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  1. Sup boys and girls! Potu is back!

  2. Today, October 8th, is the 19th birthday of our long standing BZP member resident kittycat...Alena Spirit of Hyperness!http://www.bzpower.c...?showuser=72558I don't come around BZP much anymore, but I'd like to give Alena the biggest b-day hug ever!Happy Birthday silly kitty! Enjoy getting free kills off LJ!-Potu
  3. Potu what happened to your name

  4. MYON

    1. Sumiki


      though I don't know what that means ;_;

  5. Ah yes, now that BZP's back it's time to party! With the news getting updated and now the fanworks back, hopefully we'll be able to get some episodes done soon. *Is excited for actual MOC reviews*
  6. Welcome Back Kahi! Now that BZP's back up, I can finally properly stalk comment on these comics, once you post new ones. *Eagerly waits for new comics* -
  7. lolololol

    lol's at Profile

  8. Where did you come up with the assumption that I like Transformers more than Halo? XP

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