Toa Nuva like before they entered their canisters(what events happened during that era) Akaku Nuva
  11. Akaku Nuva

    News And Notes

    as an answer to your question, I actually do. Almost all my friends and even some strangers know that I'm into bionicle Akaku Nuva
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