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  1. IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] The titan felt herself dissociating as she lost control of herself. Normally she found it quite handy to take a step back, assume an outside perspective, separate your thoughts from emotions and take a more objective perspective. One could make better decisions when deliberately distancing oneself. Being forced outside oneself against one’s own will was far more harrowing. Like trying to cling to a ledge and feeling the fingers slipping. Considering the level of psionic power she was up against, she was lucky she still had any thoughts and presence of mind left at all. The red fire had consumed almost everything else by now, but she was aware of what was happening to her. She could see the Skakdi princess’ glee and knew it should upset her, that her physical eyes should be burning with rage at this betrayal right now. But she found herself unable to.The Skakdi princess was in control. Slowly and with hesitation, Zataka’s body began to follow Yumiwak’s instructions, standing up and turning around, before taking step after step until she finally stood at the edge. The titan looked down and whatever was left of her saw the fire awaiting her below and felt the heat washing over her, reaching out - almost like hands reaching up from below to pull her in. There was something else now - next to Yumiwak’s flood of red. She felt that dark presence from before, from the vision in the tunnel. Not strong enough to wrest control away from the princess - but it was there. Watching eagerly. Then Zataka raised the torch and faster than she could have imagined, the flames leapt onto her, greedily feeding on her substance - and for that one instant, she was grateful she could not feel anything right now as her body let out an instinctive wail of pain. And in that moment, all her remaining focus turned towards the shattered Olmak, secured tightly inside a pouch in her vest. She had to keep it safe. This was the way home. If not for herself anymore, then perhaps for the others stranded here. To her amazement, Yumiwak saw Zataka - fully in her control, her pet - turn around once more, engulfed in flames. The titan reached inside her flaming jacket and pulled out a small pouch, which she dropped by her feet before the flames could burn it away. Then she raised her eyes and in them Yumiwak saw the indomitable spirit of the titan, still aware and unbroken despite everything. Before the princess could decide whether to be afraid or not at this realization, the titan crossed her arms across her chest and took one last step backwards and disappeared over the edge. ----- Well, well, well. Zataka. FInally. Aren’t you a treat. I’ve been looking forward to your arrival ever since you set foot on this land. There’ve been so many Skakdi and Matoran and Toa...don’t you grow tired of them? They always think they’re different, unique, something to be desired. But you look at how they were built and it’s all the same. Luckily, Yumiwak’s family always had a taste for the extravagant...something to be rewarded I suppose. Irnakk. In the flesh - well, in a manner of speaking. Welcome. I look forward to all the fun you’ll provide Yumiwak and me. A glorious fate. Glory - as her pet? Some giant monster at her disposal without free will. Not exactly what I would call a kaiju of your calibre, but since you will still be subject to her will...not inaccurate. Not like you had much free will to start with. Everyone always thinks they do, but ultimately… Well, either way, that’s how the ritual plays out. No, it won’t. Of course it will. You are in my domain. Whatever you were, whatever you will be, Yumiwak has given to me. You are mine now. Then why are we talking? I find it amusing. Liar. Careful now. I have no need to lie here. Don’t think I won’t flay what’s left of your mind. Then do it. Whether you erase me now or I end up as Yumiwak’s pet, it makes no difference. But don’t think I won’t resist. Very well...let’s see here then...gah! Something the matter? ...Curious. Very curious indeed. You’ve been altered before...long ago. But who by..hmm? Perhaps you are already one of my monsters? No, but it’s funny you think that. Funny how? How you only see things as ‘mine’ or ‘will be mine’. So you understand after all. It could not be otherwise. Good, good - And yet, you can’t make me obey, can you, hm? ...You seem rather certain of that. Fine, I will indulge you. See I think I do get a say. The other ones that we threw in earlier, the Mesi - their leader did a little ritual as well. I heard the words. He gave himself over willingly once he knew his duel was lost. His work was not yet done, the alternative was death. It was a wise choice. Only because you’ve convinced these Skakdi over the ages that that’s how it goes: That if they die the only options are death or a ritual and to serve you by proxy. But only because that’s what they believe. And yet here we are, still talking. Which means there’s a third option. I’d like to discuss it. Clever. Very clever. My, my, you are entertaining indeed. But pointless. Your situation’s still the same. There is only one way out of here: Become the dragon - No. That was Yumiwak’s deal. It isn’t mine. Very well, then you will serve me directly. It really makes no difference once you’ve become the dragon. All that power at your disposal. Just imagine - Not good enough. I will not be one of your creations. And unless you offer me something that helps me directly, any power you offer will only serve you in the end. That’s not gonna happen. Something you want, hmm? Fine. I will send you back, and in return you will give me the mask you brought here with you. Then I can open a path back to the ark for the rest of your kind once I consider your end of the bargain upheld. There is no way in Karzhani I will hand you that mask. Ever, do you underst- Fine! Then if you will neither give yourself or your mask to me willingly, I will simply lay claim to whatever you possess beyond that. Your home, your land, your people. You will be free to return to them, they will be safe, but they will be mine. … What do you say? You wanted a deal. Here it is. And why would I ever agree to that? Because otherwise we are at an impasse, and your only other choice is to stay here. Forever. And while you seem like excellent company, that won’t do either of us any good. Of course, I will be free to continue my work. But you...you’d be in limbo. ...fine. As long as you keep up your end of the deal. Of course. I’m glad we could come to an agreement. One last thing: I’ve had enough of Zakaz’ surprises. If you want to alter something, give me something to deal with them. ---- The presence of Irnakk didn’t respond, but she could feel the dark glee... OOC: Part 1/2 @EmperorWhenua
  2. IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.]: She knew something had been off. But she hadn’t caught it in time. She’d been too focused on what was going on before her eyes to actually see through to the truth of the situation. She should have known when Marrow had bellowed out his challenge before this Skakdi spirit, this Irnakk. She saw the Skakdi princess clasp hands, knew something was going very wrong but it was just a second too late. At first she thought the volcano had finally had enough and was erupting. The orange-hot all around shifted in hue. Red. All she saw was red - the rock, the smoke, all the Skakdi before her, whether they had the color naturally or not - even herself as far as she could tell from the corner of her eye. She could hear red, even smell it and taste it. The rush of blood pulsing in her audio receptors, the metallic taste on her tongue, mixed with that of red fruit and the smell of red flowers. Red. Red dominated everything - except her thoughts. Maybe she’d instinctively activated her mask or her mental barriers were stronger than her enemy had anticipated, or maybe the fight and duel had sapped just enough of the Skakdi princess’s strength for her to struggle to fully enforce her will, but through the confusion, Zataka maintained her sense of self. Red. This had been the plan all along she realized, red now clouding her feelings as well as she got angry at herself for letting her guard down to let this happen. Yumiwak had tried it before - when they’d first met. Her sleep that day had been fortunately light and she’d woken upon the mental contact instantly. If not...she most likely would have arrived in this state already. Some mighty trophy to parade around before getting sacrificed in a fiery pit to cement her status. The only question being whether or not she would have had a literal chain around her neck to be led about like some Rahi pet before being turned into some mystical giant lizard of one form or another. Red. The titan tried to fight back with all the mental strength she could muster, but despite being unable to fully dominate her will, the best Zataka could do was to not yield further ground. Beyond that, she found herself unable to act. She wanted to raise her weapon, to blow these traitors into so much red paste, but her arm wouldn’t move. Red. She tried to bust through the mental onslaught to establish a mental connection to the princess with her mask. If she wanted a piece of her mind, she was more than willing to give her all that and then some - but on her terms and with all the language that would have gotten her kicked off the Metru-Net forums in a heartlight flash. But it was useless. Red was too strong. Red. She actually wound up hoping Yumiwak could read her mind as she tried to dominate it. If only so she could hear her final thought, one that she would carry into death and beyond, no matter what happened next: :I won’t forget this.: OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  3. IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] “It’s safer? This happened to us in our homes.” Nixie replied, almost snapping. She had been returned to Matoran form, but the aggressive tone was new. Maybe some lingering effect of the transformation? It sounded rather Rahi-like still. Or maybe it was just flayed nerves after the ordeal they all had just gone through and the astronomer had no emotional bandwidth left for composure. “What if this spreads? Has anybody checked? If it’s in the ground water it might well reach all the way here, or wherever Knichou is, given enough time... I’d rather take a chance out there trying to figure this out than hang back and grow even more extra limbs next time or wait for whatever horrible thing this place has in store for us next!” She turned briskly, fully intending to leave the shelter in a huff and get on with it, but she was suddenly overcome by a feeling of vertigo and stumbled, barely catching herself on the wall. She cursed under her breath as Vhisola caught up with her, putting a steadying hand on her. She leaned in close. “Easy now.” Nixie shot her look, but otherwise was still busy not falling over. In the silence that followed, the Turaga of Stone chimed back in: “I recall Energized Protodermis having a dual nature. Like the sides of a Widget. It can empower or destroy. Corrupt or heal.” Vhisola listened to the rest of her words, waiting for Nixie to recover enough to move on her own again. “I think I will join you, Okuo. There may be some who know where to find pure Energized Protodermis. If it is not in the abandoned village, others may have heard rumors.” "I’ll stay here and continue to look after you lot then, if that’s alright." Klawne said to Nixie and the others. "You’re, uh... not still mad about earlier, are you? I may have treated you a litte, erm... like children, if I'm honest." Vhisola looked at the other Turaga and shook her head. “Nothing to apologize for. I don’t presume to speak for all of us, but...given the circumstances...I think it was well done.” she said, then glanced at the other Matoran for confirmation. They nodded slightly, though didn’t say anything. “Looks like each of us has a task to complete then.” Nixie said, as the room finally stopped spinning for her. She shrugged off Vhisola’s hand on her shoulder and stood up straight again - well, almost. She still leaned against the wall to balance herself, grimacing in frustration. She looked at the Kaita, Toa and Turaga in turn, eyes full of determination. “You go do what you have to. But as soon as my legs work properly again, I will be on my way.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Harvali
  4. IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] Vhisola nodded along with the Kaita’s words as the pieces fell into place. “Yeah, that seems to track. If it’s energized the mask can’t undo the effect, it won’t work on -” “Fate.” Nixie cut in, finishing her friend’s sentence, sounding like she had come to a realization. The astronomer staggered to her feet, unsteady in her stance as she tried to balance her bipedal self. It had been easier while she’d had a tail. “It can’t work because it was fate.” Vhisola nodded in agreement with that as well. She remembered experiments she’d witnessed long ago. “It either changes you, or destroys you - or makes you into one of those undead monsters we saw...but I hope that’s not true.” She sounded like she was thinking out loud now. “No...I don’t think there’s any coming back from that. We did...well for now. But...I think that means wherever the protodermis seeped in from, there’s a pure source.” Nixie meanwhile was still trying to balance herself, but she sounded determined when she said: “Then I’m going back there.” OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Harvali
  5. IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] “Okay, can we slow it down please?” Vhisola spoke up, sounding very tired. This whole experience had been exhausting and all this talk wasn’t helping. Nixie quietly concurred. The astronomer was barely wrapping her head around the fact they were no longer Rahi lizards or whatever this transformation had been. At least for now. She faintly recalled an archive entry...Proto-something. Was that right? Maybe. She didn’t know. And now this giant amalgamation Toa was saying they might not be cured…it was a lot to deal with. In fact, Nixie, within just mere moments of regaining her full identity had already reached her maximum capacity for dealing with things. All this talk of Kaita and Turaga and Tahtorahk and world shaking events taking place washed over her like a wave. All she heard was noise - with the exception of Okuo offering to give up his Toa power on their behalf. That caught her attention. “Hang on - “ she started, but had to pause to cough loudly as the words caught in her throat. She tried again. “Hang on, Okuo. Let’s not...rush.” Vhisola felt a headache coming on. The restored Ga-Matoran rubbed her temples, trying to follow the conversation. “What...what even happened to us? It’s all so...blurry.” she mumbled quietly, then asked: “Something about tainted water, right?” Nixie was the astronomer. But Vhisola - she knew a thing or two about water and protodermis. She just needed more information to put the puzzle of her fragmented thoughts and memories together again. OOC: @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui @Harvali
  6. IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] Zataka had not moved. Not when the mountain had begun to shake, intense enough that it seemed the entire volcano would collapse in on itself. Not when the monsters had emerged, raining more dirt and debris down on her and the Skakdi. The titan had watched them rise up, stupefied by the incredible power on display, contemplating what she could accomplish were it hers to command. And she was not moving now, despite Yumiwak’s order to her Skakdi to search for the literal writing on the wall. But not her. The titan felt it was prudent to keep at least one pair of eyes on the fiery abyss while the others had their backs turned. Yumiwak’s explanation for what had just happened when the Mesi had been cast into the fire echoed in her mind. She had heard legends of Tahtorahk before, and the mention of Zivon rang a distant bell. But now there was mention of dragons as well. Just how many different beasts could this mountain produce? Given all that, she’d taken up position halfway between the ledge and the entrance to the chamber, weapons at the ready. There was nothing stopping these kaiju from returning - especially if they really were the sacrificed Mesi, reborn in new form. They were lucky Marrow hadn’t just turned back to settle the score. But luck was not something to count on for long - others would be coming to investigate the mountain after the monsters’ appearance. Surely that had not gone unnoticed by the outside world. They might well find themselves on the other side of the conflict Marrow had been on: caught between a pit of magma and intruders that would stop at nothing to summon riteborn of their own. Wouldn’t that be ironic... "I am yours," The atypical soft words escaping Yumiwak’s lips finally caused her to look back. She hadn’t even made out all the words she’d muttered, but she had picked up on their tone - and something about it put her on alert. Yumi had either noticed something new, remembered something pertaining to the task at hand or come to some other sort of epiphany. Regardless: something was up. “What was that?” she asked, moving in closer. OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] The bodies of the afflicted began to twist and glow with energy as the Kaita of Remedy brought their powers to bear. The Turaga and other witnesses present even had to shield their eyes momentarily as the healing energy took hold and began to change the writhing forms into the familiar shapes of Matoran once more. At the same time, Whakamahu tried their best to disentangle the warped identities of the afflicted, restoring their identities once more - but despite all their combined power, skill and knowledge, they only got so far. The removed layers upon layers of bestial instinct. But deep down, there was a small, dark core, a knot where Matoran and Rahi were so closely tied together, it would not come undone. Still, they pushed on - until finally, the glow subsided and before on the ground lay Nixie, Vhisola and the other Matoran - seemingly back in their original shapes. Nixie for her part, felt like she had finally reached the surface after almost drowning. She wasn’t entirely herself, she knew that deep down - but this was the closest she’d been in a long time. So overwhelming was the sensation, that, upon glancing down at herself, the Matoran began to weep, arms wrapped tightly around herself. Vhisola and the others were similarly relieved to be back to something resembling normalcy, each checking over themselves just to make sure they didn’t have tails and claws anymore. Eventually, Nixie managed to sit up and managed a weak “...thank you.” as she wiped at her eyes. “Did...it work?” one of the others asked. Their voice was shaky, unfamiliar to being used. “I’m...not sure.” Vhisola said, sounding very hoarse. “Yes...I mean...look at us. But…” She broke off, eyes looking towards the Kaita, looking for confirmation or an explanation. Whakamahu had done what they could. The afflicted were Matoran again - but a trace of the affliction remained, they could sense it even now. Eventually, it might return. Not today, not in the near future, that much they knew. But beyond that... OOC: @Onaku@Snelly@Harvali@Tarn
  7. IC: [ Vasquez] Nova Lead was in the middle of a high-g turn, causing both of the frame’s occupants to strain against the force of the continuously firing maneuvering thrusters as they tried to keep an escort Banshee from lining up a shot on them, when the team status alert popped up in Myra’s HUD: Nova 2 was hit. The small window displaying their vitals and armor flashed all sorts of warnings and colors she never wanted to see - especially Herrera. <<Nova 2-1, 2-3, I’ve been hit bad, but I’m clearing the lane for you.>> Even with the slight distortion over the comms she could hear the rattle in his breath. Her eyes darted towards the other corvette, instinctively trying to pick out the stricken Spartan’s frame. It was just human nature, but useless at these velocities and distances. She could only see the larger ship, everything else was a twinkle of starlight and plasma fire. <<Make it count, buddy.>> Her own heart rate spiked as the realization hit. Don’t you do it, tonto! Vasquez immediately opened a channel. <<2-3, break off enga - Her comms erupted in static from the burst of plasma rounds suddenly whizzing by, way too close for comfort and causing sparks to erupt in her vision as her visor instantly upped the polarization to maximum to keep her from being blinded. She didn’t see the alien ship’s shields flare up as Herrera’s booster frame punched a hole through to the hangar. Vasquez! She wasn’t sure if that had been her internal voice, Taylor or Madrigal, but it didn’t matter, she knew she had to focus on her own situation. There was nothing she could do for Spartan Herrera from here. If she let herself get distracted the only thing that was guaranteed was her and the Gunny getting fried too. She instantly pulled the frame into a roll and dove, causing the Banshee to overshoot slightly and miss with the next volley too, but other than that the alien craft stayed glued to them, right on their tail. She could feel the vibration as Taylor did what he could with the turret but so far the bandit was undeterred. Tough customer. Then inspiration struck, born out of a childhood memory: History class, early space flight. To initiate their return to earth, the earliest spacecraft had to perform deorbit burns - turning the whole ship around and pointing the engines the direction you were going to slow down while maintaining trajectory. Grossly oversimplified, sure, but she doubted the Banshee pilot would see that one coming. Covenant tech was so advanced and passed down from their prophets, so that they hadn’t had to do this kind of maneuvering in centuries - if ever. Meanwhile, humanity in its quest for space had happily taken the odds of either landing, bouncing off into space, or burning up - because as a species, humanity was kind of insane that way. She throttled up the main boosters to maximum for a second, generating that little bit of extra distance needed, before instantly cutting them back to idle and engaging the maneuvering thrusters once again, spinning the entire frame along the rotational axis of Taylor’s turret. Suddenly the Banshee found itself not just facing one turret, but three. A moment later, the alien craft disintegrated in a triple hail of chain gun rounds. “That’s how NASA did it.” Myra commented, spinning the craft back around to its previous orientation and throttling up the main-engines once more. Scanning her instruments she noted they were clear for the moment. Her focus immediately returned to Nova 2. 2-1's situation hadn’t changed, but 2-3’s signals were throwing up nothing but alerts and - was he aboard the corvette!? <<2-3, Nova Lead, what’s your status?>> Nothing. She waited a beat. <<2-3, status!?>> … <<Miguel!>> … Then his vitals flatlined. Myra felt like her armor was filled with ice water. She cursed under her breath. A hundred thoughts of how she could have saved her fellow Spartan started to form in the back of her mind, but that’s where they were forced to stay until the debrief. Training took over and she channeled her feeling into a cold, focused anger. A different notification sounded in her helmet and she glanced at the weapons display. M92 - 100% She let out a deep breath and keyed the comms once more. <<Nova Lead, proceeding to targets.>> She continued evasive maneuvers for a few more seconds, until she was happy with their range and relative position to their designated corvette, then she spun the booster frame once more and began the attack run. First, she locked the MITV pods onto the corvette’s point defense turrets and let them fly. A few of the pods were picked off before they could deploy their missiles, but most of them managed to deploy their volleys, at which point the turrets became too busy to focus on their frame. She lined up the MAC target indicator with the blue square of the hangar and pulled the trigger. She could feel the shudder of the Gauss firing in her bones. The missiles hit home and the entire broadside of the corvette erupted with a series of smaller explosions - just before the MAC round it. Completely overwhelmed, the ship’s shields flared up and collapsed. <<Nova 1 - finish what you’re doing then follow me.>> <<Nova 2 - you heard the man. Let’s get in there.>> Vasquez piloted the booster frame straight towards the corvette, only decelerating just before they passed the threshold of the hangar, flaring the frame and bringing the 80mm guns to bear once more, ripping into the jackals and anyone else with armor piercing depleted uranium rounds. OOC: @The UltimoScorp@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)@Krayzikk
  8. IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] Zataka watched the battle unfold with a certain amount of unease. She wasn’t worried that Yumiwak might be in over her head - no, the Skakdi princess knew exactly what she was doing. But this was usually the point where fate or destiny or whatever you like to call liked to pull it’s dirty tricks, turning the odds around and letting one snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Marrow was injured, but still called the challenge. And he and Yumi both still had their respective entourages. And there was nothing from stopping either side from pulling a fast on except some dusty Skakdi ritual rules. They seemed paramount, something no Skakdi living here would dare disrespect. Then again Toa had once not been supposed to kill, so...yeah. Good luck with that. If the Mesi were desperate enough, there was no telling what they would do. I really hope whatever dark presence - Irnakk if heard that right - makes itself known down here is more scary than whatever drive they’ve got left to win. The fight moved into melee range. The titan took an instinctive step forward as Marrow brought his cudgel up, she was ready to disintegrate him on the spot, but could feel a tug at her side from one of the Skakdi - she didn’t dare turn her eyes to check which - which sent a clear enough message: Don’t interfere. And then, just seconds later, it was all over. Yumiwak had won, Marrow had fallen and all that remained was the other Mesi’s decision whether or not to bend the knee. They chose not to. Zataka felt no joy when she and the princess’s crew put them down. She’d offered them a chance to walk away...These were all wasted lives. Potentially turning into a monster afterwards to keep on fighting - if that ritual even worked - didn’t change that. So she tried to be merciful and quick. She put the blade to two of them, the duo furiously trying to summon their element once more. They faced death as a pair and she ran them through as a pair - before sending them into the abyss as well, with the Skakdi’s assistance. The titan took a deep breath, slowing her pulse back down. The path was finally clear, Yumiwak was free to do what she’d set out to do. As soon as that was done, Zataka could be on her way, find the refugees again and then figure out her way back home. Zataka glanced into the fiery abyss they’d driven the unfortunate Mesi into. So far, nothing seemed to happen. Her eyes turned back to the Skakdi princess, waiting to see what she’d do next... OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Tarn @pokemonlover360
  9. IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] Finally, she could relent, feeling the surge of magma ebb and then halt as her companions pressed the attack, forcing the Mesi to retreat. It had been some time since she’d last had to expend this much energy on one task. Her forearms were not just hurting from the burns she’d suffered, the artificial muscles and actuators were so tense it actually ached just to relax her fingers back into a neutral position after maintaining the energy blast for that long. The iridescence of her forearm’s armor was gone, replaced by charred protodermis. It’d take some time to regenerate naturally. But there was no time to inspect the damage beyond a glance. She noticed movement and saw Yumiwak with Zai in tow, hurrying along the path. With a deep, hissing breath, Zataka unsheathed her blade once more, wincing but suppressing the pain as much as possible as she followed the Skakdi princess. A few moments later they’d reached the innermost part of the volcano as well. The titan let the Skakdi take the lead once again, for the practical purpose of being able to more easily shoot over their heads if need be, rather than if they were behind her. Credit where credit was due, the Mesi had put up a good fight under the circumstances. Misguided, unnecessary and foolish perhaps, but he and his entourage had been admittedly tougher than the desert raiders. Still, this confrontation was about to end, one way or another. As Marrow bellowed out his challenge, Zataka lifted her hand once more, ready to disintegrate the warrior. She could feel the energy sparking between her fingertips when a sudden thought stopped her. The challenge meant nothing to her, this wasn’t her fight, and had she been alone she wouldn’t have hesitated for an instant - but there was something off here. Marrow was standing out in the open, calling out for the world to hear. It was almost suicidal she thought, if it wasn’t for the uneasy feeling of the presence that had plunged her into that nightmare vision being very present once more. Irrnak was watching. Better to be careful. Cornered, wounded animals and all that. She mentally tapped Yumiwak on the shoulder. :How do you want to play this?: OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Gecko Greavesy IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] The afflicted struggled in the invisible grip, the lack of autonomy and control almost driving them to a frenzy. It took several moments for the words to sink in. They still pushed against the hold on them, but gradually their movement became less as they noted the futility of the action. When they finally surrendered to the Kaita, Whakamahu could feel it was less the reaching out towards a helping hand but rather acceptance of an inevitability. That’s how far down these two had slipped. OOC: You really won't let me have my little Matoran rampage, eh? =P @Harvali@Toru Nui@Tarn@Snelly@Onaku
  10. IC: [Nixie, Po-Kou Shelter] As Nixie watched her would-be saviors, a feeling of unease crept over all the afflicted. Clouds, heavy with the threat of rain, drifted by outside now and they all had the sense of danger, even if far away still. They could all feel it and their Rahi-instincts told them the best course of action would be to find shelter. A cave, a burrow...something. But what was left of their Matoran identity told them to stay put. This was a shelter. Help was here. If they ran they would be helpless and on their own. That was the last thing they needed right now. No, if they ran outside their time would run out too and they would stay like this forever. Despite her very being protesting against staying put, Nixie forced herself to do just that and she looked to Vhisola, who did the same. The other duo of Matoran with them however, so far kept in check by Klawne’s stern guidance, were not as strong-willed. They did not have as many prior dealing with Toa and beings other than Matoran. Yes these people here said they wanted to help, but to them they were practically strangers. The sense of foreboding, coupled with the sight of the Toa beginning to merge, their forms twisting and growing in size pushed them right over the edge again. The Turaga could feel them bolt from her side with a snarl, the afflicted frantically searching for an exit, with no regard for furniture or anything else in their way for that matter…
  11. Heya! Just wanted to apologize for the inactivity these past two weeks. I'm having a busy time at work right now. Didn't plan it this way, but a bunch of things just started lining up where they needed taking care of at the same time. It's gonna be like that for at least another week and a half I'm afraid. I'll check in and post when I can. If you're urgently waiting for a reply, feel free to shoot me a PM with a reminder please ;^^
  12. IC [Zataka - Irnakk’s Tooth, w. Yumiwak & Co.] :You’re either full of yourself or full of…: Zataka started to shoot back at Korio, but was suddenly interrupted by Ysocla’s mental call for fire support. :I hear ya: she replied, glancing in the direction the Skakdi had indicated, She could see the barrier, as well as the previous damage to it. She could also sense the two Mesi behind it on the mental plane. The titan’s brow furrowed and she could feel the rivulets of sweat run down her neckline as she concentrated. She had no trouble multitasking, but there was a lot going on right now. She had to press the attack while keeping her companions safe. She considered dividing her power and firing a one-handed energy blast, but she was holding back lava here and she didn’t want to risk molten legs. She’d need those - and they were one of her best assets. With gritted teeth she maintained her energy barrier against the molten rock, but switched to doing that with one hand at full output instead. She could feel the smaller muscles and actuators in her forearm aching in protest and she noted the topmost layer of protodermis on her left hand was actually flaking from the heat by now and rising into the air like ash. She decided then and there, no matter where life took her from here, she’d never ever set up shop in a volcano lair herself. With her free hand, she reached down to her side, where the Cordak blaster was hanging from its sling. A massive weapon in the hands of Toa and Skakdi, it was like a sidearm for her and she brought it up with ease. Adjusting her stance to be more solid to compensate for the recoil, she leaned her head slightly to get her view lined up with the iron sights on the launcher. She took aim at the exact point Ysocla had indicated, made sure Korio wasn’t in the line of fire, and pulled the trigger twice. The two explosive-tipped rockets screamed towards the Mesi. It should be enough to take care of the barrier, if nothing else. If she got really lucky it’d also take care of the Mesi taking cover behind it. If not, she hoped the bang was big enough to disrupt their concentration and give Yumiwak another opening. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy@EmperorWhenua @Tarn@pokemonlover360
  13. IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] Nixie and Vhisola both looked at Vashni confused, this revelation made no sense to them. :No...knowingly...protodermis...encounter.: :This...how? Where?: OOC: @Snelly@Onaku @Tarn @Toru Nui @Harvali
  14. IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] The changed Matoran was tense but did as she was told, sitting down still on her hind legs as Vashni began the procedure under the watchful eye of Vhisola and the other afflicted. Vashni reached out with her mask, but the usual sensation that accompanied the action felt different this time. She knew these creatures had been Matoran - they were Matoran still, just changed, they still had identities after all. She knew their physiology, or what it should be at least. And the form she saw before her was certainly not that. But despite being able to see what needed reversing and knowing what the original form had been...her mask couldn’t apply its power. It didn’t feel like she was actively being resisted, there was nothing at work here to counter her abilities. Her mask worked fine too, she could feel it had activated as she had commanded it to - but wherever the Kanohi’s powers normally took hold there was nothing to hold on to when it came to Nixie. :Something...happening?: the former astronomer asked. No there wasn’t. And the Toa knew there was only one kind of mutation her Kanohi did not work on: those caused by energized protodermis. OOC: @Toru Nui@Snelly@Tarn@Onaku@Harvali
  15. IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] :You...know...reverse?: Nixie glanced at Vhisola, while the other afflicted watched them, still pacing nervously. One of them kept nudging at Triage, bumping it's head into back of the Toa's knees whenever he took his eyes off of him. The astronomer and her friend exchanged puzzled looks. Vhisola hadn't been asleep when she'd changed, she'd been woken up by Nixie's transformation earlier and managed to find Okuo before succumbing herself. Nixie gave her the reptilian equivalent of a shrug before looking at Vashni again. :Try...yes: OOC: @Snelly@Onaku@Harvali@Tarn
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