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  1. look at these "original prototype samples": https://www.ebay.com/itm/313410907603
  2. Besides there is no record of Rahkshi prototypes as far as I know
  3. This looks very very shady, it looks like it was 3d printed while real prototypes like real pieces but with some circles for the plastic injection. I believe it is a scam, someone trying to get a quick buck
  4. Allegedly prototype dark-green nuva armor + gali nuva axes
  5. Shady prototype Makuta along with other goodies: http://www.ebay.com/itm/222507948979
  6. I have a transparent hau from NYCC and a transparent skull scorpio SDCC both in their respective package and I haven't take them out because all the "i'm a collector and should be in their original package" stuff, but from what I see, both packages and be easily re-sealed with the masks inside... so... do the price drop if I take them out of the package and then put them inside again?
  7. Do you make these yourself? Um... the pieces are originally made by LEGO. I specially coat them so that they come in a durable chrome gold color. I want them, but the dollar is so hight right now that it hurts my pocket to think about clicking the buy button :C
  8. Could you upload the rar in parts using Hacha or something similar? Rapidshare cuts the download when I have just downloaded about 300 MB
  9. I thought Takua would become Toa of Time using the Vahi
  10. I managed to build the combiner with the photos, check it out here
  11. After half a day of work I managed to put together the Mask maker + Skull Grinder + Skull Scorpio combiner I was never a very good moccer, but surely I was able to put together sets just by looking at photos... I'm happy I still retain some of that ability
  12. I've just finished uploading my simple reviews of the new sets: Mask maker vs. Skull Grinder Pt 1Mask maker vs. Skull Grinder Pt 2Skull WarriorSkull SlicerSkull BasherSkull ScorpioIf you guys want to check them out
  13. Great photos! They definitely give a good look at the sets. Although I wish you had a couple more pictures of Skull Grinder! Not exactly good ones, but here you have them
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