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Okay, so who is this dude?


Contrary to what people might expect from an online account, this is not a dude, but two dudes. Two brothers of ages 22 and 21, to be precise, who shall henceforth be referred to as subjects T and G respectively (to people who know them in real life, L and A). Half German and half Spanish, they live in Berlin (capital of Germany) where T studies physics and G studies mathematics in their sixth semester at Freie Universität Berlin.


You could say Gatanui originated when the two brothers decided to create a common account to play the famous and timeless Mata Nui Online Game in 2001, but it wasn't until July 2005 that they joined BZPower and Gatanui was born. Gatanui was promoted to the position of Forum Mentor in July 2008 as one of the first four, a position he held from day one of the team until he was transfered to the news team exactly five years and three months later in October 2013. Things Gatanui is known for in the community include the hightest number of news reports listing him as source totaling in 187. Outside the forums, probably the BIONICLE Online Games Archive (BOGA) which he closed down in October 2012 due to lack of time. Apart from that, Gatanui feels nobody really cares about him on the forums anymore but he still comes to the site regularly despite his dramatically decreased activity, which is mainly due to being busy with university. However, Gatanui knows he owes quite some knowledge and good times to this site which is why he stays loyal to it. You'll mainly find only G around the forums these days but don't let that fool you, Gatanui is still G and T together and can never be only G or only T and there may be some places where you will find Gatanui and it's actually mostly only T pulling the strings. In a way, that serves as some kind of bond between them.


If you should ever feel the urge to PM Gatanui for whatever strange reasons, his interests include LEGO, BIONICLE (obviously) but also Hero Factory and apart from LEGO topics, computers, science and any kind of philosophical or political discussion (pssh- political discussion is not allowed on BZPower!).


G out

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