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  1. -1 proto for this, and also suspension for following remarks. You are also no longer allowed to post in this entry and further posts will be removed until moderation actions can be completed. -HH
  2. Needless attacks; also discussion of inappropriate material not permitted on BZP. -HH
  3. Toa Nidhiki05

    Holy Cam

  4. Well we beat you in the dome last year, just sayin'. jk, it'll be tough to beat you guys in the dome but I'm mildly confident we can do it. You can't get 40 first downs every week. And yeah, it's awesome to see the Falcons and Bucs suck at the same time! When does that ever happen these days? Maybe we'll both sweep them and they'll both finish under 5-11 or something.
  5. We're only one game back on you guys now, don't get cocky. As a side, I'm quite looking forward to sweeping you again, this time twice in three weeks. Keep in mind either or both of them could be flexed up to primetime. XD
  6. My team is the Giants. *hides* Eh, Giants aren't bad. I'll take em over the Cowboys or Skins.
  7. Which team do you root for? I can understand not liking the Panthers if you came from a Cowboys or Redskins family... I have more than enough relatives who are Cowboys fans.
  8. Wow, what a great football game. 6-3 baby! Sorry Niners fans, but CK < Cam. -TN05
  9. Sorry to hear that. I have AS and I don't have any major issues with it, but many people do have them. I don't know what I can say here other than that some people are mean and other people just don't understand people who act differently. And to the person who said Christians can't get depression, he should go back and read the Bible again. Perfection is not attainable by anyone and those who say it is are liars.
  10. LEGO can bring back BIONICLE anytime they wish, and I hope they do, but nothing we can do is going to bring it back.
  11. 1. Agreed. 2. Only movie I've seen that he directed is the Avengers, so I can't judge... but I will say Whedon was one of the screewriters of Toy Story, so... 3-4. Eh, Castle is OK. I'll watch it if nothing else is on. 5. Agreed. 6-10. Never saw. 11. Agreed. I don't like 3D for some reason. 12. I thought it was OK. Not great but OK, although it went a bit overboard with the environmentalist stuff in the second act. 13-14. Never saw. 15-16. Agreed. People tend to look at the absurd stuff in KoTKS, but really it's about as absurd as the Indian stuff in Temple of Doom 17-21. Never saw. 22. Aquaman isn't terrible, but Aquaman jokes are still funny. XD 23. I don't really like it per say, but it is a more than adequate explanation of Force ability. People tend to forget it's just a power-level gimmick to establish Anakin as the Chosen One - it's not actually the Force, just a way of measuring. 24-26. Never saw. 27. Most everything I'm seen him in has been good. 28-29. OK. 30. Agreed. People want him to not exist at this point, but if he didn't exist we wouldn't have Star Wars OR Indiana Jones. Sorry, can't hate a guy that made those two things. 31. They're OK, much more the Ewoks than Binks though. Jar Jar is just annoying after a while. 32. I liked it. What's wrong with popcorn movies? 33. Never saw. 34. I liked it myself, although I haven't seen the last two or the Burton films. 35. Agreed. Qui-Gon is one of the coolest parts of The Phantom Menace. 36. Um... OK. I liked all of them (Episode II is easily the worst and it still has a lot of great moments), but the only one on-par with the originals is Revenge of the Sith, and that is only on par with Return of the Jedi (which is a fantastic movie). I think the whole of the original trilogy (Episodes IV and especially Episode V) is superior to the whole of the sequel trilogy IMO. Bonus Kayru opinion 37. Never saw it, never will. I was disappointed enough with Spiderman 3 (and it wasn't that bad) after the first two (especially the second) are among my favorite movies ever), and I have no intention of having my memories of them ruined by a new, mediocre interpretation.
  12. Rainbow Road 64 is a close 11th.
  13. 1-10. Dire Dire Docks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqcPSbkS9TQ Mario music is great but this is the best Mario song by far. -TN05
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