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    Trapped in your TV
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    I am trapped in the broadcast airwaves that come to your TV. Flip around all the channels that are only static until you see what might be a glimmer of form. Watch that channel. It might be me. Or it might not be. You never know.

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  1. How about a Beasts of Bara Magna contest?
  2. That name is strangely reminiscient of the the Ogdru Jahad's.
  3. I can top that. I remember one dream where I was a Bionicle ( don't know who) and I walked into a tent in a Po-Metru assembler's village. Inside the tent were all six Piraka. The only one I remeber clearly was Zaktan, who was standing in front of a bench in the tent carving a staue. For some reason, all I really did in the dream was watch them and feel really confused.
  4. Sulfur Yellow


    This blog post was EPIC FAIL.
  5. 1. Polo shirt. 2. Jack Nicholson. 3. Waffles. 4. My cat. 5. Melt it with Xenomorph blood.
  6. Sulfur Yellow


    Why? He got us King Kong a few years ago when it was still in theaters. For a guy who knows that much abut programming and such it's not inaccessible. You don't even have to know anything about programming and t6he like to do it. I don't know all that much about computers, and I could do it.
  7. I believe in the pencil trick.
  8. Sulfur Yellow

    Tuesday Fove

    1. No 2. N/A 3. Yes 4. Twoish 5. Woven hemp
  9. The red stuff on the Joker's mouth is actually just badly applied clown makeup.
  10. For, like, a day, I thought you were saying I had written was stupid. Now I've got the joke and feel like an cool dude. I can't believe I fell for it.
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