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    My interests go here? Well...short bio, interests, whatever...<br /><br />Anyway, my name is Utopia, and I'm commonly referred to as U, ~U, Ut, FS8U (stands for Font size 8 U), and "that one guy" (kidding).<br /><br />As you can tell --and if you can't, you will now-- that I'm a pretty sarcastic and laid back guy. I stumbled upon BS01 some time ago, and just sort of travelled to BZP. Now I'm BS01 Staff, as a Wiki Mod, and as the BS01 Mainsite General Manager. <br /><br />Also to note, I am a Reference Keeper here on BZPower. If you can't tell, I love the storyline of Bionicle XD.<br /><br />Anywhoo, I'm one of the many storyline geeks on BZP, and am fairly well known in the S&T forum -- sure people may not know me as well as perhaps the mods there, but I'd say it's suffice to say my presence is felt.<br /><br />So that's me in a very small nutshell.<br /><br />~U<br /><br />P.S. - I now have an AIM called BS01 Utopia. Before, I only had my personal one, but now, anyone can talk to me for whatever reason :P

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  1. Wanted: UTOPIA


    Have you seen this reference keeper?

  2. Oh so HERE'S your profile =P

  3. *Moves into Gravy's house...*

  4. Since when do you live here?

  5. *knock knock*


  6. Utopia


    Heyyyyyyy alllll.... It's been a while since I've used this. Or made a post for that matter. Yes, I have been busy with real life -- lot's of things going on my junior year. But hopefully it'll bog down some so I can get in a little time each week on BZP. No promises though... I visited BZP a few times while I was gone, and I'm caught up on BStory.com and everything, but I still feel like I'm out of the loop with the story (especially with the books... darn it I need to be in a bigger city ). So anyone care to fill me on what has happened since I think... Bionicle Legends#7 (second book for 2007, right? ) ~U
  7. It's hard to know when an inv

  8. He's just busy with other things, Kaxix. I'm thinkin' he comes on once in a while for RK stuff, though. He's simply not posting.

  9. How are you Utopia? I don't see you in the forums from a long time.

  10. *laughs at reference of E.V.I.L.* This interview's a keeper, for sure ~U P.S. - *is still laughing*
  11. But that's just the thing -- no topic was ever made, bones never added me to the list when it happened, etc. And Bioran, this is about when I joined the FT, not of how I always log in invisible (though I AM stealthy like that too ). ~U
  12. I'm just good like that. ~U
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