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    lost without my true love
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    I'm a christian and not ashamed of it! I offten wonder why the world does things to hurt themselfs, I love veggietales,<br />I ADORE horses and LOVE ridding them, reading Bionicle books is lots of fun! (the insults they throw at eachother... so funny), drawing/painting, acting, Comedy, movies like LOTR, POTC 1-2, Robots, WALL-E, MOL, LOMM, WOS (was a little disappointed about the lack of special features), Narnia, Classic Disney movies, and sometimes writing (but I'm not vary good). I don't watch much TV but when I do I enjoy shows like Home Improvement, Full house, Who's line is it anyway?, Reba, Dailey planet, Iron Cheff America, So you think you can dance (america and canada), House, and there are others but I can't think of them right now.<br /><br />Yah I Am Canadian... and I am technicaly and adult now... and I feel old

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    lets see if I have one...nope

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  1. It's going to be ok, Dear. :* I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you and I've taken that week off to take care of you!!! K~LL
  2. Oh, alright. I thought you were joining those silly gender fads. :)

  3. Uhh...haveth no fear, 'tis just the character I play as in the Tekken series. :P


  4. Jord?! Why do you have a girls picture as your ID?

  5. We had to pick up my sister, remember honey It was an ok movie, I guess. How to train your dragon was better though No, unfortunately... Ranna dragged me away Well, I was talking about actually making some of the suit with my tools
  6. Yea Babe.... I still think you look better without ANY facial hair. It takes away from your natural good looks K~LL
  7. Veggietales, Wall-E, and LOTR are awesome!

  8. Actually I keep getting sick on the weekends >_<
  9. thanks guys, I miss being able to talk to you too Lady K
  10. Happy birthday, My Love!!! :*

  11. it's my birthday today.... yep... 20 years old.... I am not quite sure what to make of it today. Have some cake Job is great, hands not so great... have an old Valvo to drive around... been driveing other people around a lot. sorry for the half energy post but I'm pretty tired and I have to look peppy for work. Blessings K~LL
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