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  1. It's even scarier when you're twelve, its dark, and you have 20 cars piled behind you.
  2. I changed it since Lewa sounded cool at the time, plus Strazz is a bit too old and kind of dirty once I saw a picture of some singer who goes by the same name.

  3. you changed nickname! but..why lewa?

  4. 9. Work it, make it, do it, makes us, harder, better, faster, stronger Daft Punk or Kanye West, since both have songs that start with that XD. =High-Flying=
  5. I can't belive my comment's still on this page.


  6. Stuff like that is hard on anyone, especially people that aren't even directly involved. I'll try to remember to pray for your mom and for her health to get better, whenever I have the opportunity. ~Strazz~
  7. No, Strazz is a name I made in 2005. I had no idea that Strakk would be a name 3 years later. So just sort of a coincidence that Strakk and Strazz are roughly the same.

  8. One Dollhair. ($1.00) ~Strazz~ I wish. xD Too low. -Niki
  9. Yuo spelted you're neam rong. =0

  10. Yeah, I have an tendency to provide funny comments without knowing it.

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