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  1. IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] The other Toa of fire gave a nod of greeting and said. “How do you do.” It was a short greeting, but hopefully not off-putting. He didn’t want it to distract from the answer to Tuara’s question, which he was very eager to hear. OOC: @Palm@Mel IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro] Leah gave a soft chuckle. “I suppose Hahli has to stay at her desk as much as I have to run around today. So she’ll probably be there by the time things settle down again. You’ll meet her soon enough.” “But for now, duty calls.” She looked over her shoulder, back at Kimala, with a ‘you coming?’ look, before signaling Timak to follow her as she began to make her way towards the impromptu assembly. Soon, they were surrounded by people. Luckily, Leah’s presence alone was enough to part the crowd enough to pass. As they walked into the shadow of the docked large trimaran flagship, Leah pointed out another group of people to the Toa of sonics, one that seemingly managed to pass through the mass of people unhindered. “Speaking of introductions, looks like the Dasaka empress took notice as well. Hope you don’t mind royalty.” The Toa Maru shot them a wink. OOC: @ARROW404@Rahisaurus@Umbraline Yumiwa
  2. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro] As Timak lingered outside Hahli’s hut, the appearance of the dragon at the docks quickly drew a crowd. This wasn’t lost on the guards either, one of which quickly pushed past the Toa and opened the door to the hut. Leah and Kimala turned as the Matoran entered. “Apologies for the Interruption but there’s a situation at the docks. It appears the Dasaka commodore is being confronted by a…dragon?” Even on an island as strange as this, that took a second to process. Leah looked from the guard to Hahli, then Kimala, then the dead Rahkshi on the floor. They really needed to talk about this, but….it was just one of those days. The Maru sighed. “I better go check this out.” She said, turning to leave. She paused, glancing at the Rahkshi once more before shooting the Akiri an apologetic glance. “Sorry about the mess.” She unliebered her staff and made her way outside, about to break into a light jog to get to the docks, when she stopped as she noticed the newcomer Toa from earlier. “Timak? Have you been waiting out here this entire time?’ OOC: @Rahisaurus IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Yukanna, on deck] Distant cousins feeling entitled to rule…Ayiwah knew a thing or two about that. Zuto knew she’d studied enough history books and attended social events to know that worked. From her family all the way back. Someone committed a faux pas and suddenly the clan on the opposite side of the archipelago was obligated to declare war on their neighbors. Or something equally nonsensical. As the dragon approached her, the commodore stood her ground, unflinching, her breath even and mind focused. The implied threat was indeed not lost on her. Which was why she felt the familiar slight tingle of her nape that came whenever she called upon her power to be available in an instant, if it was needed. Not to mention the other rather capable Menti all around them. And just to be safe, a soft ping from her Kanohi, to ensure that the draconian appearance was not just for show. But, though she was alert, she sensed no hostility from their visitor. “Your sympathy is appreciated. And Zuto Nui willing, we will reclaim what is ours in due time. But for now, our people’s safety must come first. And I will do everything in my power to ensure it. And that starts with getting them situated on this island.” The message behind that was fairly obvious as well. Just then, the familiar mental contact with her best friend and most trusted officer reached her mind. ::Commodore, Lieutenant Tazera here. Requesting your assessment of the situation, ma'am.:: ::Lieutenant, Commodore Ayiwah. I’m directly across from the…dragon. Arthron ping came back positive, none of the other Menti are reporting anything out of order either. We are dealing with the genuine article here.:: She replied. She also added a brief report of everything she’d observed about their visitor - physiology, armaments and abilities - since his arrival. And since she had first brought it to her attention, she relayed all this to the Rora as well, to keep her appraised of the situation. OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis@Ghosthands@Umbraline Yumiwa IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “Is that what that’s called?” The Skakdi asked. “Dunno, maybe. Maybe not. It’s like…I know who I am, who I used to be. I remember bits of home, but every time i try to focus, it slips away again. Got frustrated with that, so eventually I stopped trying. But…clearly y’all don’t have it…odd.” The barkeep paused. Talking about home inevitably conjured up associations in her mind, but as she spoke, long dormant neural connections seemed to fire again as she briefly felt herself on shaky ground, a landmass silhouetted in early dawn light rising from behind a distant shoreline obscured in mist. Back in the great Takea, Dainuno and Shuuan saw the Skakdi blink a few times, before continuing. “Humph. Should have realized this already when your diving boat first showed, but now that you’re here to stay…you lot are the first ones to show up here bringing your own culture. Everyone else had no choice but to go Matoran. More or less. Wonder how that one’s gonna play out.” OOC: @Mel@Void Emissary IC:[Agni - Ga-Koro] “Agreed, let’s find out what’s going on here.” Agni followed Tuara. Soon they reached Ga-Koro’s main gate. There was a lot of traffic moving through and the guards were busy, but not overwhelmingly so and they did ask the two Ta-Toa their business. Luckily a brief explanation and flashing of their badges was enough to get into the village at least. Once in however, progress slowed, as the duo had to navigate the crowded walkways. “Not organized is right…” Agni muttered. ‘Where to even start in this bustle?” OOC: @Palm
  3. IC:[Agni - approaching Ga-Koro from the west] The duo of Fire Toa paused in their tracks. “Good sign, yeah.” Agni agreed, a bit taken aback by sheer number of vessels and the bustle of activity surrounding them. “There’s even more ships here than when I first saw them.” He added, then squinted, shielding his eyes. He looked more closely at the crowds disembarking the ships. Smaller row boats moved back and forth between the larger ships that had weighed anchor as close to shore as possible and the beach, where a massive amount of people and supplies were gathered. But it was all very disorganized. A pile of crates here, some barrels there, just right next to whoever had brought them ashore. A number of the Toa-like warriors - Menti, Agni recalled from the reports, darted between the crowd, trying to get their people sorted and as they slowly moved up the beach, he noticed things became much more organized, until proper queues formed out of the throng, leading to rows of tents just at the edge of the jungle. “They…don’t look like an army to me.” Agni finally commented. “What’s your impression?” He asked Tuara. OOC: @Palm
  4. IC: [Kohra - Po-koro, Streets] “At this point…” Kohra started, then briefly paused as a brief, involuntary shudder came over her, “I’d settle for dried Nui Jaga.” Even though her awareness wasn’t what it used to be, she could tell the Toa wasn’t too excited about the prospect of the food shack. And looking at it, the Vortixx realized there was no indoor seating area. It really was a shack with some standing tables out front. A lone Matoran looked bored behind the counter, while a single patron nursed some sort of local snack that even she knew was greasy enough to shorten one’s life expectancy. But it was mainly the lack of shade that made her reconsider. “On second thought…somewhere with proper seats…maybe?” She awkwardly began to look around and only now realized this was just the far end of what seemed to be a street lined with many kinds of businesses. She squinted, but couldn’t quite make out all the signs at a distance, so they began to move down the rows of buildings. Kohlii Equipment Artisan Carvings Mahi farm supplies Wanderer wares Tech emporium Then she stopped, panting slightly from the effort the quickened pace had taken, and pointed at another building just up ahead. “That one says ‘inn’.” She proclaimed, out of breath, but satisfied with the result of her search. Before Datrox could object, and paying no mind to anyone else in the street, Kohra ducked inside the Dustpool. OOC: @Tarn
  5. IC: [Kohra - Po-koro, Streets] “It certainly seems that way.” Kohra agreed, regarding her helper’s timing. The Vortixx, for the moment at least, felt relief come over her. She knew all too well the people that Datrox spoke of. The anonymous masses that had passed her by, either pretending not to notice her crumpled, shaking form at the side of the road, or outright staring at her in discomfort or even disgust. But she’d accepted it…because some part of her thought…that they were right to react that way, somehow. As they walked, she looked around, squinting against the sunlight. It still stung her eyes but she forced herself to look anyway, blinking away reflexive tears. “Is that a good place?” She asked, indicating what looked like a small food shack. OOC: Apologies for the delay as well, certainly didn’t mean to make it almost two weeks. @Tarn
  6. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “Well, there’s….uh...hmm.” Rhow started to reply immediately, but just as quickly stumbled in her words. She looked at Shuuan with narrow eyes and furrowed brow, before glancing down at the counter, frustration showing in her body language. She clenched her left fist tight enough for her knuckles to crack. Then she relaxed and let out a throaty, rumbling sigh. “S’funny, y’know...now that you ask - I can’t remember any of them. You know when you get a thought but the moment you try and focus it’s just gone? Yeah, like that. I keep thinking ‘Irrnak’, but who or whatever that is, I got no image for it. Couldn’t tell ya thing one about ‘em.” OOC: @Mel
  7. IC:[Agni - Ta-Koro, Tuara’s house] In his mind, the Toa of fire pumped a fist in victory. Mission accomplished: Get Tuara out of the house. Outwardly, he just nodded with a faint smile. The fact that she had so readily agreed to join him on this little scouting mission meant that hopefully she was beginning to come around. And as her friend, that made him happy. “Ready when you are.” he said. “Grab what you need and we can be on our way.” OOC: Feel free to move us to Ga-Wahi, @Palm.
  8. IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro] “Caught this one snoopin’ round out back.” Leah replied, playing along with the Akiri. But even so she could tell Hahli looked exhausted. She could relate. Unfortunately...this couldn’t wait. “And by snooping I mean ‘strutted out of the dark walk hissing and snarling a challenge’. Just the one too, no backup. Thankfully, I had Kimala here, and Talli - one of our fishers.We took it down, but…” the Maru paused, then sighed heavily. Her expression solidified into an unusually serious one. “They’re getting nasty again. Like when they had Makuta’s will behind them...I think that might be the case again. His defeat may not have been as lasting as we’d hoped.” She let that one hang in the air for a moment before continuing. “I’ll send word to the other Maru...we’ll have to go back down into Mangaia and make sure." OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl @ARROW404 @Rahisaurus I’m not ignoring Timak, just using BZP time to have this happen before they get to the hut. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “Ah, I see…” Rhow rumbled, nodding along with the explanation. “Pretty sure every great spirit or whatever falls somewhere on the ‘bad’ spectrum. No good and evil...Just how it is I s’pose. Mata Nui too. Doesn’t do anything, just sleeps and turns more Matoran with anxiety into Toa to throw at the problem. It’s all just shades of bad. Best to pick one with the smallest amount. Sounds like your Zataka’s is easy on the eyes at least..unlike...others.” Her expression turned ponderous. A name emerged in her thoughts, one that felt oddly familiar even if she couldn’t remember why it did - like so many other things recently. Irnakk… She felt a shudder run down her spine. OOC: @Void Emissary @Mel IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Yukanna, on deck] The commodore quickly debated how much she should share with this newcomer. Amnesia was a common enough condition here, that she knew, but she couldn’t afford to be too trusting either. Then again, what the being that had stepped straight out of ancient myth was asking would easily be answered in any bar around town if he asked, so there was no harm in sharing that much. “First, we discovered this island by accident. Then, we came as explorers. Now we are refugees. The people and ships before you are those that managed to escape the calamity that has befallen my homeland.” While she talked she kept in mental contact with other Menti around her. Many were just as on edge as she was, maybe even more so, and they were looking for guidance for how to treat the newcomer. She wasn’t the only one slightly unsettled by what was ancient history to them, standing before them and talking. But for all her doubts, Ayiwah told them to stand down and merely observe closely. She did reach out to two people though: the rora, and the chojo. .:Yumi, Desde...I have no tactful way to say this, so: there is a walking, talking dragon here. No, this is no practical joke by me and Taz. No, I have not been drinking the Matoran brew. Come to the Yukanna at your earliest convenience.:. “And what about you Aclaraung? How long has it been since you walked openly among Matoran, and why would they wish you stayed gone?” OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis @Umbraline Yumiwa
  9. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] The Skakdi stared at her feisty Dasaka patron, confusion obvious on her features. “Who or what in blazes is Zataka?” OOC: @Void Emissary
  10. IC:[Agni - Ta-Koro, Tuara’s house] Agni continued nursing his tea in silence for a moment longer, taking a deep sip, thankful for the change in subject. “Well,” he started, “that was the other thing I came to talk to you about: More Dasaka showed up in Ga-Wahi. And by more, I mean an entire chrystal fleet. Jaller asked me to go and check it out, see what’s happening over there and then report back. Was wondering if you felt like a change of scenery perhaps. How long has it been since you’ve been out of Ta-Koro?” OOC: @Palm
  11. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] Rhow let out a single, deep, bellowing laugh that even startled some of the outside passerby. “Hah! I like you!” She proclaimed, while proceeding to refill Daijuno’s drink, but she was looking at both Dasaka. “You sure no one dropped the odd Skakdi part into your bins when they assembled you? You’ve got the spines for it!” OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa @Void Emissary IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro] The Maru stood over the lifeless Rahkshi, hands on her hips. Waiting patiently for the Akiri to notice. So much for making an entrance. Leah shot her fellow Toa a resigned glance. Any minute now, Hahli. No rush, just a dead Rahkshi on your floor, no biggie…you’ll seem even cooler if you ignore it. Like a boss. OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl @ARROW404
  12. IC: [Kohra - Po-koro, Streets] “Now that you mention it…” Kohra started, then winced once more as her stomach tightened uncomfortably. But this time more from hunger than from pain. “I...can’t recall when I last ate at all. Maybe we can find something on the way to this...Mahi?” The Vortixx kept looking at Datrox, this time a bit puzzled. “I...I don’t know why you’re so willing to help me, but it is...kind. Thank you.” OOC: @Tarn
  13. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, Yukanna] She’d taken the time to tour the ship to get properly reacquainted before settling into her cabin.The commodore had found her home away from home in a mess - by her standards. But considering the long voyage and exodus that had led to it, it was perfectly understandable. And so she merely added it to the ever-growing list of tasks that needed doing once their people had all safely arrived. The sun had already passed its zenith by the time Ayiwah had pulled out the logbooks and started the task of updating them with the information Yumiwa had requested. The following hours were spent in silence behind her desk, pouring over the logs and lists of names and mentally checking in with the other commanding officers aboard the other vessels and in the shelters ashore. Her elation at being back aboard her ship was soon pushed back down by the somber reality of the task at hand, as she marked the names of those that had died during the evacuation or afterwards, as well as those missing. As she’d reached the end of the list, she had recognized many names. Other officers and Menti warriors that she’d trained with, but also regular staff from the Sado yards: custodians, cooks, cleaners. Hopefully they would be able to honor them all properly in time. Ayiwah had leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes and stretched her arms overhead, when the sudden call came. .:Commodore to the bridge! We’ve got an unknown incoming! It looks like a...dragon?:. She quickly thought back an affirmative, already rushing out of the cabin, coat billowing out behind her as she moved topside. She hadn’t bothered asking for more information. If they had enough to request a course of action without her seeing whatever was heading for them, they would have told her. Besides, she was more than curious what kind of dragon they thought they were seeing. On deck, the sailors were already prepared at their stations, ready to respond to potential hostile action the instant she gave the word. And all of them were staring in one direction. Following their gaze, she quickly spotted the golden flying being circling the harbor in a wide arc, glinting in the light of the setting sun. It looked like a dragon alright. But not like the living ones they all knew from back home. No, this one resembled ancient Umbraline iconography, of all things. Ayiwah remembered the drawings from her younger days, stuck in - at the time - endlessly boring history lessons, while itching to get back to the yards to continue her soulsword training and wondering when she would ever need to remember some dusty old drawing or tapestry design. She retroactively apologized to her teachers as the dragon suddenly dove. Dashi and Menti alike rushed to the railing, peering down into the water to follow the creature’s dive underneath the Yukanna’s keels, before reemerging on the opposite side and pulling themselves onto the pier. One thing that stood out to Ayiwah immediately was that the way the being moved was not that of an animal. The fact that they carried a spear in one of their claws only supported that observation. But the real kicker was when they opened their jaws to speak. "Dasaka, I request an audience with you." Oh, Yumi is gonna love this… The commodore stepped forward, appearing at the top of the gangway, looking down at the dragon. The fact that they knew who - or rather, what - the Dasaka were didn’t bother her too much, they had been on the island long enough for word to spread and for others to recognize them. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little cautious. “Greetings, stranger.” she addressed the newcomer. “I am commodore Ayiwah. If you wish to talk, I’d be happy to. But you seem to have us at a slight disadvantage. We’ve not seen anyone like you before on this island, nor have the Matoran made mention of your kind. Who are you?” OOC: @Pteronura Brasiliensis IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] While taking Zafin’s mug for a refill, Rhow looked at Daijuno and harrumphed. Note to self: Don’t mess with the little ones, especially not that one. All this talk about society and caste went somewhat over her head. But at least they were honest in airing out their grievances. That was healthy. Maybe she should talk to Iraanus about adding a sarke pit to the place - give people a way to settle differences...wait...what was sarke? “Well, looks like your empress over there has her work cut out for her, no matter what.” was her comment on the situation. OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa@Void Emissary
  14. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] The Skakdi looked at the Dasaka, eyebrows raising slightly in surprise at the compliment, then she broke into a guttural chuckle and turned to face Destian. “You hear that, Desty? Kind! I think you owe me some widgets!” She glanced back at Zafin with a grin and winked. “No more: ‘Rhow, you make a bad first impression, you scare the punters away’! Ha! Time to pay up!” She let her laughter subside, then turned her attention fully back to their guest from far away. “Anyway, your chaotic six, I heard of ‘em. They’ve been on the loose here too. Bloody Piraka, the lot of them. So what havoc have they visited upon ye to have an entire people wanting them caught?” OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa @Pteronura Brasiliensis IC: [Leah - Ga-Koro] “No worries Timak, I’ll be around. And if you can’t find me right away, come by Akiri Hahli’s office, or Turaga Nokama’s hut - “ here the Maru pointed at a comparatively large building, centrally located on the villages’ largest platform “- or the big Kaukau, northside of the bay.” She saluted the newcomer Toa of sonics, Zadred and Talli and then headed for the Akiri’s place herself. As she walked, Matoran and others paused in their tracks, staring at the dead Rahkshi. Especially the Dasaka that had started to explore their host’s Koro reacted with surprise and shock. A few moments later, she arrived at the Akiri’s hut and let herself in, pushing the door open with a quickly summoned tendril of water. Once past the threshold, she squatted down and let the Rahkshi slide off her shoulders and slump on the floor. Then she stood, and waited for Hahli. OOC: @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl @ARROW404 @Rahisaurus
  15. IC:[Agni - Ta-Koro, Tuara’s house] “Ah...karz it.” Agni sighed and deflated. He was still angry, but somehow, with just a few words, Tuara had managed to at least slam the furnace shut for the moment. His shoulders slumped and he turned around, head down and rubbing at his eyes and face with his left. „I’m sorry.“ he said as he sat down again, resting his elbows on his knees and chin on his hands. He picked up the tea again, staring at it rippling in the mug as he gently swayed it in his hand. „You...you were always the responsible one. I almost forgot. Joske and Dor were...well, being Joske and Dor. And I was too busy just trying to get at least some lessons to stick in their heads, but you... Even when you left in a huff, you always did it because you actually knew the stakes. Through everything that happened. Always did.“ “And you’re right. It doesn’t change this mess of feelings, but you’re right. Still, I...I shouldn’t have let them out of my sight. They were always too impulsive. And always too lucky...that’s...I shouldn’t have trusted that. But it’s too late now. They’re gone. I miss them - and I hate the way they left us. To the point where - if either of them were here right now - I don’t know what I would do.” He took a sip of the tea. It was still scalding hot - so, perfect - and he savored the taste. It was good. Bitterness intertwined with herbal spice and savory fruit. That just about summed it up, didn’t it? “Guess I’ll try and take away what lessons I can and then...I dunno, try to be a better Toa.” He drank again. The intent seemed sincere, but Tuara could hear the dark note that crept into his voice. OOC: @Palm
  16. IC: [Kohra - Po-koro, Streets] “I...might be misremembering.” She could have sworn that had been a thing. The Vortixx’ eyes were full of doubt as she looked off into the distance, trying to figure out how far the trip would be. Ga-Koro...sounded familiar? But she had no reference point as to its exact location relative to theirs. “Yes, I think I can make it...but...not alone.” “How do we get there?” OOC: @Tarn
  17. IC: [Kohra - Po-koro, Streets] Kohra, for the first time in a long time, let out a sound that could almost be construed as…laughter? It hurt to laugh. But she couldn’t help it anyway. “At this point…I’m ready to try pretty much anything. Witch doctor maybe, or…miracle cactus? Was that a thing?” She took a deep breath, swaying slightly, but kept standing. “So…” she started, wincing slightly as she felt another stab, “do you know anyone who might help?” OOC: @Tarn, thanks for being patient. Pretty busy at the moment.
  18. IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Beach] The Toa Maru was halfway through the gate when the duo of new arrivals intercepted their little group. Leah thought she recognized Zadred. They didn’t know each other, but her stature made her somewhat unique among the island’s Skakdi, so she was easy to remember. The other Toa though, she had never seen before. “Yeah, this is an ex-Rahkshi. Darkness Kraata. It wasn't an attack in the usual sense though, I think it was meant to scout out the village. For an actual attack I’d expect more fear, poison and other varieties. Still, nasty piece of work.” She shot the Toa small grin though. “But, thanks to Kimala and Talli here, we handled it.” She nodded her head in the direction of the floating village, indicating for the others to follow her, before turning to walk again. As they made their way down the walkway she continued to talk. “You look pretty new...but not like the Dasaka that just arrived. Any memory of where you came from before? No worries if not, it’s a pretty common occurrence. I am Leah - Leah Maru. Welcome to Ga-Koro!” The welcome was timed just right with their arrival at the first of the many large lilypads the village of water rested on. And just as expected, many pairs of eyes were drawn to the small group, thanks to the Maru with the dead son of Makuta slung across her shoulders at its head. OOC: @ARROW404 @Mel @Rahisaurus @Onaku
  19. IC:[Agni - Ta-Koro, Tuara’s house] “Uncontrollable. That they were.” Agni looked up at Tuara, wisps of steam floating away from the corners of his eyes. Her hand was comforting, but after a moment, he pulled away and put the cup down. He knew the point she was trying to make, agreed with it, in fact. But something deep down wouldn’t let him accept it. “I...was responsible. You know that, right? For them both. That was my duty. Train Joske and look after Dorian. The fact that they’re not here is my fault. My failure.” Training Joske had resulted in the young Toa nearly dying at the hands of Heuani, until actual destiny intervened in the form of an unfathomably powerful mask. And the mission to escort Dorian and track down the Turaga’s killers had pretty much fallen apart the moment it had started. More important things had come up, all of which had led to this. Which left the Toa of fire who’d always wondered why he’d been chosen in the first place right back where he started and the island didn’t seem any better for it. Just emptier. He stood up, turned to face away. ”I shouldn’t have let them go! I shouldn’t have trusted…” He stopped himself, fist clenched his sides, slightly shaking. “I refuse to bury any more friends.” OOC: @Palm
  20. IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Beach] The Toa Maru looked at Talli. In her memories she could see a group of Matoran not unlike her, camped out in the jungle. Talli might have fit right in with the wanderer’s company back then. There was just one small thing she’d gotten wrong. “It was never just six Toa, even then. We never waited for heroes. When the Mata arrived, they already found the guards holding the line. And when it was our turn, there was Joske, Lepidran, Agni...so many others that cleared the way just so we could take a shot at Makuta. And again to rescue those trapped in Ko-koro. So you’re right, it is going to take all of us.” “I will talk to Hahli and the others who speak for Ga-Koro’s people. Not sure I will have time to talk to everyone before duty calls me again for something like this...” she said, giving the Rahkshi across her shoulders a shake for emphasis. “But I promise I’ll try to avoid public announcements.” The trio emerged from the tree line and stepped onto the beach proper, right across from Ga-Koro’s main gate. It’s guards saw the dreaded silhouette of the Rahkshi’s spine and tensed, but upon seeing Leah and her companions they lowered their weapons and set about opening the gate. "You coming? We'll turn some heads walking around with this, so if you don't want the attention..." Leah said. OOC: @Mel @ARROW404 IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “Heh, yeah, nothing beats a good spinal kneading. Really work those spikes...well, I guess you ain’t got those. Do ya?” Rhow replied while turning around and rummaging around the collection of bottles behind the bar. “Ah.” She pulled a large brown bottle from the shelf, opened it and poured a little bit into a mug, which she held out for Zafin to take. It was a pretty dark liquid, with a rich smell of something that reminded the Dasaka of coffee and chocolate. “Over from Mt. Mangai brewery. Guess you gotta come up with some good drinks to compensate for living inside a volcano.” Rhow waited for Zafin to get a taste, then asked: “So what’s up with all the side eye me ‘an my crew have been getting from you and yours? We step on some toes in a past life?” Her tone wasn’t confrontational, for a Skakdi at least. She was genuinely curious, that empress of theirs had looked at them like they were the sour milk in her tea too. OOC: @Tarn@TL01 NUVA@~Xemnas~@Caedast@BBBBalta@Pteronura Brasiliensis
  21. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] “Yumiwa and Zafin, got it.” Rhow nodded, skipping the heap of honorifics. That was a lot to remember, but she figured it bore little weight right now, considering ‘Ma’am thereafter’ was sitting with the rest of them all the same. Does that make me the Rhow-ra of Ga-Koro? “Anything I can get ya? Something to ease the spine ache from the long journey?” OOC: @Mel@Tarn@TL01 NUVA@~Xemnas~@Caedast@BBBBalta@Pteronura Brasiliensis
  22. IC: [Rhow - Ga-Koro, The Great Takea] Rhow was struggling in her attempt to figure out how to explain her dreams. “‘S like…I don’t remember much back home. I sure know what it felt like, but all the details are foggy or gone. Y’know how it is right? But, middle of the night, s’like I can see it, I’m back there - and it’s so vivid, and then…” she finally started, when Iraanus suddenly interrupted, pointing out another duo of newcomers. Rhow looked up to see who he meant. “Wha...who? Oh! The Ruru? I think?” The Takea was getting crowded indeed. “Well if that’s her it’s definitely time to stop standing ‘round. Come on.” She shook off the strange thoughts of dreams, spin rustling as she did, and headed for the entrance, motioned for the others to follow. Inside she could now fully see the crowd that had gathered around one of tables - in fact they’d had to pull up some extra chair by now. Rhow was curious about them of course - but she also knew this wasn’t her business, so she took up her usual spot behind the counter as did the others. But it looked like one of the Dasaka had different ideas. "Hello. How are you?" The Skakdi seemed completely unfazed by Zafin's not-quite-fully-friendly tone. “Heya, welcome. Things are good! Bit busy. You with the Ruru?” OOC: @Mel@Tarn@TL01 NUVA@~Xemnas~@Caedast@BBBBalta
  23. IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Beach] “About the Rahkshi? Definitely.” Leah said, stepping over a thick root crossing their path. “That’ll raise questions anyway and I don’t think ‘we found it’ will be an acceptable answer.” “As for Makuta’s return…”, she paused, adjusting the hold on the dead Rahkshi again. It gave her time to think about how to best put the thoughts in her mind to words. But perhaps, this was also a good time to get some input that did not come from a fellow Maru or one of the Akiri. “...well, since I have you both here, maybe you are willing to speak your mind and share your insights with me? Not to shirk my responsibility, but I am supposed to protect Ga-koro - to protect you. So, in this situation: What would you have me do?” OOC: @ARROW404 @Mel
  24. IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance] “Well, we weren’t stabbed in the back while this one had it’s darkness up, so it most likely didn’t have others with it.” Leah assuaged as she started walking, heading down the path that would lead them out of the clearing and back to the village proper. “As for other scouts coming and going, it’s possible, but unlikely that they snuck by unnoticed. The guard and I have been keeping an eye on this place...like, a lot.” She didn’t mention just how many restless nights, early mornings and quiet afternoons she’d spent camped outside the entrance, next to her regular patrols. “But you’re right. We must stay vigilant.” the Maru added. She threw up her right shoulder forcefully, causing the Rahkshi to bounce up so she could readjust its position. OOC: @ARROW404 @Mel
  25. IC: [Leah - Ga-Wahi, Dark Walk Entrance] The Toa Maru tilted her head. There was something about the Matoran’s aura that told her there was more on her mind than just the questions she asked. Considering the things playing out in the back of her own mind, she probably was giving off the same aura though, so she decided to just focus on the matter at hand. “Yes, the other Maru know. And I told Hahli everything I could.” she answered, truthfully, her voice calm and friendly as before. She addressed Kimala’s question as well: “I don’t know how it happened - I don’t even know if his existence qualifies as alive the way we understand it.” “There was nothing left to check after his defeat.” she continued, “No body to check for a pulse, no aura, spirit or mask, zilch. Makuta was gone, wiped from existence. I thought he was dead at first too.” “I didn’t learn the truth until much later. By then we had the Piraka to deal with, Ko-Koro fell into ‘legacy’ hands and the Dasaka submarine arrived. So we had to settle for him being gone for the time being.” “Clearly, that time is up now. I’ll talk to the other Maru, but first…” Leah hit the crystal traps Kimala had created around the Rahkshi’s legs with the tip of her staff, hard enough to shatter them. Then she stowed her weapon, crouched down and picked up the carcass, slinging the dead Rahkshi across her shoulders as she stood back up, with nary an effort. “...let’s get this thing back to the village. Gotta report this to Hahli, and Onu- and Po Koro are always eager to get their hands on these. One of you mind carrying its staff?” OOC: @ARROW404 @Mel
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