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  1. I've opened many of my Bionicle figures and put them together. When I packed them away I put them back in their containers still together. Now I've read that some of the joints can crack over time so I was thinking of going and opening them back up and taking them apart. Well I'm not going to live forever and I was also thinking that when my wife or children go to sell my collection they want be able to sell them like most people on eBay do that have the models put together for pictures and only disassemble them to ship them. So do I take them apart to keep them from breaking or do I leave them together to make it easier for my wife or children to sell them?
  2. Were can I get a list of what sets came out in what year? I boxed all my set together in a bunch of boxes and now everything is mixed up. I'd really like to divide everything into what year they came out.
  3. I opened many of my early Bionicle figures and when I decided to put them up I just slide them into their canisters. Now I've been reading that the socket holding end of their legs and arm have been breaking/cracking. Should I open my figures up and check them? Should I disassemble them to be on the safe side?
  4. They look neat, I would have bought a few.
  5. I have series one of the Knights Kingdom (Buildable figures), but I don't have series two. I've did some reseach and I found out series two came in metal tins and that the king and main bad guy came in boxes with catapults. What I'm not sure of is how many of the regular figures (the ones that came in metal tins) there was. Does anyone who collected these know or remember? They came out around 2006 give or take a year.
  6. All my sets are together, I don't mix parts, but I'd say if something isn't original it would hurt the value.
  7. Thank you for the information. According to the list I am missing one comic, #12.5.
  8. I collected the Lego Bionicle DC comics like most of you did. Well I recently pulled them out to look at and I noticed I'm missing a comic, Bionicle Ignition (Sea of Darkness) #6. I think I remember reading that a comic would only be online, but I'm not sure if it was #6. I also am not sure how long each comic series lasted. Can any of you tell me this information?
  9. I have Bionicle set 10201 Takutanuva, a Toysrus exclusive. In it are four bags for Makuta, 1-3 and a small bag of pieces. I've opened the box but not the bags but I can see the contents through the back of the bag. Makuta's mask is in box 1.
  10. If there ever is a G3, I'm down for it.
  11. I could go with an anniversary set.
  12. I just found Chewbacca and a Red Guard buildable figures at my local Walmart, but when I tried to purchase them the woman at the register said she couldn't sell them to me. Boy; I was , don't know what the hold up was.
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