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    Surfing. Yup I have a load of hobbies. :D

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  1. Happy 16th Birthday, Murtagh!

  2. happy birthday!

    BTW, have you read Brisingr(sp?) yet?

  3. Change your name back to Lewa. Murtagh was icky in Eragon.

  4. ...


    According to your name, you have either read Eragon or Eldest.



  5. I Thought What I'd Do Was, I'd Pretend I Was One Of Those Deaf-mutes.

  6. How about just do an annual week where we encourage everyone to stop PMing him for a week. It'll be a break for him. I'm sure he wouldn't complain. Lhilertoro if you want to go ahead with the idea it's up to you, PM him and see what he thinks.

  7. Whos Murtagh? :P

  8. Needs more rice plantations.

  9. Go away Brickeens.

    NNH, exo-farce might not be able to start on saturday because of the National British Green Peace day. Where all interent devices are de activated to save the planet. But then agen, u mite b able to get on.

  10. Murtagh


    Sorry. Flood control can be a real pain sometimes.
  11. Murtagh


    Hhhhmmm....Thought some theorys may be close and possible from what your telling us, I can understand that it must be fustrating when you get loads of PM's. But Greg, one last thing... I utterly despise you We have to wait two years to find out what this all really means! lol. Murtagh...
  12. Hi. I'll take it you've read Eragon judging by your name.

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