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  1. Echoing the above post 100%: UN has kept an overview over this game and the plot and all that GM stuff throughout a lot of IRL challenges. An absolute trooper! Hey @pokemonlover360! I asked if they'd reply to you directly, but Icarax is quite busy again already so they unfortunately don't have the time. Concept phase is about to start here and they're already up to their neck in brainstorm meetings. But, I'll try to answer your question as much as possible: Iccy is ancient and has been aware of the narrative for a very long time. Long enough in fact, that they've been actively helping us GMs keep an eye on the game from the IC perspective, to make sure the narrative could proceed unhindered. Their many Rahkshi were quite handy for that. They were on the last step of their grand wish when player characters first met them - and they have been on that step for a long, long time: To witness the end of the cycle and to see a renewed universe come to fruition before being recalled to the caldera. Hence their willingness to help other player characters out if their goals aligned with that desire. And you all sure did deliver on making an ending worth witnessing! Iccy was up all night following the topic and to make sure nothing was overlooked. I talked to them yesterday (we share an office since their ascension) and they were just blown away by the flood of posts and the final twists and turns. So big kudos from them to you all! =)
  2. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] The last portal...she had made that one for herself. Well, herself, Scarrow and Weaver. Yes they were monsters, and yes they were not of this world. But they had not asked to be made such and she could not bring herself to condemn them to remain on Zakaz. So she brought them along. She could feel their presence as ever in the back of her mind. Even here there was the veil. Zataka emerged from the dimensional passage and stepped onto a land she knew. Her land. She blinked away a tear against the bright light that fell through the tall, scattered clouds and onto her face. She felt it's comforting warmth, the one she had long missed. Below her feet was long, soft grass. Wind played in the blades and created mesmerizing patterns that stretched far and wide before her, gently arching away to a distant shore, hidden from view somewhere behind the slopes’ curve and brilliant sandy dunes. Beyond the white dune beaches, the ocean glittered in the sunlight like crystals. Way, way out in the distance, the clouds drew together, hinting at a brewing storm. Then, above the windy breeze, a familiar voice suddenly rang out behind her, calling her name. Zataka turned and smiled. She was home.
  3. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] The first thing she did was to send out Scarrow and Weaver in opposite directions, to scout as far and wide as quickly as they could. To find all those that they knew did not belong on this land, those who had come from the sky and to let her know where they were. The Zivon complied and rushed off beyond the veil, two nightmares to save a bunch of dreamers. While they scouted, Zataka switched her masks once more. She needed to make an announcement. With her Suletu back in place, she reached out across the mental plain to every being she sensed was familiar in the area. The Nuva and their Kaita felt alerted at the touch of a riteborn on their minds, but the titan was undeterred and sent out her message: :”I am Zataka. You may or may not know my name. You may or may not trust me. You might even consider me an enemy. But hear this: This world is coming to an end. For good or for ill, I can not say, but I hope for the best for all of us. But if hope fails, there remains home, for all of us. I have found a way to return to the sky. If you want to go home as much as I do, follow me. I am opening a portal nearby, you can not miss it. It will remain open for as long as possible. The choice is yours.”: That took care of Kini Nui. Only an entire island left...best get to it! ---- [Irrnak’s Tooth] If the Taku hadn’t seen enough wild things this day already already, a Zivon suddenly emerged in their field of view. It only lingered for a moment, then disappeared back into the realm of nightmares from whence it had come. It was shortly after followed by a portal opening, and a tall, dark figure stepping through. Once again, Zataka transmitted her message to everyone her Suletu could reach, before switching back to the Olmak and opening another self-sustaining portal near the airship. ---- And so it went. Tobduk-Koro, Le-Metru Nuva, the Aqua Sphere - anywhere the Zivon detected signs of habitants of the Matoran universe, Zataka soon followed, opening portals for each location. She knew she might not be able to save everyone. Maybe reality itself was coming to an end. But the titan was determined to make well sure everyone at least had a chance. OOC: @Everyone, if you have an character in a MU inhabitant dominated location, there is a chance for them to return to the ark via the dimensional portal. It's been a pleasure playing with you all, see you in whatever comes after this cycle!
  4. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] :“Yes, I did. Do you know where all of them are?”: Zataka replied, looking at the Lesterin. She knew of the species’ homeland. Then she looked up to the sky above. Once again, starkly outlined by the light still reaching it in its orbit, the headless body drifted. :“Might as well start with you then, eh? But first…”: The titan briefly opened a portal and stuck her head through. Beyond, Exuze could indeed see his homeland. :“Okay, so we can still breathe back up there.”: she said. It had been a question that had been bothering her for a while and it gave her hope for her own land. She had hoped for that to be the first thing she would see, but this was more important and it was reassuring to know she would not return home only to freeze and asphyxiate on the spot when arriving. :“This portal will remain open for you until you decide to use it.”: Then the titan turned away and got to work. OOC: @BULiK
  5. IC [Zataka - Air Suva/Kini-Nui] While Viltia set back to work once more, Zataka headed to entrance of the Suva ruin. She wanted to practice some more, and seeing as they no longer needed the airship, she opened a larger portal below the craft, sending it back to Kini Nui, but not to the temple. Instead the airship reappeared outside Viltia's Kaita bunker. So that worked too. Excellent! Just then, Viltia came up behind her and Exuze. “Okay, now I’m ready.” Zataka noted she was wearing another new mask. Truly remarkable. Without another word, she opened a portal for the three of them and bade them to step through. ——- Back in Kini-Nui, the air near the Kaita bunker rippled once more, and a moment later the trio re-emerged near the previously sent airship. ...there was a lot going on in the Valley. Zataka turned to her companions. “Let’s get to work! And if I don’t see either of you again ere the end...thank you. And good luck!" OOC: @Kal the Guardian @BULiK @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - The Taku] The Le-Matoran was suddenly flustered. “M-Me? Actually fly...this ship?” “No, the other plane nerd.” Akamu cut in from behind. Vhisola chuckled. Vican shook his head and straightened up. “Yes, yes of course!” he said - almost yelled in fact, before scrambling to get into the copilot’s seat. He figured out how to adjust it so he could reach all the controls, then looked in front of him and out the windscreen. There was an ominous volcano and the world was in serious trouble. But he was at the helm of an airship, right where he’d longed to be. “...just like the simulations.” he muttered, then looked at Arnex. “I’m ready.” OOC: @BULiK
  7. OOC: Musical cue IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] The titan nodded in thanks and took the offered fruit as Viltia got ready to tackle the most tricky part of this whole plan. Too exhausted to feel anything else for the moment, Zataka just focused on savoring the taste of the fruit, and as promised, it did not take long for the weariness to fall off of her. In fact the first bite brought her back to full alertness. But as it did, so did her focus return to her, and with it the full gravity of the situation. She saw the bag disappear, saw the Nuva close her eyes and concentrate. The titan grew very still and knelt down, almost not daring to breathe as she observed Viltia at work, all the while glancing around the temple interior, to make sure nothing, absolutely nothing, was there that could even potentially threaten the Nuva’s concentration at this moment. In her mind, doubt and hope fought a relentless battle. Would it work? It had to! Her people depended on it. And yet, right now it all was in the hands of another. A former Matoran who had persisted, against any and all odds, acquired the skills and abilities and gear to get her to this point. There was no absolute guarantee she could pull this off, but Zataka, despite her usual convictions, found that she had faith. Even though it took some time, the intensity of the wait made the process feel even longer than it truly was. The titan forced herself to take slow, deep breaths to keep herself calm. And then, finally, it was over. Zataka saw the Toa Nuva get up and did the same. And then, before she could ask, Viltia stood before her, arm outstretched, presenting the finished product of her work to the titan, while averting her eyes. “Did it work? Does it work?” Zataka didn’t reply, unprepared for the sudden onslaught of emotion that overcame her after envisioning this moment for so long. She never realized how deep the trauma and despair of watching this lifeline to everything she cared about getting shattered in front of her, up until now, that it was made whole again in front of her as well. Hope was restored. She reached out with trembling hands, letting her finger tips brush over the surface of the Olmak, before gently lifting it out of the Toa’s hand. It was quiet again for a moment, and when Viltia looked to see if Zataka was going to use the mask, she instead saw the titan standing, head bowed and touching the forehead of the reforged mask with her own. “...thank you.” the titan whispered, squeezing her eyes shut as she felt something hot roll down her cheeks, concealed behind her own mask. “You have no idea how much this means.” Then, she slipped off her own Kanohi, carefully hooking it onto her thigh with her shadows, and then, with one more deep breath, she slipped on the Kanohi Olmak, mask of dimensional travel. The first thing that happened was that the mask took on her dark, iridescent color the moment it made proper contact. Zataka felt a soft ripple all across her body and then beyond. The sensation was...strange. It felt at once like a regular Kanohi, with all the usual experiences associated with that. But at the same time, there was an undercurrent to the feeling, the promise of limitless possibility. Virtually any time and place she could imagine was available. The power was staggering in just how casual it was in its availability. She concentrated and tapped into the power of the mask. Nothing fancy for this first attempt. She didn’t want to risk getting smeared across 5 parallel dimensions. So she opted to open a portal that would lead her to the other side of the room, facing back towards the Suva. The titan glanced at Viltia and echoed her words from earlier. “Okay, here we go.” She stepped into the portal, vanished - and then reemerged behind where Viltia was standing almost instantly. :”YES! IT WORKS!”: Zataka was elated, pumping her fist like a Kolhii player after scoring the final hit in the last second. It was hard to believe the titan could smile this genuinely. But the expression only lasted a moment. A crucial step of the journey was complete, perhaps the most important one so far, but it was not over yet. :”Alright Viltia, I don’t know if there’s anything else you need to do here at the Suva, I don’t want to rush you, but we should head back to Kini-Nui as soon as possible. Just let me know when you and the Muaka are ready to go.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian @BULiK
  8. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] The trio, led by the Nuva, made their way inside the sandstone temple. Normally when entering ancient ruins like this, there was a moment where one would just take in the space, just experience being in it, to let it make an impression before interacting with it and changing it. But there was none of that now. There was a task before them and Zataka was all business. She looked around briefly to get a read on the layout of the room, immediately focused on getting the Suva before her working again. When Viltia had last left this place, the Suva’s sphere had been hovering in midair, slowly spinning. Now it looked more like when she had first found it. It had lowered or fallen back into its original spot, half of it sticking out of the ground. The only difference was that back then, the sphere had been overgrown with vegetation, now it had only been inactive for a few hours at most. Although judging by the jungle noise coming in softly from beyond the entrance, she wouldn’t be surprised if it took the forest more than a day to reclaim the entire temple if nobody interfered. The Titan approached the sphere. Suva repair was not on Zataka’s primary list of skills, but similar devices existed back on the archipelago and she had interacted with those in her time, before their universe had lost its head. She had no real experience with the Zakaz variety of course, but she was confident she could fix it. After all, the underlying principles had to be similarly, so she felt it was safe enough to go off of a few assumptions: A Suva’s user was mentally linked, either temporarily or permanently, to the device. That meant there was an active connection. Viltia had winced when the Suva had gone offline earlier, so that connection was something one could feel, which matched her prior experience too. The Suva on this island were old, very old. They had been here so long before any of them arrived in fact, that Viltia and whoever else was connected to these devices at this point had not been invariably destined to become their users. They had gained access to them through exploration, something anyone could do who made the effort and figured out how the puzzles would unlock it. She could too, potentially. Meaning if this Suva was already unlocked, she should be able to feel something. She could feel the connection to her Zivon, the same way she could feel another’s presence when linked telepathically. She imagined the connection to this kind of Suva wouldn’t be much different. But she didn’t feel anything, beyond the soft breeze of hot and humid air. There was no connection here, this Suva was definitely offline. Why? She looked at Viltia. :”Has anything changed since the last time you were here, beyond the lost connection?” The Nuva shook her head. No reason to doubt her, she probably would have pointed out anything that was wrong out of her own volition. She was just as eager to get it back online as the titan was. If the failure was mechanical, it wasn’t obvious. There was no sign of tampering, sabotage or attack. Zataka turned towards the Suva again, placed her hands on the sphere and used her power over shadow to explore its structure. The starry night tendrils wormed their way into every tiny crevice and opening, slipping into the tiny gaps and spaces surrounding the concealed mechanisms to feel for anything that might be out of order, but there was nothing broken as far as she could tell. :”What, exactly happened when you lost the connection? You said it powered down, how did you know that was the case? Be specific, every detail might be important.”: Viltia shrugged. “Error, this Suva has experienced a sudden loss in power. This Suva will shut down until power can be restored. This is not a test.” she repeated verbatim. The titan paused, looking at the Toa Nuva. A funny look crept onto her face. Restore power? It couldn’t be that simple, could it? Zataka stepped forward once more, placed both her hands on the Suva’s sphere and began to funnel the raw energy from within herself into it. She couldn’t help but smile at the fortunate turn of events. She had approached the Toa reluctantly, desperate for help with the Olmak and not sure if and who to trust, besides herself. She’d always been self reliant and after her time on Zakaz she was even more paranoid. And now here she was, a living battery to power the Suva, helping the Nuva and everybody else in turn. She wasn’t a big believer in destiny, only in what fate people made for themselves, but this...this felt almost like it was meant to be. Her palms glowed brighter and brighter as she continued to pour her energy into the sphere. In turn, the sphere began to vibrate. Softly at first, then more and more, until she definitely felt it moving. And indeed it was. Viltia and Exuze could see dust getting kicked up and falling off of the sphere as it started to lift once more from it’s socket in the ground, slowly starting to spin again. Zataka lifted her palms a little off the surface as she noticed the motion, but continued to channel her power through them. The more she powered it, the more the sphere returned back to the way Viltia had seen it when unlocking the forge upgrade: it was now rotating steadily in mid-air, encased in a blue-green glow. And with the movement and glow, a certain electric feeling in the air returned, they could all sense it now. And then, inside their minds, all three heard a disembodied voice: Initializing… Running Diagnostic... Saving Crash Dump… Rebooting... Log Name: System Source: Power Failure at M1-K/R1 Date: 24/06/2021 02:12:43 Event ID: 8697 Task Category: (92) Level: Critical Keywords: (2) User: VILTIA.NUVA Computer: Le-Koro Suva Description: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly. Continue or press F1 to start in safe mode. Welcome, forgemaster. Zataka took a step back and let out a deep breath. Simple as it turned out to be in the end, she had exerted herself quite a bit with this little stunt. But she’d done it, and that was all that mattered. She pulled out the satchel with the pieces of the Olmak once more and shot the Toa Nuva and Lesterin a grin. :”Looks like we’re back in business.”: She held the bag of mask fragments out for Viltia to take. The amount of trust that took on the titan’s part could not be understated. :”Time to work your magic.”: OOC: @Kal the Guardian @BULiK @Unreliable Narrator Took the liberty of a tiny bit of bunnying to keep things moving.
  9. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] The titan didn’t immediately respond to Viltia, her brow knitted in concentration. Scarrow and Weaver were calling her. They had just witnessed the execution of one of their kin. This was distressing to say the least, but they were safe - at least for now. They relayed the events to Zataka. She told them to stay put and keep watching. Then, she glanced at the Toa Nuva standing behind her chair. :“Those Skakdi you wanted to ask for help earlier? One of them just unlocked the bunker they were parked at, activated the mech inside, cut off its hand, regrew it and then used it to kill another Zivon and cut out its heart. That’s not the usual way to start one of these things up, is it?”: While she waited for a reply, Zataka looked ahead again and finally brought the airship even lower, according to the directions. Soon enough, she saw what the Toa Nuva had described. Spots of tan poking through the jungle canopy, too regular in shape and size to be anything else than the structure they were looking for. The Suva was in sight. Viltia had to steady herself (with ease, mind you) as Zataka flew the Tuyetmobile in a tight circle, very carefully looking out the window at the Suva temple and the surrounding trees. :“I can put her down here, but it’s going to be tight”: the titan announced a moment later. They did one more loop, then the titan brought the craft to a hovering stop before very carefully starting to lower it. Even though the ground was still a ways away, she popped the boarding ramp back open. The interior became filled with noise again, but Zataka needed the line of sight to make sure they had enough clearance to the front, back and sides to actually land. Exuze could hear the brushing of foliage and crackle of branches against the hull as the airship descended below the treetops. Rahi birds flew away, loudly cawing, upset at the intrusion by this large metal contraption. A few more tense moments passed, Zataka’s eyes kept darting to the display in front of her, where the remaining distance to the ground flashed in red numbers. 20...10...5...3...2...1 With a soft thump and a light bounce, the airship touched down, resting at a slight angle at first, before the landing legs sank into the soft forest floor a bit until the craft was sitting straight once more. More switches were flipped and the whine of the engines began to fade as they wound down. Zataka wound her way back out of the pilot seat, sacrificing a lot of her usual elegance for speed. Once again, nobody built airships with titan pilots in mind. The trio filed out of the airship, much to the joy of Viltia’s Muaka, apparently. Zataka took only a brief moment to look at the structure from the outside. Something about the architecture struck her as familiar - which was strange in this wasteland that was mostly Skakdi. She picked up from her time with Yumiwak that Matoran had once existed on this land. They must have built these places. Or at least they were involved in their construction in some capacity. But there was no time for a history lesson now. She felt another nudge from the Zivon. The Skakdi’s Kaita had gone berserk. She told the duo to be prepared. :“Lead the way, Viltia. The sooner we can fix this Suva, the better.”: OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @BULiK I have to go sleep now but UN and I have this Suva situation covered, so feel free to take the Zataka inside, Kal. But she'll keep the mask concealed until the Suva can be fixed.
  10. IC: [MI-8919-07] Mantax reeled, the artificial visual sensors throwing up artifacts and noise in their view as the Kaita’s head collided with theirs. Sparks and metal flew where they hit each other. One of the ocular casings cracked, sending spiderweb patterns across half the warlord’s field of view. The force of the impact sent the two massive machines spinning in the air, as they were still linked together by their hands. They began to tumble towards Mi-Kiri. Mantax felt the strain against the pincer jaws as the Kaita tried to make contact with the blade, but in turn the jaws just tightened, crushing down on the wrists with incredible force, the armor beginning to crack and give way. But the claymore was so close to touching now. Patiwairutiki could force the contact, but not without pain. Meanwhile, the taser cables had fully retracted. Mantax brought the weapon to bear once more and fired. Even without a clear view of the target, with such close proximity and the Kaita’s arms trapped it should guarantee at least one of the barbed tips would find their target. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Tarn @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: [MI-8919-07] The lines from the taser darted out, throwing blue sparks along their length and from the microjets powering their tips as they raced toward the illusory Kaita. They struck their target and went straight through the illusion before beginning to rewind. But as the real Patiwairutiki tried to use the distraction, the Kaita found its strike blocked by Mantax, who had been aware of the ruse all along and played along with it, using their full spectrum vision. Mantax twisted their body, let their levitation slip a bit as to not drift a bit lower and seized the Kaita’s hands around the haft with their own left as the claymore came down. The warlord immediately activated the hidden pincer jaws concealed in the left forearm armor, the mechanical jaws shooting out in a heartlight flash and slamming shut around the Kaita’s wrists. Inside the cockpit, Jutori and Kilo found themselves suddenly very face to face with the mechanical warrior. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Tarn
  12. IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - The Taku] “Yeah, sure, sure, let me just…” Vican, now flustered, turned around, looking at the panel he’d bumped into. He tried to figure out what all the buttons meant, then decided to push the most likely one. The music was momentarily replaced by static, then changed. “Nope, that wasn’t it!” Vican exclaimed. “...must be a local station.” OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @Toru Nui
  13. IC: [Nixie, Vhisola & Co. - The Taku] Vican, not expecting to get yelled at, twitched as Arnex called out to him and took an involuntary step back. He felt his elbow bump into something. A signal sounded and then the intercom began playing some Metru-Nui top 40 pop song. Vican stood frozen for a moment, then: “...you startled me!” OOC: @BULiK
  14. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] With only the three of them aboard, Zataka closed the boarding ramp. It sealed shut with a hiss and suddenly the rush of air and hum of the engines became a quiet background noise. Just as the titan started to pull the airship into a climb, a chime signaled a proximity warning and she glanced down at the displays, noting that another airship was approaching. In fact she noticed there were several transponder signals from other airships in range. It was surprisingly crowded for a wasteland. She put the Tuyetmobile on a parallel trajectory to the incoming ship and as they passed each other, she noticed Stannis and another of the Toa Maru behind the viewport. Just landing in a regular airship seemed...well, ironically, pedestrian for the ‘wanderer’. She wondered what brought the duo to the great temple but she could already guess at the mystical explanation of fate and destiny. Stannis never dealt in anything less. Luckily she had Scarrow and Weaver beyond the veil, they’d be able to keep an eye on things. She briefly made eye contact with the two Maru, then the airships passed each other. Zataka banked away and throttled up. The trio of occupants was pressed into their seats by the acceleration and a moment later they’d cleared the Kini Nui valley. Ahead, they could see the reformed mountain range, the ocean that separated the south of the island. Dramatic clouds were piled up in the distance, looking majestic and ominous in the last rays of light, but between them, there was a clear corridor of air for now. Going via the airship cut the trip down from days down to a fraction of the time, and while they flew in silence for a while, it wasn’t too long before they had crossed the ocean and were above land once again. Soon after , the swamps below turned into thick jungle. Zataka angled the ship again and began to descend. She noticed several waterways below, small rivers and streams carving their way through the jungle. She picked out the largest of these and began loosely following that, since it made for a good point of reference. She felt they were getting close to the Suva, but with this kind of vegetation, - unless something was rising above the treetops or happened to be in a clearing - it was hard to spot anything, unless one already knew where to look. :”Alright Viltia, think you can point us in the right direction from here?”: OOC: @Kal the Guardian @BULiK @EmperorWhenua
  15. IC [Zataka - Kini-Nui] As soon as Viltia had taken her seat Zataka reached for the controls. Her hands came to an easy rest on the yoke and throttle. She increased the frequency of the levitation disks, their hum increasing until the airship gently began to rise. It lifted a few feet into the air and began turning on its vertical axis until the nose was pointed in a southerly direction. The titan did indeed know her way around an airship. The craft swayed minimally, but compared to Tuyet, Exuze found the takeoff to be an utterly smooth affair. The biggest indication that they had started to move was the rush of air being felt, thanks to the open boarding ramp, since the other Nuva was still aboard. She hadn’t even thought about the stone since arriving on Zakaz. :”If what you say is true, then there were only a dozen or so beings who were aware of it. Even fewer knew its true nature - and of those, only a fraction might have a guess as to what became of it. As far as me, you and the rest of the universe are concerned, it was destroyed alongside Dume’s corpse.”: :”And if an artifact like that still exists somewhere, imagine the damage it could do in the hands of a Nuva.”: Zataka glanced backwards over her shoulder at Atamai with a knowing look. :”Now, if we’re done debating hypotheticals, we’ve got somewhere to be and time is running out. Last chance to get off.”: OOC: @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ @BULiK In the interest of time, Zataka will indeed start moving the ship with the next post, regardless of the Nui Stone conversation. And that post will also take the characters as close to the Air Suva destination as possible.
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