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  1. Forget you, I can eat all these apples!

    1. Miku Hatsune

      Miku Hatsune

      *hands you 100 apples*

  2. *snif snif*

    Does someone smell cookies?

  3. Welcome to BZP! I hope you enjoy your stay.

  4. Yeah, I wonder how many other people got that.

  5. Wow. So many changes. I'll have to get used to the new layout.

  6. Love your banner. With the "Jet Ski"... Bad pun...

  7. Must get Machinarium.

  8. Must get Machinarium.

  9. Armada Sideways is awesome!

  10. Megatron Terrorize!



  11. My page is finished! enjoy!

  12. The magic Liopleurodon will lead us to Candy Mountain, Charlie!

  13. Hey, Schultz, you shouldn't let Hogan bribe you with candy so much. :P

  14. Well, you friended me, so I did the same to you.

  15. Phineas and Ferb is the best show on earth.

  16. You added me as a friend, so I did the same to you.

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