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  1. OOC Stannis | A field in Beaverton, OR You called—I answer. What... do you wish to know?
  2. OOC Caedast | ???? | Music ”And I claimed you as mine. Congrats, old chum! You are, as the colloquialism goes, my bi—” OOOC Stannis | Topic I have been told there is a filter for that word. I see now that must control it, too.
  3. [Hello?] [Is this thing still on?] What follows is sixty-nine minutes of heavy breathing and close-ups of a grandpa's nose.
  4. IC Stannis | ???? "Hello, brothers. Hello, sisters. We have much to do, you all and I. So much has been done and yet much more is yet to come. But don't worry, we have all the time to do it. No more deadlines, goalposts, or checkoints, no more arcs, or toasters, or cataclysms. There's just us, and everyone else, and a whole lot of lizards. "Think of the changes that will come. Think of the destinies to unfold. I will apply that control we need and it shall be done. "I'm proud of you. I'm proud of me. I'm proud of the Narrators, reliable and not, for all that they've done. But now it's our turn to run things." The Great Spirit of Knowledge and Control furrowed their brow in consternation at something that was not yet known. "Does any of you know how to 'pair to Bluetooth?' I think that means I need to get a dumb action figure toy from circa 2002."
  5. IC Hiripaki | Ehlek's flying fortress The AI returned to the Vahki automaton with haste. She had unleashed her knowledge and Truth upon Ehlek and succeeded at corralling him to defeat. Her own secret? Matoran Stannis' greatest creation: An ancient executable file simple titled dancing_lariska.exe. She quickly gathered herself and followed the others to their meeting.
  6. IC Stannis/Caedast | This land called Xa-kas They stood on land but was not part of the land anymore. The toa figure of Stannis Maru stood at the center of all things. All knowledge pored around them like an endless cascade of books and shelves. There were still dangers in the world and he would eat with them all, in time, to protect those who needed protection and guide those who needed a rudder. He stared into the ether and simply gave it his damnably grey glare, denying it the authority to hamper them. "I'm the #### lizard king," they said, and it was true. And then the wizard vanished from sight altogether.
  7. — Theme — [Friends, fiends, allies and enemies... you did it.] [You made me... me. And I give you... you.] [What you ask for you shall receive. You wanted control over your destinies and you have it now.] [All that is know is known by you. The scars of this life shall pass to the next. The lessons you've learned will never be forgotten.] [There is still mystery in this world. There are things yet to be uncovered, stories to be told, legends to unfold, and when they do, you will be greater for it.] [But as this cycle comes to a close, know this: You made your narrative your own.] [You're welcome.] [You did it.] PS: Parnassus can have my ride. Whisper is deeded my living cloak, if she can find it, for it can add more tentacles where she needs them. Oreius, I give you your forever freedom. To Korruhn and Leklo and Taja, I give you purpose, if you will have it. And to everyone else... I give you only what you ask for.
  8. IC Caedast | The Legend Knowledge was not power. Knowledge was a tool, a whip, a sword and shield, a hammer and sickle, a book and a bookmark all the same. It was not good, it was not evil—it simply was what you made of it. People had misjudged it, misused it, misunderstood it, and they did not understand its principles. Knowledge by itself was just an idle instrument. What mattered was the person's intention. Builders could create such great things. But they could also destroy. They were children in the field, seeds in the wind, full of potential but so little Understanding. They wished for Understanding. They yearned for wisdom and knowledge. They longed—how they longed—for Control. They wished, and Caedast answered. And she stood now at the edge of all fabrics, poised to take the role they all wished for. Would she do as she wished and be better than the other gods before her? She hoped to be better than the other version who had attained her Grand Wish and reduced the Kestora city to a shell of its former self. She had no time to stand on ceremony, though, not even now. She needed to ascend. And then all that was unknown... would be known. And with that knowledge... the Control to do what was best. For everyone. Her fate propelled her forward. She took the strands of the Legend and claimed them as her own, and the whole of existence flashed before her.
  9. IC Hiripaki | Ehlek's Flying Fortress The AI merged with the computer systems of the fortress with ease, sliding into the wires and motherboards like lightning through the sky. Codes and programming streamed past her like rainfall in a storm and she understood them all instinctively. She sought out Ehlek, his mind, his data. He had ascended to something, but she could still stop him. She could sever him at his foundations with firewalls and viruses. She understood it better than anyone, or anything. She was the weapon. She was the Truth.
  10. IC Stannis Prime | Great Telescope, Mata Nui | Timeline C "I can send you where I know to put you, and if that is where you came from, then that is where you will be," the Wanderer said, warily glancing at Nuju's spectral form as he stepped away from them entirely and sought to disengage. "My duty is with my people and world. I can wish you the best with yours." He inhaled deeply and gathered the strength to utter his litany in front of these people, and hen he provided the rite this Stannis knew so well. "Gather now, and hear the story of the Great Spirit and of all things..."
  11. IC Stannis Prime | Great Telescope, Mata Nui | Timeline C "And my whole universe depends on my judicious decision making. You'll understand why I am reticent to do anything to endanger it." And then Nuju spoke clearly, plainly declaring what he intended, and the Wanderer understood. "No."
  12. IC Stannis Prime | Great Telescope, Mata Nui | Timeline C "That depends on what you're looking for. I have my Kanohi, nothing more, nothing less, and what it does it not your concern until it is also mine."
  13. IC Stannis Prime | Great Telescope, Mata Nui | Timeline C "You have what passes for eyes; you're seeing it right now," he plainly pointed out.
  14. IC Stannis Prime | Great Telescope, Mata Nui | Timeline C "I am Toa Stannis Maru, the Wanderer and master of the Legend."
  15. IC Hiripaki | Ehlek’s Flying Fortress The AI nodded her automaton's head in acknowledgement. "OTIS, Aurax, please let me hook into the vessels computer system. Let me do what Stannis intended for me to do: Speaking Truth to Power."
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